How John Goullet Got To The Top

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Diversant is the largest African-American owned company in the United States, and Goullet is the principle of that company. John Goullet is an individual that is an entrepreneur and a true visionary. Goullet went to Ursinus college, and he graduated in 1983 with a Masters degree in Computer Science. John Goullet is an individual who had a true passion for information technology, and because of that he was able to work as an IT consultant right out of college. After working in consultation, Goullet decided that he wanted to make the transition into IT staffing. Since he was able to experience both sides of the IT industry, Goullet had the opportunity to use that knowledge to his benefit.

Goullet decided that he was going to create his own IT staffing company. Goullet was able to found Info Technologies. Info technologies was a company that gave staffing solutions to Fortune 500 companies. John Goullet wanted to continue to further his success, and he decided to merge Info Technologies with Diversant INC. From that merger, Diversant LLC came about.

Diversant LLC is a company that works with IT staffing. Through his leadership, Goullet has been able to help his company form strategies to better serve their fortune 500 clients. Diversant is truly a successful company, and the company has been able to maintain growth even when the economy took a downturn.

Goullet is an individual that has a true dedication to his staff. He encourages them to think in a creative manner, and he also has a firm belief in the importance of teamwork. Goullet realizes that teamwork and professionalism are essential in order for a company to grow and to thrive. That is why Goullet holds himself and his employees to the highest ethical and moral behavior. Goullet and his associates are very proud of the fact that they are a company that has been able to reach the amazing accomplishment of being the biggest African-American owned company in the United States. Diversant also has the certification as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise, and they are a company that is soaring above their competitors.


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