GoT Promo Gives Few Hints at Finale

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Fans of Game of Thrones are eager as ever to see next week’s finale. The promo, shown last night, Sunday, June 7, provided little information though about what they should expect.

The opening scene showed what looked like the lands where The Hound faced off against Brienne, but there was no snow on the ground. Adam Sender found this interesting when reading the Observer. It might have also been the lands outside of Meereen where Daenerys previously rested with Drogon. The next scene showed Tyrion, Daario and Jorah sitting on different steps of the Meereen throne room stairs. They appeared to be waiting for something while looking downtrodden.

In the following scene, Jon looked worried and uncertain about something while Sam asked, “What are you going to do?”

Then, Cersei was kneeling before someone and explaining that she was “lonely and afraid.” Jaime’s voice followed with: “We don’t choose whom we love.”

Melisandre looked at melting icicles and announced that the Lord of Light had kept his promise. Stannis then announced the start of the Winterfell siege.

The next scene showed Arya in the House of the Black and White. Her voiceover said, “You’re no one.”

As the Arya scene transitioned to one featuring Brienne and Podrick, a Tyrion voiceover proclaimed “You betrayed her.”

The last scene showed, Sansa wearing Bolton colors saying, “If I’m going to die, let it happen while there’s still some of me left.”


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