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From energy drinks to watches and unique items, Qnet, an international e-commerce company, has products for every person and need. However, the company is so much more than this.

Qnet is an Asian-based opportunity for people to operate their own businesses. In poorer countries like India, this is a life-changing opportunity. With little start-up costs and a huge portfolio of merchandise such as luxury watches, health and nutrition products and energy and wellness products, this is a proven winner.

Business owners, who can choose to work full-time or part-time, will enjoy supported business opportunities, great products and a wonderful compensation plan. Owners are not required to carry any certain items. They are allowed to pick what items they wish to sell in their online store. This allows owners to tailor their products to the community needs, individual wishes and personal preferences.

The selection of items offered through Qnet is always growing. Items are frequently added. And in countries like India, individuals who have a unique, quality item for sale, now have a global platform to sell it on. This is a win/win situation for the company and the entrepreneur.
For the direct sellers, Qnet offers ten different ways to make money. From referrals to leadership, and from selling online to selling in the community in which they live, there are ways to make money in this business.

In addition to quality products for your life, Qnet even offers education for your life. Swiss eLearning Institute is another ‘product’ of Qnet. This is an online learning opportunity for busy individuals who don’t have time to travel to a classroom.
Here, students can earn certificates in business management, communications, marketing and entrepreneurship. Of course this will also help the Qnet business owners looking to further their own education for their business.

Education, quality products, and life-changing opportunities. What else is left to make this the perfect business? Well, what about travel opportunities. Qnet offers memberships to exotic resorts. It even offers transferable ownership to grandchildren or other family members. And the memberships are available for up to thirty years.

So consider all of the opportunities Qnet has to offer with great products and services to friends, family and community. Consider the income potential. Consider the ability to choose what you sell and when you will sell it. Then, make the choice for Qnet.


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