Jeffrey Schneider: Importance of Wellness Programs

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Jeffrey Schneider is not an ordinary businessman. The successful investor has spent over twenty-five years in the market, and this means that he has a lot of expertise. Although he is an investment manager, Jeffrey Schneider has a lot of knowledge about wellness programs and their impact on the employees of a company. The businessman has managed to help many people who work in his firm by introducing a wellness program that suits their needs. Using this program, the businessman has managed to establish a great culture within the organization. The businessman believes that a well-ness program has great benefits for the employees. Here are some of them;

Improved Productivity

When people engage in wellness activities at the workplace such as exercising and eating well, they increase the employee performance and productivity. The employer will notice that the brains of the worker’s brains are better focused for the tasks, and they will even be more motivated and energized. These workers will not fall asleep or even burn out when they are working. Living a healthy life means having a great work out plan and eating the right food.


After working for a long time, it is possible for the employees to feel that the work is repetitive, boring and draining. When this is happening, the morale and productivity of the employees are drained. Going for a wellness program will be the best idea for any organization. However, the leadership team should go for a program that will interest all the workers. This is the best way to ensure that everyone is happy at the end of the day. The program should be aimed at improving the lives of the workers through fitness and health.



A recent study shows that the employees who accepted to take part in a wellness program turned out to be more satisfied at their workplace compared to those who do not. The team of workers who are more engaged in the organization wellness program has also proven to be more competent in their overall work performance because they are happy. The main reason for this job performance is simple: healthy living makes everyone happy.

Builds Community

The best workout program for an organization is the one that involves fitness and health activities. These group activities that have these qualities have proven to maintain the workers connected. The employees will realize the importance of forming relationships that did not exist in the past. All the people taking part in the wellness program will benefit significantly from the experiences that they shared while their health thrives.


Lower Healthcare Costs

If you are fortunate to work with a company that promotes exercises and taking care of the body every day for several hours, your well-being will be better. This is the best way to reduce illnesses and getting injured often. In the long run, you will have saved a lot of money in at the end of the day. A recent survey shows that the wellness programs that are promoted in the workplace significantly reduce the healthcare costs of the employees. When there are fewer visits to the doctors, the workers will have fewer pills to swallow and even less medication. Your heart will be healthier and better without too much medication.

Sense of Accomplishment

Most of the wellness programs that are introduced to a company employ various feature competitions among them. The company will determine the person who will be able to walk the longest in one week or maybe get seven hours of sleep every day. The programs will motivate the workers to keep some unhealthy behaviors such as smoking and drinking alcohol away. The employees should set some goals and try as much as possible to accomplish them.

When you exercise at the workplace, you will be helping to improve your physical fitness and your wellbeing. Your program might force you to go to the gym during the lunch hour or go to yoga thrice a week. You will have a wide variety of benefits.


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