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Agora Financial: Looking Out For The Common Investor

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Agora Financial is making a name for itself in the financial advice and education worlds. It is doing so by focusing on proven investment strategies that focus on as-yet unproven businesses. If this sounds counter-intuitive, that’s understandable. But Agora Financial has been in this business for many years. Long enough to know how to read […]

Talos Energy Operating New Gulf Of Mexico Oil Well

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The reform of the Mexican oil industry to bring in foreign investors has led to the drilling of the first private well to be dug in the country since 1938. The new $16 million well is a joint venture among Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas, London-based Premier Oil Plc. and Talos Energy, a Houston, Texas […]

Securus: Providing Safety and Incredible Customer Service

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Have you ever wondered what technology is used to prevent crime? Or maybe you have been curious on what can improve the safety of the public. After all, nobody wants to feel unsafe when they are walking through a parking lot late at night or during a nice time out in the city.   Securus […]

Free The Diva Inside You with Unicorn Hair Dye

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Why envy someone else’s sparkling hair color? Why daydream and wish your hair was like theirs? You can have fabulous lavender, light blue, bright pink, or bright yellow hair too. Free the diva inside you with Unicorn Hair dye by Lime Crime. The Unicorn Hair Full Coverage and Total Saturation Formulas The good news is […]

Eric Pulier: A leader in enterprise technology

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Eric Pulier is a lover of technology advancements and has had a huge reputation on matters concerning technology. His writing pieces are featured in widely accepted publications in the world. Eric who is also a renowned entrepreneur had his first job as a worker at a convenience store while still attending high school. Pulier’s later […]

Eli Gershkovitch Drives innovation in Beer Crafting

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Canadian lagers bundled in changing tastes and costs are a magnificent prologue to the Canadian culture. The Canadian preparing market has for long been overwhelmed by heap industry players including Labatts’ Breweries, Molson-Coors Breweries, Sleeman Breweries, Sapporo Breweries, and Moosehead Breweries. Recently, be that as it may, Steamworks Group of organizations has risen up out […]

How Glen Wakeman Mastered Two Industries

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You might say that Glen Wakeman is one of the few people who, if they wanted to, could claim to be a polymath. Glen, who got his start as a professional in the world of finance, worked his way up the ladder in some of the country’s largest financial institutions to eventually become the President […]

Success story of Porfirio Sanchez Galindo

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A lot of talented and capable people of Europe and North America are working in different industries worldwide, but this article revolves around a brilliant man who came from Mexico. He is a great example that natural talent actually exists and can-do wonders, all they need is little polish. Realizing people that anyone can be […]

Trabuco Use In Medieval Ages

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The evolution of weapon can be traced to the origin of war itself. According to political scholars, only the dead have seen the end of the war; can be interpreted to mean that the modernization of weapons remains a tenable discourse of human history. As great military societies arose, there was increased need to come […]

End Citizens United: Driving Dark Money Out Of American Politics

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Since the infamous 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. FEC case, a new breed of super political campaign committees (PACs) has taken the stranglehold of American politics financing. With their huge financial bases, corporations and special interests groups have since then played a critical role in determining the political leaders Americans elect […]