Omar Yunes – Winning the Highly Prestigious Best Franchise of the World Competition

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Running a fast food joint is not a small task as it needs a lot of patience and hard work. It is even more challenging these days when there is a fierce competition in the food market, and there are many choices available to the people. Omar Yunes, one of the entrepreneurs in Mexico belonging to the food industry started his first fast food restaurant that was a franchise of Sushi Itto when he was just 21 years old. Sushi Itto is amongst the fastest growing Japanese fast food chain in the world and has a total of 150 restaurants all over the globe. Omar Yunes understood from the very beginning that there is a market out there for the Japanese fusion food, which is what helped him achieve huge success in this line of business.


In a recently held Best Franchise in the World Competition in Florence, Italy, Omar Yunes won the competition where participants from 34 countries participated. It is a tremendous achievement for Omar Yunes, who currently owns 13 franchise of Sushi Itto brand all over Mexico. The award is given to the franchise owner who has contributed significantly to the success of the brand and has achieved excellent customer satisfaction as well by providing impeccable customer service and high-quality food. Omar Yunes started in this business from the time he was very young and over the years, he has learned the tricks of the trade and has become a thorough professional in this business.


Omar Yunes knows what the customers are looking and understands the dynamics of maintaining a fast food joint so that the customers always leave with a smile. One of his top priorities is to ensure that the customers are always satisfied with the quality of food they are served and the kind of service they receive. It is these efforts made by Omar Yunes over the years, which has helped in maintaining consistent standards across his chain of fast food restaurants in Mexico. Omar Yunes after winning the BFW Competition gave credit to his team of 400 employees for making it possible for him to win such a prestigious award.

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