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It is often said that Rome wasn’t built in one day that it took days of meticulous planning and strategic thinking so as to make it what is it is currently. This analogy can also be used to describe White Shark Media as it has taken five years to make it be the excellent marketing […]

Marc Sparks Makes a Serious Effort to Help Other Entrepreneurs

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Marc Sparks is very serious about helping entrepreneurs. He has been a venture capitalist for years. This has given him the opportunity to see a lot of companies succeed or fail. I think that her serial entrepreneur status has given him the chance to invest in a way that has made him knowledgeable on what […]

Adam Milstein Named A Top Influential Jewish Figure

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Categories: Business leaders, Religious

Recently, the Jerusalem Post awarded Adam Milstein with the recognition. One of the 50 most influential Jewish figures making significant impacts on a global scale, through the year. This recognition is also based on the Post’s belief that these people will also have the greatest potential to continuing their positive influence in the future. Adam […]

Activism of Adam Milstein in His Career

Yazan: spcblog | 25 November 2016 | No Comments
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The very popular Jerusalem Post has recently named Adam Milstein one of the top 50 most influential Jewish people in the entire world. There was good reason for this and it is because of the work that Adam Milstein has done for the Jewish Community throughout his entire career. If you have never heard of […]

Talk Fusion Adds Milan, Italy, to its List of Incentive Vacation Destinations

Yazan: spcblog | 24 November 2016 | No Comments
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Talk Fusion announced plans to organize and finance an all-expenses paid vacation incentive for its independent associates to Milan, Italy, in December 2017. The vacation will act as an incentive to all of the company’s independent associates who will have attained the firm’s diamond rank by the end of October 2017.   The trip was […]

Dr Jennifer Walden’s Surgical Career And Family Life

Yazan: spcblog | 22 November 2016 | No Comments
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Jennifer Walden is a surgeon, specializing in plastic surgery. She founded the Walden Center For Cosmetic Surgery. This practice is in Texas and includes a center for ambulatory care. Dr. Walden has been acclaimed as one of the very best of twenty-four surgeons in plastic surgery for 2014.   Dr. Walden has been talked about […]

Billy McFarland Just Keeps Building

Yazan: spcblog | 17 November 2016 | No Comments
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When people find out about a prodigy, they are agog with amazement. Billy McFarland could be classified as such due to his business acumen at such a young age. It is rare when any individual successfully starts a business at age 13. Also, it is unusual when the same individual starts a new company again, […]

The Little Known History of EOS Lip Balm

Yazan: spcblog | 11 November 2016 | No Comments
Categories: Biggest Selling Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balm has taken over an over-saturated market and ended up becomng a leading contender among top chap-stick products. Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathon Teller and Craig Dubitsky teamed up to do things drastically different to the beauty section of popular drug stores, grocery stores, and superstores. The three EOS co-founders used their […]

Adam Milstein is a Man of Vision

Yazan: spcblog | 08 November 2016 | No Comments
Categories: Banking Institutions, Religious

Adam Milstein is a businessman and philanthropist. He was born in Israel and following the completion of his military training he enrolled in the Israeli Institute of Technology at Technion, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business and economics. Milstein joined his father in the family real estate and construction business. Milstein moved […]

Savoring the Best with UK Vintners and Wine Merchants.

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There are different kinds of wines, each blended for different purposes. Some produced specifically for intended purposes only. In this group lies, church wine which is purposely meant to be used by priests for religious practices. However, there is no limitation to the kind of wine someone should take. It all depends on preferences, occasion […]