Fabletics Moving Workout Clothes Shopping To New Heights

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Fabletics is a brand that is owned by JustFab. It is fronted by the celebrity, Kate Hudson. Fabletics has been around for a few years only. Still, it has seen amazing growth. In fact, it is being considered as a direct competitor to a retailer like Amazon and so on. But this is not without reason.


Fabletics is being considered as good quality workout wear. They do not believe in compromises. It is being marketed as a high-end brand. This is why quality is very important here. The prices are not very low, but the clothes are labeled as being value for money.


Fabletics is well aware that today, busy and well-off people are opting for physical fitness and workouts. This is why Fabletics has taken this into consideration. Next, the reverse showroom technique is being used here, and it appears to have worked out well for them.


Usually, it is the customers who will first visit a site or showroom. They will go through the offerings. If they like it, they may buy it. If the deals and other offers are attractive enough, they may even opt for membership to save money. Hence that becomes the last stage.


But what is happening in the case of online shopping is that customers browse a lot. But once they select what they want, they would purchase it online from some other or even offline based on where the price is the lowest.


But Fabletics uses a different technique. They make the customer into their members as the first step. When people visit the site, they are asked to go through a lifestyle quiz that helps the site to understand their preference. Even in the physical stores, they are asked to go through this quiz. These preferences get updated on the site. After this is done, the person will get a gift from Fabletics that will be based on those preferences.


Now the customer uses the gift and will agree to take the VIP membership as that allows the availing of exciting offers as well as rebates. In this way, the customer has become a member even before any browsing of stuff has started.


Besides, Fabletics wants to enhance the shopping experience for the customer. Hence the brand will offer clothes that will be based on the customer’s preferences. Hence the customer is getting personalized service, which is provided both online as well as offline.


A monthly subscription fee has to be paid for getting this VIP membership. This gets offset by the rebates and offers. Besides, any new trends that may be coming in the store will get communicated to the customers.


Customers do not have to buy each month. They have the convenience of not making the monthly payment if they do not want to buy anything. They simply need to inform this to the site well in advance.


This business strategy is working very well for Fabletics. They already have 17 physical stores in the country and planning to open more soon.


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