The Significance of Andrew Rolfe

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When it comes to South Africa, numerous depictions take place when people think about it. For those unaware, South Africa remains one of the wealthiest countries in Africa. This remains attributed to the country’s abundance of natural resources and its diverse population. Although South Africa possesses beautiful beaches and beautiful people, its challenges remain persistent. For starters, the country bears the burden of apartheid. For those unaware, the legacy of apartheid remains a looming struggle in the lives South Africans. During this time, black South Africans remained second-class citizens in their own country. Although they represented the majority, they remained disenfranchised from the amenities that their country offered.

Although apartheid no longer exists, the scars remain apparent. In addition, South Africa also sffers from one of the highest HIV/AIDS rates in the world. Therefore, countless people had to grow up and live their lives as orphans. Moreover, the disease killed their parents and loved ones. In addition, a significant amount of South Africans suffer from poverty. To expound further, numerous South Africans lack the ability to feed themselves, go to school, and so forth. In spite of these challenges, numerous non-profit organizations exist that aim to alleviate the country of its elements. In particular, Ubuntu remains the company in reference. For those unaware, Ubuntu remains a non-profit organization that aims at boosting the morale of South Africa. To expound further, the foundation’s premise remains to educate, and restore the communities that they serve back to normalcy.

Since the company’s conception, it has provided numerous South Africans with both job and educational opportunities. In addition, the company remains headquartered in the Port Elizabeth township of South Africa. This remains one of the poorest townships in all of South Africa. Although Ubuntu remains an asset, Andrew Rolfe remains the company’s backbone. With that being said, Andrew Rolfe serves as the company’s chairman. For years, Andrew Rolfe has brought in numerous investments and initiatives that gave South Africans an equal opportunity. Due to his high success record, it remains easy to see why Andrew Rolfe enjoys the success that he has today.


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