Jose Borghi Talks About Brand Presence On Social Media

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Brazilian publicist Jose Borghi, says that many companies lack a presence on social media. Many more lack a strategy to help their brand win more customers. Too many companies, states Jose Borghi make errors on social media when they communicate with their audiences. This discourages further investments into building a brand on social media platforms and hampers the return of investment.

The presence of commercial businesses on social media is interesting in Brazil. At first most companies and businessmen were skeptical of these new online venues. Social media channels were springing up but many were failing at the same time. Only after some digital channels such as Facebook and Twitter became ingrained in Brazilian society did firms began to take them seriously.

It is interesting to point out that in the beginning, only big firms spent money to advertise on social media. Now a study completed by research group Tracto, says that almost half of all Brazilian companies are present in at least five or more social media platforms. This is in stark contrast to a few years ago, when few companies even thought social media advertising and presence was worth their time and money.

Many companies and entrepreneurs still approach social media the wrong way, according to Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brazil. He states that firms should not try to be present on each and every social media channel out there. That would stretch resources too thin and be a drain on the advertising budget. Instead the Mullen Lowe Brazil publicist says that companies, should choose a few channels that are in tandem with their goals and capabilities. A digital arts company would be best suited for Instagram where they can showcase some of their art to followers and potential clients. Twitter may be good for a company that constantly releases new products and updates to them such as a software company.

Another mistake that Jose Borghi sees companies make is that they try to hard to advertise and sell services on social media. This is the wrong approach. Content should be created to engage and inform the person reading it. After they read the content, they will know who they can turn for to help them solve a problem or meet a need. Responses on social media should also be prompt and neutral. It is too easy to offend someone and have a controversy due to comments or postings. Therefore, Jose Borhi advises to be as professional and respectful as possible even when under attack on the web.



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