How To Safeguard Your Retirement Savings From Greedy Fund Managers

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The Capital Group Companies is a private enterprise that provides investment and financial services to their customers. The Company also gives financial advice to all their clients who want to invest in their equities. All investors who want to get good returns in their retirement time should think of investing with this hedge.

Tim Armour is the CEO and the chairman of the Company and has a lot of experience in the investing business. In July 2015, Tim was elected the president of the company.

Warren Buffet Challenges Hedge Fund Managers

Warren Buffet has come up to challenge hedge fund managers on their investment schemes saying that he can save more in S&P500 index fund than in the Hedge fund as many are mediocre businesses.The companies aim at building their portfolio without encouraging man people to invest by making the investing process simple and with low costs.

Warren says that hedge fund argument on passive and active investment is just an intra-industry issue which should not affect the investors. He says that by engaging the companies should ensure investors get a good return by engaging them in long-term investments with low costs of expenses. Warren says that hedge funds should not advise their investors that passive investment is the safe way to invest for retirement as they also risk losses from down markets.

Warren has gone further to advise investors to identify the best hedges to invest with by looking at the company which invests a lot of their money alongside their clients and again the company with the lowest expenses but high managements.


Tim Amour’s Educational and Career History

Tim Armour is the current CEO of the Capital Group Company since July 2015. He hails from Los Angeles. Tim Armour graduated from the University of Middlebury College with a degree in economics and started with the Associate’s program as their participant the Company back in 1983. He later got the position of the Equity investment analyst where he was in-charge of telecommunication services worldwide. Tim got a promotion to the post of the chairman of the Company.


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