The Best ways to Succeed in Life.

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In order to be an accomplished individual in business, one must adhere to certain steps so as to be successful. Josh Verne is a successful entrepreneur who believes in specific strategies that make one accomplished.


The first point is being a leader and not a boss. The differences between a leader and a boss are much wide. A boss only satisfies his needs and assumes the rest of the people. These kinds of people are demanding and they use their positions to reach out their goals. A leader is far different from a boss, they always consider their staff first before any other thing and through that, they are able to earn the respect they deserve. A leader works hand in hand with his people to accomplish a common interest. Therefore being a leader brings out great achievements in a company.


The second step is all should be a win-win situation, if you want to have your business grow on a daily basis, you should never settle for deals that you may lose. Have a positive mind and effort to win in every contact you make. The win should be all rounded including to your employees, customers, yourself and the whole community.


The third objective of being successful is saying less and doing more listening. This way you will earn a great reputation and respect and people will also want to listen to you. The fourth point is being able to balance your life. Having a fast rising business and money is not all you need in this world, if your health life is not good nor your home then you will not have achieved all you have enough money to be able to cater for all your needs at any time. Balancing your life also includes your relationship with people close to you.


The fifth and last objective to be successful is pointing out what you are passionate about, what you love doing that will make a difference in your life. Figuring out what you are passionate about will give you the drive you need to get up every morning and achieve it.


Josh Verne was recently the co-president of Home Line the year 2012 he founded and became the CEO of That was later sold to Global Analytics Holdings in 2014.he is currently the founder and CEO of, a company that enables university students to share content.



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