NuoDD cloud database systems

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NuoDBis a company based in Cambridge that deals with cloud-based databases. The cloud database company was founded by Barry Morris and Jim Starkey in 2008 as NimbusDB. Its technology is normally categorized as NewSQL due to its characteristics of the normal SQL databases that have integrated features that support scale-out processing in cloud-based systems. Applications designed to use the NuoDB cloud database technology still communicate with SQL statements just like in any other database.

The main difference between the NuoDB system and the traditional cloud database system is the use of the three-tier structure which has transactional, administrative and storage tiers which enable the database to work without any cases of close coupling an application with its data into a drive.

All data objects of an application are safely stored and maintained in memory caches that are well distributed in a way best suited for cloud-style elasticity. Data access conflicts and deadlocks are resolved by multi-version concurrency control. The system through the use of distributed message and object computing technologies uses asynchronous peer-to-peer communication, and thus its availability is rarely compromised. NuoDB cloud database technology is, therefore, the perfect system to use when the system involved needs to be available at all times.


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