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Lawyers are highly respected in every corner of the globe. Brazilian lawyers are among the most sought after due to their exceptional skills and experience in representing their clients. The Brazilian legal system is hard to navigate without a competent lawyer to guide you through every process. A few people can navigate the Brazilian Legal structure without the help of a legal professional.

Besides, the Brazilian constitution was passed barely two decades ago. As a result, a lot of people are interested in learning about new constitution since it has been in application for slightly over two decades.

Most of the Brazilian lawyers launch their career at an early age, with a significant number starting at the age of 23 years. They spend about 5-6 years in a Law school from where they graduate with a degree in law. They also spend one year in a law firm where they get hands-on experience in legal practice. All certified best Lawyers in Brazil must pass the Brazilian Bar examination.

How to find a good lawyer in Brazil

In 2011, figures in public domain estimated that there were about 676,845 certified lawyers in Brazil. More lawyers were still in school at the time. This, therefore, means there are close to a million lawyers in Brazil. This, however, doesn’t come as a surprise bearing in mind that Brazil is one of the most populated countries on earth. There is high demand for legal services in the country. Besides, Brazil has evolved to become a business hub, which has attracted numerous international investors into the country. Brazilian lawyers are trained to represent individuals and corporations in a court of law.

Some of the big law firms in Brazil employ a huge number of lawyers who specialize in specific areas. Therefore, you can expect to get full-service when you visit such a law firm. Some of the reputed law firms in Brazil include Leite Tosto e Barros.

The law firm was established by Ricardo Tosto, one of the most sought-after lawyers in Brazil. Ricardo has been in the legal profession for several decades, and he is therefore conversant with the Brazilian Legal system. He specializes in Banking contracts, Credit Recovery, bankruptcy, election law, commercial and civil law.

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