Class Dojo is an App that Improves the Education Process

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Many teachers are always looking for an edge in the classroom. They know that they have a lot to deal with in terms of educating students. One of the most challenging aspects of teaching is communications. Teachers and parents often do not keep in touch with one another about a student’s progress in class.


Parent/teacher conferences are often given during each grading period. However, if a parent decides to show up for this meeting; they are often surprised about their child’s in school performance. The fact is that a lot of parents just do not have the time to keep track of everything that is going on with their child in school.


Teachers know that many parents work throughout the day and it is often difficult for them to get time off to visit their school. Also, many parents have other responsibilities and concerns that they have to deal with throughout the day. So, getting up to the school to pay students a visit can be extremely challenging.


Class Dojo eliminates this problem. This app improves student’s education by providing their parents and teachers a more dependable way to communicate. Teachers and parents just download the Class Dojo app and then set up an account. Once they do, they can add each other into their contact list.


Teachers can then send video clips, text messages and photos instantly to parents to inform them about their child throughout the day. They can even set up a time to video chat over their mobile devices. This way, the expectation for meetings will not be an issue.


Class Dojo received $21 million in funding to help establish and set up services. This organization wants to improve the educational process for students, parents and instructors. Educators and parents should keep their eyes open for more great services coming from the Class Dojo app.




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