Adam & Don are Changing Digital Fashion

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Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler founders of fashion and clothing company, TechStyle, started this business without a lot of knowledge or experience in this line. However, they did possess other skills needed to succeed in the world of business and that would be figuring out what customers want and plenty of determination. The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes, and all you need to look at is their curriculum vitae to come to that conclusion.

Adam Goldenberg started his first company when he was still in high school, at age 15, named Gamers Alliance. This company was an advertising network that works with gaming websites. The company became successful enough to be sold and Intermix Media bought them. As for Adam, he continued working for Intermix and eventually became their Chief Operating Officer. He did all this by the time he reached age 20!

Interestingly Don Ressler joined intermix in a similar way. He had started a website known as FitnessHeaven.Com, which was taken over by Intermix. This happened in 2011. Apart from running his own business, he also was busy helping other start-ups and e-commerce sites raise money. It was while both of them worked for Intermix they met each other and became friends. This is when they decided to venture out and start a business in a fashion company called Intelligent Beuty, in 2006. They took their knowledge which they gained in the e-commerce industry and applied it to the new company. One of the big steps they took was to make it an online based clothing company.

As time went on, they started another e-commerce based clothing company called JustFab. This was not only an online based company but a membership-based business also. The company continued for a while under this name before they decided to rebrand the whole thing and changed the name to TechStyle. The unique name is a reminder of Adam’s and Don’s past in the technology world. In fact, some describe the company as a place where fashion meets Silicon Valley.

The company has never looked back and in a few short years has done hundreds of millions of Dollars of business. They also do not forget to give back to the community, by taking part in various charity events such as the Cinderella Project, which focusses on giving nice clothes to students from low-income families.


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