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Mike Baur is the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory. He had a fine career in the Swiss banking industry. He gave it up in order to work with the startups.


The life of businessman Mike Baur has been very impressive as well as inspiring. He grew up in Freiburg in Switzerland. He has studied at the Bern University as well as the University of Rochester. He has earned his business degrees from here. He started his career in banking when he was just 16 years old. He joined the Union Bank of Switzerland as an apprentice in 1991. At that time his hiring manager explained his UBS career completely. He listed each promotion that Mike Baur would get before retiring. But the life of Mike Baur did not follow this pattern. He worked in several different companies and even founded his own firm.


Mike worked for UBS till he was around 30 years old. He became a senior advisory and provided rich advice to Swiss investors. He was highly successful in the company. Still, he decided to leave UBS in 2008. Soon, he joined Clariden Leu in Zurich and worked there for six years at a high-ranking position. He left this bank in 2014 as he was not happy with the banking environment after the recession. Bankers had to suffer from red tape increasingly. This was when Mike Baur decided to focus on helping tech entrepreneurs.


He wanted to assist the technology startups of the young owners. Hence he co-founded a company in 2014 and called it the Startup Factory. His partner in this venture was Max Meister, who was his fellow graduate at the Bern University. They started with the incubator program. It helped the Swiss entrepreneurs through mentoring as well as training services. Funding was provided to the startups that appeared to be promising. This included providing them rent-free offices.


They are providing three months of assistance to these new startups. These startup owners are taught how to market their products or services in the global market. They can also network with their fellow tech entrepreneurs. In addition, they are taught how to get funding from investors. All these services are provided in order to provide them opportunities to achieve success in the long-term.


The qualifying tech startups are provided funds along with the opportunity to enter pitching contests. In 2014, Mike Baur had been a juror in one of the contests known as START Summiteer which was organized at a Swiss university. At this event, there was public speaking by the founders of 30 new enterprises. Here they spoke about their products, plans as well as business models. There are seasoned financial experts who will be evaluating these startups, in order to rate them on several aspects and decide on who is the winner. With the participation of Mike Baur in this contest, SSUF got established as a credible business incubator.


In the same year, Mike Baur also created Think Reloaded to provide financial advice to the affluent clients.



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