Eric Pulier: A leader in enterprise technology

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Eric Pulier is a lover of technology advancements and has had a huge reputation on matters concerning technology. His writing pieces are featured in widely accepted publications in the world. Eric who is also a renowned entrepreneur had his first job as a worker at a convenience store while still attending high school.

Pulier’s later joined the Harvard University where he laid the foundation to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. At the Harvard, Eric studied various technology and literature related courses. He graduated from the university in 1988.

Three years after graduating, Eric started his first company which was called “People Doing Things.”; this company was involved in issues of medical and involved in issues of educational technology. Later he was involved directly and indirectly in the establishment of other companies such as; U.S. Media Interactive, Akana and MediaPlatform. Another business venture that he started is the virtual desktops (known as Desktone). These business ventures have attracted a substantial number of investors.

Eric not only engages in in profit seeking ventures, he engages in humanitarian and charitable work that helps to make the life others better. His charitable activities majorly involve helping children who suffer from chronic diseases. One of his organization that he founded in the 1990s to aid these children is the Starbright World. It is an online social platform that enables children who suffer these diseases to communicate and share experiences to learn more about us: click here.

Through this platform, they get to share experiences and realize they are not alone. This as well serves to dissuade stigma. Eric Pulier is a board member of another charitable foundation called X-Prize Foundation as well as Painted Turtle; a non-profit summer camp for young persons with chronic diseases.

Eric Pulier is also an article author with major publications such as the Forbes and the Harvard Crimson In 2006, with the assistance of Hugh Taylor, he wrote a book entitled Understanding Enterprise SOA.” The book details information regarding service-oriented architecture. Today, Eric Pulier who lives in Los Angeles, United States involves himself in various charitable and commercial activities. In early 2017, he started vAtomic Systems, a company that tracks digital products in online shopping.


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