Slyce: Startup of Visual Search

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Slyce is a Toronto based startup company in visual search and recognition. The technology that they developed allows users to identify and purchase items instantly by snapping a picture of it with a smartphone.

Mark Elfenbein and Erika Racicot are co-founders of Slyce and in 2011 they saw the strong emergence of the Smartphone and saw it not as just a tool for purchasing items directly but as a way for consumers to share things they find interesting and love through posting images to family, friends and various other people and companies.

Slyce was launched in February of 2013 as a technical search provider in “Visual Search” and helps retailers and brands connect with customers night or day. There are six top companies in North America that are working with Slyce and one of those well known retailers is Neiman Marcus.

Imagine recognition shopping has not changed since it was first introduced by Amazon, but Slyce hopes to change that through “Advanced Visual Recognition Technology” and it has acquired the funding needed for that. Another result of Slyce’s technology is the Snap-to-Buy platform that is integrated into a retailers website to identify products that can be purchased straight from smartphones. Also social media platforms can be used to purchase products as well.

Amazon technology that allows shoppers to point their mobile device camera at products and find Amazon does have some limitations that requires the product to be in its original packaging, but Slyce technology does not have that limitation and can identify a product whether it is inside or outside of the original packaging.

Currently Slyce’s marketing drive is centered mainly around the building of partnerships and relationships with top consumer brands and brand marketing is mainly focused on building and establishing relationships.

Slyce went public in April of 2014 and acquired some companies for their technology, such as Tel Aviv based BuyCode and the Minneapolis Drivetrain Agency.

Slyce is growing in Toronto and Calgary and over the next few months we will be focusing on HR and development and will be looking for people to join our team. Currently we are looking for an exceptional database engineer and other talented people.


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