Eric Pulier’s Blueprint to Success

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Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? More than likely you probably haven’t, but just know that this man has done some amazing things to better man-kind. Eric pulier has a reputation of being a technologist, philanthropist, investor, entrepreneur, businessman, and author. This list literally goes on and on and on. His special gift is that he can take the smallest of ideas and turn them into a reality. The way his mind works is simply amazing and the exceptional amount of education that he’s obtained further pushes him ahead of everyone else.

Being a founder of about 15 companies isn’t by chance. He’s put in the hard work to become such an admired figure. Pulier founded People Doing Things, which is a company that uses the best innovative technology to handle issues in the field of education and healthcare. Another great achievement would be that of Starbright World. Chronically ill children of all ages benefited from this private social media network as it connected thousands and allowed them a chance to share their very own experiences (via) blog, chat, and message. Pulier’s heart has always been in the right place and he never did these things for fame. He’s won numerous philanthropic awards as well from the many beneficial programs he has created. In 2010 he was the ” top billed nominee” at The U.S. Doctor’s For Africa Event in New York City. Pulier has also developed educational multimedia programs for physically disabled individuals and has helped to bring in innovative technology for underprivileged communities in Africa.

Eric Pulier’s natural talent can’t be denied and shouldn’t be overlooked. After all of these great achievements, he still isn’t a household name. Celebrity status has never been his goal, but it would be nice to finally see someone whom has made a positive different in people lives, get the credit that’s been long overdue.

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