Collaborate from the NFL and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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The National Football League Alumni Association, Lab Crop and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, are teaming up to bring more awareness to men about prostate cancer and the importance of early screening. Starting on September 1st and going through October 15th, 2,000 men at selected locations can receive free prostate screening.

After the 2,000 mark is met, the locations will only be charging $25 for men who still want a prostate screening. The purpose of this is to get men 40 years old and over in early to be checked for prostate cancer in order to catch the cancer in its early stage. The campaign will start in New Jersey at a conference for the NFL films. Events will be going on around the country to get more men to participate. Like, a event in Atlanta at City Hall with former NFL player DJ Shockley.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a medical treatment centers that specialize in cancer patients. The centers are located in Illinois, Oklahoma , Pennsylivina , Arizona and Georgia with headquarters are in Boca Raton , Florida. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer physical and emotional help for cancer patients. They use some of the most advanced technically and treatments to assist their patients on their journey in getting better.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America also extends their presence internationally to help cancer patients around the world. They have done work in places like Mexico City to working in the Middle East.They let cancer patients come to any of the five American hospitals for treatment and help them every step of the way. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are highly accredited and have been dedicated to detecting cancer early and improving the lives of individuals who have been affected by this disease.

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