Adam Sender Shares His Art Collecting Knowledge With The World

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Prominent contemporary collectors like Adam Sender, are in the game toaccumulate noteworthy art pieces to sustain through many generations.
Throughout the years, he has successfully and strategically amassed prestigious
paintings from renowned artists like Frank Benson, Mike Kelley,
Matthew Barney, Barbara Kruger, and Jim Lambie. Moreover, his
distinguished ability to acquire unique works was cultivated during
his career at Exis Capital Management Incorporation where he selected
promising equities for major hedge funds. Essentially, he used the
same discerning eye to gradually acquire premier pieces at an
extremely reasonable price. Furthermore, with an extensive collectiontotaling over $100 million in value, he has guided many art collectorsin their quest for exceptional art works.

For over twenty years, Sender has successfully assisted manyindividuals in selecting great pieces which would steadily increase invalue. Most art aficionados enjoy the variety of genres likeSurrealism and Abstract Expressionism as the paintings typicallydefine the atmosphere of their homes and offices. More prominently,
the works may also reflect the art treasure-hunters’ unique
personality or electric tastes and styles. Essentially, Sender’sformer business experience in conjunction with his art passion hasfueled his desire to accumulate many distinguished pieces. With
meticulous evaluation of each artwork, he only pursues paintings when
the artists are on the brink of stardom. This strategic purchasing
approach ensures the acquisition of affordable works which will
gradually increase manifold in value over time. Notably, his effectivecollecting technique has inspired many art enthusiasts all over theworld.

Sender and his wife Lenore are most recognized for displaying theirextensive selection of renowned works in their Miami house during theArt Basel Miami Beach exhibition. Essentially, this prominent event
allows art connoisseurs to view a portion of their great contemporary
art holdings in the couple’s private North Miami residence. In
addition to the art exhibit, the well-organized function will also
include a brunch and evening reception for VIP individuals. The eventis also hosted other Miami collectors including Dennis and DebraScholl, the Rubell Family, and Martin Margulies.

Sender’s strategic business skills as well as his art passion havegreatly contributed to his unique portfolio of admirable paintings.
Moreover, he is commended for his strong desire to advise
inexperienced collectors in their great work pursuits and is often
revered by his peers as one of America’s most prominent businessmen
and art aficionados. Remarkably, Sender started acquiring works in the
late 1990s after his resignation from SAC Capital Advisors LP. Unlike
other art collectors, he strives to share his holding with the world
by participations in many events and exhibitions. In the future, he
plans to donate many of his paintings to major institutions around the


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