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Brad Reifler Outlines The Challenges That Small Investors Face

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Basing his argument on the fictional television show “Money Monster,” Brad said that the film exposes the truths about Wall St and the challenges that small investors face. Crunchbase revealed that Brad Reifler posited that it is unfortunate that Wall St focuses on high net-worth investors by providing them with the ability to invest in […]

Diversant Principal Executive, John Goullet

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Diversant is a MBE, a Minority Owned Business Enterprise. Diversant is the biggest IT staffing firm in the United States that is African-American Owned. At Diversant they offer direct hire, IT staff augmentation, and diversity solutions. At Diversant they have a set of core values that they believe in. These values include respect for others, […]

Finding The Right Technique For Online Reputation

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There are many steps to the improvement of online reputation. The first step is assessing the reputation. This involves taking the time to find every mention which can be done with the right tools. Once he finds all of the mentions, then he determines the next step which should be reputation management. This is where […]

Yanni Hufnagel Is A Rising Star In Basketball Coaching

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Yanni Hufnagel is a 30-year old Jewish American who serves as an assistant coach for Harvard Crimson Men Basketball Team. He has already made significant impact in the team. Recently, the team won the Ivy League for the first time in history and produced a couch-surfing basketball sensation known as Jeremy Lin. He was voted […]

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion on the Forefront of Internet Media

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An influential businessman whose wisdom and expertise has impacted the area of video communication is Bob Reina. He founded Talk Fusion with a combination of unique systems that allow for sales people from around the world to profit from the business opportunities his company, Talk Fusion, offers. Reina is very open about his ideas for […]

How White Shark Media Grew My Business in Weeks

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I didn’t know much about what to do with my website but I knew that I needed one. The first thing I liked about White Shark Media was that they offered a free evaluation of my current marketing strategy. The helpful and friendly employee was great at explaining things in ways that someone not so […]

Fabletics Profits From Their Physical And Online Retailing Efforts.

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Kate Hudson is a famous actress and she is equally famous for forming a clothing wholesaler that is loyal to a specific style of relaxed clothing which is often spoken of as “activewear,” Fabletics. Her store, Fabletics has gained quite a status in the website centered and physically placed retailer category for fashion. Fabletics was […]

Silicon Valley Respects Eric Pulier

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Silicon Valley has many successful people working there. Some of the most brilliant tech minds in the world work in that area. Therefore, it says a great deal about Eric Pulier that he is so well respected in Silicon Valley. This should come as no surprise to the people who have followed his great career. […]

Equities First Holdings Specializes In Stock-Based Loans Rather Than Margin Loans

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Categories: Banking Institutions, Entrepreneur

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a globally renowned loan provider. It offers clients lending and financial solutions. EFH specializes in stock-based loans. This type of loan has minimal restrictions that allow the borrower to use the money for different purposes. Additionally, the borrower pays a fixed interest rate of four percent.In margin loans, the client […]

How Desiree Peres has assisted in building Tidal

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  Tidal is well-recognized music streaming company. The firm has been operational since 2014, and Shawn Carter (Jay-Z) was one of its co-owners. He is currently the majority shareholder of the company and has partnered with renowned artists such as T.I, Kanye West, Rihanna, and his wife, Beyonce. The musicians have also been playing a […]