Don Ressler leads Fabletics into becoming a giant activewear company

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For a long time, women have had limited choices when shopping for their activewear. In fact, they only have two options: choosing between affordable or fashionable athletic wear. Unlike for men sportswear market, there has been a significant gap in the women’s sportswear market. For a long time, women were forced to choose between fashion and functionality.

The women’s sportswear market had been lagging behind for a long time with no significant developments. However, a breakthrough was in the offing in 2010 when women’s activewear consumption was at its peak.

Two renowned fashion icons, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, noticed the increased consumption trend and realized that it wasn’t going to slow down anytime soon. It is at this time that they co-founded Fabletics, a company that would create fashionable, functional and above all, affordable sportswear.

Don Ressler and Adam sat down and came up with an innovative vision for women’s sportswear. They decided to take the unbeaten path by focusing on what women wanted rather than the market trends. The duo launched consumer tests and focus groups, and sure enough, they were able to understand most of the problems facing women in the sportswear industry. They realized that most of the issues facing women were the same across the board.

Women sportswear in the market was expensive, garish, and above all ill-fitting. The quality of the activewear in the market was substandard and uncomfortable as well. It was challenging for an individual to get attire that is fashionable, comfortable, affordable and functional without spending a fortune. Adam and Ressler, therefore, decided to work on an idea that would transform the women’s sportswear industry.

The duo realized that coming up with a great and unique idea wasn’t a guarantee for success. They needed a face that would sell the brand. Kate Hudson, an entertainment icon was the best fit for this role. Don Ressler and Adam decided to work with Kate Hudson as the ambassador for their company.

Most of other companies that were started with a similar objective failed to pick well since they couldn’t reckon well with women. Fabletics decided to use a different approach by taking a well-known actress to be part of the team. Kate Hudson proved to be friendly, confident and the perfect face to sell the brand. As the company’s spokesperson, Kate Hudson would help to create a rapport with the consumers and also take the brand to the public.


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