Brighten Your Day With The Ultimate Crime, Lime Crime

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Do you need a little more color in your life? Doe Deere, the founder of LimeCrime has come to your rescue. Lime Crime is a cosmetics brand that offers to add some color to everything from your hair to your eyelids. If you are looking to liven up your look, or give your makeup-obsessed friend a great gift, look no further than the company’s website ( Here you will find the latest obsession in eyeshadow palettes, known as “Pocket Candy”. The palettes are Polly Pocket-inspired sets of five eye and cheek colors that go for $34 a piece, or less than $100 for a short time.

The three palettes are named “Sugar Plum”, “Pink Lemonade” and “Bubblegum”, and they are said to feature colors that are “carefully crafted with high end pigments”. Each palette features a mirror and is small enough to fit in your pocket. Though most people probably won’t carry their eyeshadow in their back pocket , the smaller palette size is convenient for tossing it into a purse or backpack for a little touch-up on the go.

As previously mentioned, the company offers more than just eyeshadow. The brand became a popular sight on media platforms like Instagram because of it “HI-LITE” palettes, which can be used to add a little glow to your cheekbones, and its spunky UNICORN HAIR colors. Some of the other products the company offers include: lipstick, faux nails and makeup brushes. All in all, the company aims to produce products that help customers display their individuality.It also prides itself on the fact that all of its products are vegan and cruelty free. Who said being socially conscious meant you couldn’t look cute? Doe Deere and her company say you can have it all, and at an affordable price too! So if you want more color in your life head on over to the company’s website now, and see how their products can brighten your days.


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