Powerful Businesswoman Desiree Perez

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Desiree Perez, who is also referred to as Dez Perez, is an experienced and competent entrepreneur who has negotiated many deals for such high profile clients as singers Rihanna and Beyonce, who she arranged the Formation World Tour for in 2016. She has worked in the entertainment industry for more than 2 decades. When it comes to handling business, she has been described as being a stern negotiator who works hard to get the outcome she wants for her business and her clients.

She is the Chief Executive Officer of Roc Nation, which was founded by popular rapper Jay-Z, and she is also in charge of the music streaming service, known as Tidal. Since taking a leadership role in the music service, Desiree Perez managed to help it develop into the kind of business that stands out from the rest by providing subscribers with rare performances, videos and albums by their favorite artists that they can’t find elsewhere.

Desiree Perez joined Tidal when Jay-Z was having trouble finding an adequate executive to run the company, and being that she has run her own business for quite awhile, she knew what it took to close big deals and keep a business running as smoothly as possible. Because of her aggressive approach to negotiating deals, she earned the nickname Babe Ruthless from the New York Daily News. It was her excellent wheeling and dealing skills that afforded singer Rihanna the opportunity to sign a lucrative contract with Samsung.

Not only does the shrewd businesswoman run Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Tidal companies, but she also helps him manage his 40/40 club, as well as an exclusive sports bar he owns in New York. She has been a vital part to all of the companies she’s been employed with, having worked diligently behind the scenes to make sure that the companies reach and maintain success. Desiree is married to ex-baseball star, Juan Perez, who is the head of Roc Nation Sports.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/desireeperez01


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