Hussain Sajwani the Business Man

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In the world of business, few do it better than Hussain Sajwani. Born in 1956, he is not only the CEO of DAMAC Group but he is also the executive chairman of the United Arab Emirates. Here we take a look at his business journey and also his relationship with president Trump.



About His Career



After getting his Bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Washington, Sajwani was ready for the task ahead. In 1982, he had already worked as a contracts manager in a company subsidiary to Abu Dhabi National Company (ADNOC) known as GASCO. After he created the infamous Draieh Management Services Co (DAMAC) Group.



However, he did not stop there, in 1992, he established another company known as DICO. Since then, the company has grown to give security investment portfolios to many companies. He has the worked with other various companies that made him as successful.



In additional to that, he has been a board member at Mojan University College that is located in Muscat, Oman.



About DAMAC Group



As it started in 1992, it served as a company that specialized in catering. With its location in the Middle East, it sees its headquarters being in Dubai. The main aim of the Group is to be a company that offers services to employees that operate in various industries like insurance, trading and even property development.



In 2013, the Group sold depository receipts that could see it rising over $ 500 million. By the year 2014, DAMAC Group had made revenues worth over $ 4 billion and with Sajwani owning 85% of the company he was the huge beneficiary.



Sajwani’s Relationship with Trump



With Trump also doing well in the business field, it is no surprise that the two are having a good business relationship. In the past, the have partnered in different business dealings. For instance, the collaborated in the building of world class villas on The Trump International Golf Club.



Their business relationship is so strong that even after president Trump said he was not going to involve himself in more business dealings with Sajwani, the latter was unfazed as his relationship extends up to Trump’s daughter and sons.



It can, therefore, be concluded that Sajwani is a businessman that is not only a friend to president Trump but also a friend to success.




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