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The Financial Strategist Behind NCEDC: Kevin Seawright

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Kevin Seawright is a well-known business analyst and financial leader working as the Executive president and chief financial officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation (NEDC). He is the man behind bringing many financial and business reforms for communities living on the East Coast. He has previously served as the Executive Director of operations at Maryland […]

Fixing Your Online Reputation

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  Are you in need of online reputation management service? Looking for a good company to handle your reputation management issues for you while you work on your projects? Many people are often taken off-guard by online reputation problems. Once you have a team of qualified professionals from handling your reputation management, you can […]

Makeup And Strainers

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  Wengie offers a few hints and tips about everyday objects that have things about them that you might not know about. You could be using the items the wrong way compared to how they are supposed to be used. There is a symbol on the back of almost all makeup products. It has a […]

The Lawsuit Against The Laidlaw & Company

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Categories: Investing and Finance

Therapeutics which according to my research is a clinical stage company that develops novel therapies for treating nervous system diseases announced that it had filed a motion in the United States District Court of Nevada to amend a complaint against the Laidlaw and the two of its principles (James Ahern and Matthew Eitner). I am […]

Securus Technologies – Announces New Voice Activated Technology

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Securus Technologies is proud to announce the very first voice activated technology resources called Investigator Pro 4.0 which was released by JLG Technologies. It will be the first software in the correctional facility line of work that allows investigators to track down people of interest via their voice. They are able to locate the subject’s […]

The New Innovative Online Math System, Solvy

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Categories: Chief Operating Officer

Solvy is a new online math tool that teachers can use to assign differentiated math homework to their students. Teachers specifically choose which math problems to assign each student according to the student’s needs and understanding. The students, using a device of their choice, can access the program online and complete math problems in a […]

Jose Borghi: A Prestigious Influence in Brazilian Advertising Market

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Categories: Business leaders

Jose Borghi, founder of Mullen Lowe Agency, the former Borghi Lowe, is considered one of the most influential advertisers of the medium. He is the creator of high-profile campaigns such as Mammals Parmalat, in which children appear dressed as stuffed animals and sang unforgettable jingles and the Saz—n with the hit of Zeze di Camargo […]

How to Maintain a Positive Online Reputation

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It is essential for businesses to build a strong online presence. Furthermore, they need to closely follow their online reputation to ensure that it reflects the positive attributes of their establishment. A good online reputation attracts customers to your business while a bad reputation can severely hurt your bottom line. It only takes one bad […]