The Great Role that Capitol Anesthesiology Has in the Community

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Capitol Anesthesiology Association is one of the leading anesthesiology centers that services various medical centers across the Austin, Tx area. They also have pediatric services, which requires special training in order to provide safe care for children. On top of their superior care, they also provide service to the community through various programs and missions.


The CAA team includes physicians and certified nurse anesthesiologists who are specially trained in the general, local and regional anesthesiology. They also focus on other forms of anesthesiology, including pediatrics, cardiovascular and thoracic, and obstetric care. They currently operate in over 20 facilities across Austin and surrounding areas, which are made up of hospitals and ambulatory service centers.



The center is dedicated to providing service to a number of community-focused programs. One is called Eels on Wheels, which is an adaptive scuba program that provides training and certification based on ability level. They also serve programs focused on children called Austin Smiles, Operation Smile, Partnership for Children, Children’s Medical Center Foundation, and Dell’s Children’s Surgical Global Outreach. These programs aim to provide medical care for children in local, national or global areas. Another program they support is the Family Eldercare, a program that gives support to adults with disabilities and elders to assist their independent life.


Capitol Anesthesiology Association is more than just a medical center. It is the center of the community based on their services. Each physician is well trained and knowledgeable on the types of anesthesiology and specializes in the care of patients. In addition to this, they devote time and effort to various programs that add additional help and relief to others both locally and globally. CAA is more than just an anesthesiology clinic.


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