Rocketship Education Provides Revolutionary Learning

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Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter school that was established in California during the year 2007. The school system still remains headquarters in Redwood City, CA, but has expanded to dozens of different schools. Most locations of these schools are within California and Rocketship Education has recently expanded to other regions in the United States. The learning model of Rocketship is blended according to students’ needs and focuses heavily on new software technology that is available.

Getting involved in in its local communities, Rocketship Education revolves around low-income families searching for the proper education for their children. The goal of Rocketship is to get the entire community involved, especially the student’s parents, and tailor custom learning plans that let English language learning children and other young students on a path to attending university. The results have allowed for new quality public charter schools across the country.

The efforts of Rocketship Education and other charter school systems have been boosted by major financial support from business owners and other leaders. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested locally and abroad to focus primarily on improving the quality of public education. Rocketship takes advantage of this funding and newer technology by giving students access to computers and tablets for research and learning. The skills that students acquire by searching for information online empowers them for the future.

The relationship between parents and teachers is sometimes hindered by degrees of separation in other public schools. Rocketship Education aims to change the teaching model as well in its own system by strengthening this connection. One of the newer Rocketship schools being built in the Washington D.C. area allows parents to interview candidates for its new teaching positions. The mutual efforts of prospective teachers and parents allows the school to immediately be intertwined with its community.

Rocketship Education currently provides learning for students ranging from the Kindergarten level through Fifth Grade. The school system offers an open learning model based on the needs of its students at the time, making it very fluid and flexible for all children. Rocketship also spends considerable time on creating leaders out of the parents, ultimately improving education and the community at large.


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