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NexBank has continued to impress their customers with a remarkable financial network that has a trusted personalized account program along with their commercial and industrialized accounts. They have proudly estimated their net worth to be over $40 billion dollars and their FDIC insurance gives their customers added protection on their accounts. Now, is a great time to learn more about their services and features under a descriptive tab listed on their website. They’re committed to making sure their customers can have their hard earned money working for them and not just sitting in an account assessing fees.

Securus Technologies Features

– get more features with your personalized account

– free checks for the life of your account

– view your account at any time

– IRA accounts

– money marketing accounts

– college savings programs

– multiple device compatibility

– live customer support

– home ownership program

Their CEO, John Holt has said they will expand their general counsel and consider an international expansion. He has also made it an initiative to speak to other financial corporations about providing a stabilized financial institute with transparent services which will build the trust of your customers.

Their college savings program helps students and their parents save an average of 24% on traditional college expenses. It is important for students to focus on education and the rising cost of tuition has made this hard for many of them. They have been forced to take out huge student loan debt. However, NexBank is adamant on securing the future for thousands of students and they even have investment programs that teach parents how to save early for their children’s education. You can don’t have to worry about how hard your money is working for you because they provide a secure financial institute with quality features.



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