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10 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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10. Nutrition Healthy hair starts with proper nutrition and knowing what nutrients promote hair health. Fatty acids, Omega-3, Vitamin C & A, Biotin, and Folic Acid (iron) all play a part in strengthening & lengthening hair. 9. Clean Brush Using a dirty brush puts old and dirty oils back into your hair. Always clean your […]

Every Body is Unique, NutriMost Breaks Down Your Unique Weight Loss Roadblocks

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NutriMost, is a physician supervised weight loss program that promises big results, 20 to 40 pound loss in 40 days. (News4 San Antonio) The diet plan doesn’t require pre-packaged meals, special shakes or meal replacement bars, according to one source it doesn’t even require exercise. (The Independent). Those are some big claims, but NutriMost has […]

Susan McGalla – From Small-town Girl to Big-time Success

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Susan McGalla was born in a small town in Ohio. She had two brothers and her father was a football coach. Some might say that she grew up in a “man’s world,” but McGalla says she was never treated any differently because she was a woman. She learned from a young age that she should […]

Duda Melzer Respects History As He Looks To The Future Of The RBS Group

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The appointment of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, also known as Duda, as the new President of Brazil’s media giant, the RBS Group, has not come as any surprise after the former executive at Box Top Media has been groomed for the role since a series of promotions taking place from 2012 onwards. The only others to take on the role of President of the RBS Group since it was founded in 1957 are Duda Melzer‘s Grandfather and Uncle, a situation that the new President broached in his speech broadcast live to more than 3,000 employees and investors when he accepted the Presidency of the company. Duda Melzer has looked to reassure those who were worried he would ignore the history of the company by making sure he maintained the journalistic integrity of the RBS Group, which broadcasts news and entertainment via TV, radio, and newspapers. Understanding the fact that RBS is generally seen as a family business has seen Duda Melzer seek the assistance of Harvard based Professor John Davis, a world renowned expert on the successful operation of family businesses; the acceptance of the ideas of professor Davis is a sign that Melzer is looking to both the future and past of the company. Accepting not only the history of the RBS Group, but also looking to the future is something Duda Melzer is extremely interested in. New technologies are major part of the plan Duda Melzer is working on to continue the success of RBS long into the future, which has also prompted Melzer to become an active participant in events around the world designed to inspire future media leaders to find success in their future careers. Learn more about Duda Melzer:

Nutrimost Sues Healthy Living Over Video

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  It seems as if the American public is on a constant quest to find a new way to lose weight. This has led the weight loss industry to become one of the most successful industries in the nation. It has also led it to have some cutthroat companies trying to capitalize on other companies success. One of the most successful weight loss companies in recent history says that a rival company is doing just that. Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost The Nutrimost company has had some great success stories in recent years. Some purveyors of the weight loss plan have lost over 40 lbs. in just their first month in the program. These are some pretty immediate results. This has caused another company, Healthy Living, to steal marketing materials from them for their own gain in the form of a video. Nutrimost claims that the company stole a video off of their website and posted it on their own website. When watching both of the videos, one can see that Nutrimost may have a lot of validity to their claims. In fact, the two videos are almost identical. The only difference being that the phrase “Ultimate Weight Loss Plan” was changed to “Can’t Lose Diet Plan”. Nutrimost sent a cease and desist letter to the company in the fall of 2015. It seems that Healthy Living didn’t take it too seriously as they merely replaced the original video with a slightly more edited version. This remained on the website for months until Nutrimost finally decided to take the matter into court and sue the rival company. They are seeking $300,000 in damages from Healthy Living. They say this will cover the money that they lost and help them recuperate from the damages to their reputation that they sustained. Neither company has commented on the lawsuit. Learn More

Why Entrepreneurs Need Online Reputation Protection

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In the 21st Century, online Reputation Defender has become a major concern to entrepreneurs and corporations. Startup companies and professionals often don’t consider protecting their reputation in the digital world, until something drastically happens and the internet is flooded with negative or malicious reviews. The first thing they probably would do is seek legal representation, […]

A Preview of Medicare Advantage and Contribution of InnovaCare Health

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Also referred to as Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage plans offer beneficiaries an easy way to redeem Medicare benefits. The plans are supposed to cater for everything available under Original Medicare parts A and B, except hospice care. One advantage about these plans is the fact they cater for additional cover if the user requests […]

The Concert and Securus Technology

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The video was done using through a securus technology, In the video the father gets to watch his son perform a concert. What makes it more special is it is not only a concert, but is a concert that is in honor of his father, as the father watches it he begins to cry. During […]

Brian Bonar Named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance

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Each year, Cambridge’s Who’s Who Registry selects just two women and two men from each discipline to honor with the honor of Executive of the Year. One of this year’s Executives of Year in Finance is Brian Bonar. Bonar currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of the Dalrada Financial Corporation, a position he’s held […]

I Got My Boat Paid For With Laidlaw & Company

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I know that a lot of people might not think of Laidlaw & Company as a place to save for a boat, but the plan for retirement was to get on a boat and sail the east coast. We had some retirement accounts going, but that was only going to pay for us to live the way that we do. We decided that we needed to get more serious about it, and that is why I called James Ahern and Matthew Eitner about saving for a boat. They actually understood, and then they told me to go back to my broker and get started. My broker is really a nice lady who likes sailing, so she actually gave us some recommendations for boats that we could buy. She also showed us that we could invest in the capital markets if we wanted to money faster to get the boat. We knew that we had to do something to make sure we could have enough money for a boat, and we got what we wanted when we started saving in our capital markets account. We paid for most of the boat with the money we saved, and now we are working on outfitting the boat and saving to pay it off. Our broker told us exactly the time that we would be able to pay off the boat, and they also showed us the exact days we could retire. I just felt a lot better about this because I was able to get my boat and still retire on time. A lot of people have to wait because they do not have any help, but we are going to be right on schedule because Laidlaw & Company is such a great place to invest. One broker really did all the work for us. Original Source Found Here: