Marketing And Management For Surgical And Minimally Invasive Procedure Centers

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As a publicly traded company, Nobilis Health provides full-service development and management of healthcare surgical centers and strives to provide superior care with increased patient satisfaction lowering the cost of healthcare as a recognized leader in the industry. We have a dual listing on the NYSE (HLTH) and TSX (NHC).

With the changing demands of affordable health care, it is crucial to explore and implement methods and practices lowering the cost of healthcare services while continuing to deliver the best possible patient care and satisfaction. Our marketing and managing expertise in minimally invasive procedures help lower the cost to both providers and clients in outpatient settings. The results are passing on the savings to seniors and low-income people.

As of our merger with Northstar, we have seven surgical facilities in Houston, Dallas, and Scottsdale and now have six additional partnerships in Arizona, Michigan, Oregon, Minnesota, New Jersey and Tennessee. We use Nobilia Health marketing strategies to identify what facilities need to help them create the best combination of patient awareness and education.

To find a perfect match it requires both consumer and professional marketing studies on to identify suitable candidates. The consumer needs a means of pre-contact that includes a website and a call center. Professionals need referral coordinators at each primary care offices along with patient fax forms and referral cards. Careful attention to the details of research findings means meeting the needs of both sides of the demands.

Using Management Services of Nobilis Health on insidertradingreport that focus on the facility structure is important because we handle such things as Licensing and Accreditation through our experienced marketing team while the medical professionals tend to the needs of the patients. We manage Financing, Strategic Planning, and Legal concerns free the medical staff from the tedium that otherwise distracts from their intended focus.

By changing our name from Northstar to Nobilis Health removes much confusion with other firms of similar names and allows us to focus strictly on helping medical centers achieve the best results and profits possible through superior ownership and management. Our goal is to bring enhanced medical success to patients through our ambulatory surgery centers, carefully selected medical professionals and top-notch management systems.


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