QNet: Multi-Level Marketing Role Model and E-Commerce Giant

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QNet is a multi-level marketing company that deals in consumer goods. The company was founded in Hong Kong in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran. Since its opening in Hong Kong, Eswaran has taken his company’s expansion globally. QNet branches can be found in other countries such as India, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, Syria, and several other countries. Not only does QNet work the multi-level marketing plan, but they also follow a strategy that includes direct selling to the consumer.

When Vijay Eswaran first started his company Qnet, it was under the parent company QI Group. The first company under QNet was called Gold Quest. Gold Quest created custom numismatic coins based on commissions. In 2002, QNet branched into the vacation and travel industries. A few years later, QNet expanded their product lines again. In 2006, QNet began offering their consumers nutritional, energy, and health products, as well as a line of watches. Over the next few years, QNet would see a drastic increase in direct sales. The company reported that between the years of 2007-2012, direct sales increased in their company by 70%. Through the hard work of Eswaran, QNet has expanded into an e-commerce giant. QNet now offers products such as media, telecommunications, luxury items, wellness items, health items, travel, and training to their consumers.

In 2014, QNet partnered with an unlikely partner- the Manchester City Football Club (MCFC). QNet and the MCFC have signed a three-year agreement as QNet being the direct seeling partner for the Manchester, England-based Premier League football club. This partnership marks QNet’s foray into the sports industry. JR Mayer, who is the Managing Director of QNET, has said that their partnership with the MCFC will be one where the challenges are faced head-on and met with success.

Not only is QNet a massively successful e-commerce company, they also have a branch that handles their philanthropic interests. The RYTHM Foundation is QNet’s branch of social responsibility. RYTHM stands for “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind” and the group does just that. They serve local communities in their areas and help to establish community programs to better the local residents.


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