Diversant Principal Executive, John Goullet

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Diversant is a MBE, a Minority Owned Business Enterprise. Diversant is the biggest IT staffing firm in the United States that is African-American Owned. At Diversant they offer direct hire, IT staff augmentation, and diversity solutions. At Diversant they have a set of core values that they believe in. These values include respect for others, disciplined teamwork, ethical behavior, and professional development. They believe that diversity that diversity promotes creative thinking and nurtures innovation, both leading to more effective problem-solving.Diversant is a client-focused business that has the goal to please their clients and meet all of their needs.


John Goullet is the Principal Executive at Diversant. He began his career in as an IT consultant and made the change to IT staffing in 1999. He went on to found Info Technologies, a company that provided fortune 500 companies with answers and solutions to their problems. John Goullet grew that company into a $30 million dollar company in just eight years. In 2010 Info Technologies and Diversant merged to form one company and John Goullet is still creating new solutions for the changing problems the IT market faces.


Diversant is a groundbreaking company that not only puts a strong emphasis on diversity but basis their whole company around that idea. They encourage diversity in the workplace and beleives that it helps to create new problem soliving ideas that can be more effective and creative than ideas formed in a nondiverse environment. John Goullet is the Principal Executive of Diversant and continues to focus his career on developing answers for problems the IT market faces.


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