Jose Borghi and His Success with the Mullen Lowe Brazil Advertising Agency

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Mullen Lowe, a Brazilian advertising agency, one of the most prestigious commercial marketing agencies in Sao Paulo was founded by Jose Borghi. He has the ability to obtain what he wants even in seemingly adverse conditions.

From the start of his career, he has been involved in important cases. He has done campaigns for Fiat, Honda and the Downs Syndrome Association and many other large companies. His campaigns have won awards both in Brazil and abroad, some of them being for Delta Airlines, Electrolux Vacuum cleaners, American Express and Asia Motors. But these are not the most noteworthy awards he has won. Some most influential would be the 7 London Festival Awards, 11 at the New York Festival, 14 at the Cannes Lions, in France, and 10 Cilo Awards. He has a lot to be proud of in his chosen profession.

Born in Presidente Prudente he attended and graduated from PUC-Campinas University where he studied Advertising and Propaganda. His first job after school was with the Standart Ogilvy ad agency in 1989. It didn’t take him long to open his own agency, BorghiErh, with partner Erh Ray. They started the agency with no backing from banks or investors or fairy godmothers. They worked hard and made a success of the business doing all the work themselves in the planning and creating of the ad campaigns.

With their success, Lowe bought the agency, becoming the BorghiLowe Agency. In December of 2015 Erh Ray and Jose split the presidency. The agency has gained even more popularity in the international as well as the domestic market.

The Mullen Lowe Brazil agency and CEO Jose Borghi know that even in a crisis there can be the opportunity for ad agencies to show people that marketing, with good planning and a good strategy, can work for them. for more.


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