Jorge Moll Concise Research Concluding How Voluntary Actions Benefits Our Health

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Jorge Moll is a scientist and a neuroscientist who has dedicated his life to researching about how the human brain functions to bring about that effect on maintaining our good health, good feeling and a sense of belonging. During his service as the president of D’Or Institute for Research and Education, he has made many discoveries one of them in the year 2015 where he concluded that there is a huge relationship between the art of volunteering and the effect it has on our health. The research revealed that 28% of the people in Brazil participate in some voluntary activities that promote their good health. He goes ahead to encourage people to participate in such activities as their benefits are immense and cannot be ignored. During a previous Christmas, he advised those who felt the need to try out some voluntary activities to participate in charity actions that foster solidarity.


Taking such actions bring about an inspiring spirit that lifts our soul by offering yourself to strangers by bringing the spirit of wellbeing to our body and mind. A sense of generosity and attitude towards people with an open heart is potentially beneficial to our health according to his research. According to Jorge Moll research, he concluded that people who participated in charity work had as much peace of mind and happiness as people who engaged in leisure activities such as going for a walk, swimming, and any other fun activity. Donating to charities activates the subgenual cortex and the septal area parts of the brain which are associated with bringing about the feeling of belonging to the human body. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

Volunteer actions enable one to focus on a problem when they find out even if they have some issues of their own; they can help others in some way. These enable them to perceive the world in a different way knowing that you made someone happy. The actions motivate you in developing a sense of humor towards others, and you will have the urge to feel good which brings about stress-free feeling that is beneficial to your health. Jorge Moll concludes by advising people to participate in more volunteer activities and that they can take the first step by helping the friends or families who need help in some way. Watch this video on


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