Equities First Holdings Specializes In Stock-Based Loans Rather Than Margin Loans

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Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a globally renowned loan provider. It offers clients lending and financial solutions. EFH specializes in stock-based loans. This type of loan has minimal restrictions that allow the borrower to use the money for different purposes. Additionally, the borrower pays a fixed interest rate of four percent.In margin loans, the client has to go through stages that decide of whether they qualify to take the loan or not. Therefore, EFH delivers maximum benefits to clients with the minimal risks through the stock-based loans. This ensures the clients meet their financial and individual goals.

The Background of Equities First Holdings

The headquarters of Equities First Holdings is in Indianapolis. It has branch offices in London, Hong Kong, Sydney, United States, and Bangkok. Al Christy, Jr. founded EFH in 2002. Since then, it has managed more than 40 million in assets. The organization has also been operational for more than 14 years.EFH helps companies that are striving to be successful. For instance, startups that need to secure capital, new business ventures, and ways to explore innovative alternative would succeed if they get involved with the equities first holdings.

Liquidity Solutions

Equities first holdings offer financial solutions that are customized to meet each customer’s needs. They also have an exceptional approach to securities based on lending. Further, the above mentioned empowers their clients to achieve their objectives with efficiency and flexibility.Equities first holdings have reduced the burdens that are involved with finding liquidities from banks. The organization is guided by the principles of providing top-notch services to all clients. Moreover, it has enlisted strategic partners including top laws firms and leading investment banks in local and international jurisdictions. EFH also offers liquidity at attractive rates to businesses, investors, and executives of public companies.



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