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Brazilian Author Owes His Success to His Father’s Inspiration

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When Jamie Garcia Dias won the ABC Award of Brazil Fictional Literature, this year, his father was the first person he thanked. Dias won the White Cane Award in writing, back in 2001. This award made Dias one of the youngest highly honored and respected Brazilian fiction writers. The 45-year-old published his first book when […]

Susan McGalla Offers A Primer for Career Success

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Susan McGalla has this profound insight into tackling job dissatisfaction — what’s stopping you from a change? Everyone deserves to have a career that rewards, thrills and inspires, but you have to plan for success, and this may mean freeing yourself from barriers. Sometimes we find ourselves in that comfortable, cozy and familiar, yet mind-numbing […]

Brazilian Law and American Law

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There are plenty of lawyers in Brazil. One of them is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira. In Brazilian legal practice, he is among the most prominent leaders and strategists. He had his beginnings in a small law office before moving on to the most experienced litigation law firm in his area. He would soon establish his […]

John Textor: A Leader in the Visual World

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John Textor is the developer of entertainment business across a variety of ventures and technology platforms.He currently is the Chairman of Pulse Entertainment Corporation of visual effects. The company is extremely creatively focused. They focus on unique high impact applications. The company also specialize in developing Holographic Virtual performances, Live action feature films, Live Concerts, […]

Slyce: Startup of Visual Search

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Slyce is a Toronto based startup company in visual search and recognition. The technology that they developed allows users to identify and purchase items instantly by snapping a picture of it with a smartphone. Mark Elfenbein and Erika Racicot are co-founders of Slyce and in 2011 they saw the strong emergence of the Smartphone and […]

The Essence of Environmental Law

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Frans Schoeman has been in the legal practice for years now and he has built himself a great reputation. He has established one of the largest law firms in South Africa and as a result he has established a relationship with some of the greatest organizations in the area. He runs his law firm alongside […]

CCMP Capital Founded by Stephen Murray

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Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a private equity firm in New York specializing in buyouts and equity investments throughout North America and Europe. The firm’s investments range from $100 million to $500 million of equity for companies whose worth is from $250 million to $2 billion. CCMP’s broad understanding of market conditions, issues, and investment […]

The Birth of Lime Crime

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Lime Crime is a globally renowned brand in the makeup industry. Probably one has been wondering how it came was founded and how it shot to global fame. Its foundation and rise are quite inspirational. It is a product of intriguing passion that the founder had in makeups. In the year 2004, a new internet […]


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Brian Mulligan is the CEO of Brooknol Advisors. The company is involved in media, entertainment and sports advisory. He also serves as Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Media and Telecommunications Investment Banking group at Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.For over 30 years the CEO has built his career in different companies such as Universal Pictures, […]

FreedomPop Has Mobile Wireless Service Plans That Are Worth Every Penny

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Cell phone service like FreedomPop is probably one of the biggest needs people have today, and even the governments of different countries have seen that people are in need of cell phones. In the past, a cell phone was considered a luxury, and only people who really had a lot of money could afford one. […]