Don Ressler: Seeking Excellence in Business Leadership with JustFab

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Don Ressler has established himself as one of the premiere leaders in the business world. He has exhibited the strong leadership qualities to not only be the CEO of Fabletics but also the co-CEO Just Fab, Inc. He has partnered with Adam Goldenberg in order to provide only the most advanced solutions with his TechStyle Fashion Group company.

Just Fab is one of the companies that he is at the helm of, and this company consists of an online subscription clothing retailer that is famous for marketing shoes, jewelry, handbags, and denim. The company was the brainchild of Don Ressler’s partner Adam Goldenberg, and has been in operation since March of 2010.

The company went through a great deal of expansion since the founding of the company, including securing $33 million in funding from venture capital firm Martrix Partners in 2011. They procured additional funding of $85 million in 2014.

Indeed, Don Ressler has had a lot of successful startups under his belt before he met up with Goldenburg, and his partnership with the man has been extensive. He first met up with the man right out of high school and they founded Alena Media. Goldenberg also allowed Ressler to be a part of Intermix, which was acquired by News Corp in 2005. The two men were frustrated because they felt the company was being taken in a direction that was not to their liking, so they decided to leave and pursue other opportunities.

They really started gaining a lot of momentum, however, when they founded the JustFab company in 2010. The reason is because they not developed a great company, but they also made the company large enough that it began to consolidate and acquire other companies. As entrepreneurs, Ressler and Goldenberg understood the long hours it takes in order to develop an incredible company, and they understand the acquisitions that it will take as well.

In that vein, the Don Ressler and Goldenberg’s JustFab brand has acquired a number of important smaller companies and continues to become a powerhouse. First of all, they purchased the children’s fashion subscription service FabKids in 2013. Although interesting, the two companies developed independent of each other and the similarity in name was just a coincidence. They also acquired rival shoe subscription service Shoe Dazzle that same year. Don Ressler has definitely demonstrated the fact he is one of the most stellar businessmen of the 21st Century.


JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group


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