Cancer Treatment Centers of America are Now on WebMD

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WebMD and Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) are working together for the benefit of those with cancer. WebMD is the layman’s source for answers to medical questions. CTCA takes a team approach to treating cancer, addressing all of the patient’s physical and psychological needs.

The Value of a Second Opinion

It is in a newly diagnosed cancer patient’s best interest to get a second opinion at the Cancer Institute of America. A second opinion is recommended because CTCA may offer treatment options that the patient’s oncologist may not know about. Treatments that can improve the patient’s chance for recovery, shorten recovery time, and minimize side effects.

Available Treatments

The Cancer Institute of America offers multiple treatment options for the six most common forms of cancer. Since skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the US let us look at how CTCA might approach its treatment. Some of these treatments are applicable to other forms of cancer.

• Surgery-There are three possible surgical approaches to melanoma skin cancer. Numbing the area around the tumor before removing it. Removing cancer in layers until reaching a layer of skin that is cancer free. Lymph node removal nearest the cancerous site. For non-melanoma cancer, freezing cancerous cells, using drugs, vaccines, and creams that strengthen the immune system, and killing cancer cells with a laser.
Radiation Therapy
• Radiation Therapy-radiation is concentrated on the cancerous area or tumor.
Targeted Therapy
• Targeted Therapy-Keeps cancer cells from reproducing without harming healthy cells.
• Chemotherapy-The drugs used during chemo to slow quickly dividing cancer cells or stop them altogether.
• Immunotherapy-Jump starts the immune system by providing it the means to fight the cancer.

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