George Soros – A Great Man

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The world is a huge place, and there is a lot that can happen to people. Some are born into lifestyles that are oppressive, and others live in terrible areas. We all need to help each other in the world to make it stronger so that the people can do more with their lives. One man who stands out in doing such things is George Soros. He is known as a great philanthropist, and by doing good things for others he has made quite an impression.

Not All People See George Soros As A Great Man

In the Atlantic, About George Soros he is referred to as a threat to society as we know it – capitalism. The article discusses ways that lead some to believe that this could be true, while others dismiss the claims because they are proud of George Soros does.

George Soros Will Continue To Do Good Things

He has stood the test of time when it comes to philanthropy. His beliefs are solid. He wants to make sure that others are indeed better off than they would be. His desire to carry on doing good deeds even though others see him as a threat will stand.

Whey Is George Soros The Way He Is?

When he was younger, George Soros, being Jew saw a lot of terrible things happen to his family and himself. He witnessed unfairness all the time. Since his family was strong, they all found the courage to help others no matter what happened to them. He carried this on into his adult life.

Founding The Open Society Foundation

George Soros founded the Open Soicety Foundation. Because of this, he could do even more good things for others. Helping with education was a priority on his list. He also taught others how to improve themselves and help others too. His willingness to help others is a shining example to others. In the future, he will continue to help with the people that have been held back, and he will look forward to a more positive and fair world for everyone.


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