End Citizens United Declares First House Backings for the 2018 Cycle

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End Citizens United (ECU) pronounced its initial number of House approvals in the upcoming 2018 cycle. Included in the list are 19 persons who have been championing for reform in campaign finance drawn from 11 states. These initial endorsements will enable the ECU unite the chosen nominees with its grassroots members who exceed three million in number. ECU will also run its advocacy actions aimed at elevating campaign finance reform as an important campaign issue.



According to the executive director of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, the group aims to have its endorsed candidates form the majority of those elected into the House of Representatives in 2018. This will be the only way that the fight to ending the flaking influence of Big Money on the US democracy will be won. Tiffany added that President Trump went against his promise of “draining the swamp” by failing to bring a plan within his first 100 days in office. President Trump also brought in billionaire donors as well as leaders of commercial special interests in his administration meaning that Big Money is in control of Washington once again. The endorsed candidates will help push ECU’s agenda by taking the Big Money head on. Tiffany is optimistic that ECU will work tirelessly to ensure that its endorsed leaders triumph over the dark money assemblies and Super PACs that are trying to hijack the American democracy. Read More here


ECU Raises $4 Million and Projects a $35 Million Haul


ECU, a political action committee, is bent on ridding big money away from politics for the sake of democracy in the US. In order to succeed in its efforts, the ECU is raising huge amounts of money in readiness for the epic battle ahead. ECU has so far managed to raise over $4 million during the first quarter of 2017 and hopes to have raised $35 million by the time the 2018 midterm Congress elections take place. This will be a higher amount than the $25 million it spent during the 2016 elections, which was its initial operation cycle. Tiffany Muller confirmed that around 100,000 people were involved in the contributions this year and of these, 40,000 of them were donating for the first time. The group maintains that its ultimate goal is to ensure “campaign-finance transformation supporters” get elected to Congress.



Muller added that the standard donation the ECU received in 2017 was $12. A majority of the donors to the PAC share the feeling that the system is against them and only the people with the fattest checks get to call the shots. ECU offers them an avenue to fight back against the system. In addition, the Democrats are still furious with President Trump’s triumph in the 2016 elections and are ready to fight his nominees and agenda. Recently the group was raising $500,000 to support a first time candidate in Georgia, Jon Ossoff, a democrat.


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