Silicon Valley Respects Eric Pulier

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Silicon Valley has many successful people working there. Some of the most brilliant tech minds in the world work in that area. Therefore, it says a great deal about Eric Pulier that he is so well respected in Silicon Valley. This should come as no surprise to the people who have followed his great career. Desktone, ServiceMesh and Akana are just a few of the great startups that he has been responsible for creating. People in the tech world know how hard it is to keep coming up with good ideas for companies. They appreciate Eric’s unique ability to do this with regularity.


Eric Pulier began his life in New Jersey. He did very well in school. His studies eventually gained him acceptance into Harvard. Interestingly, Eric did not choose a major in a tech field. Instead, he decided to get a degree in English literature. The easy schedule and having a job that is not very demanding appealed to Eric. However, he would soon discover the world of tech startups. His life would never be the same after that.


Eric has been written about in many of the biggest and most influential publications in Silicon Valley. He has also been the subject of many feature articles on major tech and news websites. There is no question that people are interested in finding out about the life of Eric Pulier. He has often talked about the fame his career has brought to him. He takes it all in stride. He never wanted to be famous. He knows that his fame is as a result of his many profitable startups. He takes great pride in working hard and achieving a lot in a relatively short period of time. He knows that fame is fleeting. He is gracious to people who want to talk to him. He will usually grant interviews when he is asked.


Eric has been able to use his great reputation to gain the support of other top movers and shakers in Silicon Valley. He has become involved in many large charitable foundations that are based in the area.





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