Bruce Bent II; an Entrepreneurial Mogul

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Bruce is similarly a tested and proven CEO and Manager for over 17 years, who oversaw the amazing development of a FDIC cash controlling trade which is a money market mutual fund known as The Reserve. Thanks to Bruce, some of this company’s subsidiaries along with affiliates were liquidated order, and some were sold off due to the 2008 financial crisis. Bruce then went ahead to become the Premier and the V.C of Double Rock Corp., which is one of the biggest companies providing technology and services. Double Rock Corp. had six subsidiary companies of which Bruce was also a senior executive in every one of them. Some of these were the likes of Island Intellectual Property LLC, a patent licenser within the financial industry. The other one being Access Control Advantage LLC, which is a retirement market leader. Both these companies are highly respected and recognized in their various fields.

Mr. Bent was also the Premier of The Reserve, a firm considered among the world’s largest private institutions of the money market across the globe. It also boasted of the biggest money market fund worldwide. It had its H.Q’s in N.Y and had 300 employees across the nation. Bruce made great leaps in distribution markets as well as product lines for the company. Bent also diversified the assets being managed in monies products and grew them from Four billion to 13 billion dollars during his 17-year tenure.

Bruce was also a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization, a member of the Young President’s Organization and also a board member of the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association

Find more information about Bruce Bent II on Twitter @bbentii


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