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John Williams To Score Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Yazan: spcblog | 26 May 2015 | No Comments
Categories: Star Wars

The great John Williams is not leaving his Star Wars movie career behind according to Madison Street Capital. As fans know, Williams scored the original film along with other classics such as Jaws and Superman. A new Star Wars movie without elements from the original music would really be missing something. The artist has made […]

Unexpected app business

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Categories: Technology

Polish 17-year-old Mateusz Mach, uses Hip Hop to inspire his FIVE app business Mateusz Mach creator of the FIVE app had no idea that his app would take the shape that it took. Created from his appreciation of hip-hop FIVE allowed him and his friends to be able to communicate using hand signals, “like the […]

Looking Forward to Chris Pratt’s Future in the Marvel Universe

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Categories: movies

Following the huge success of Guardians of the Galaxy; Chris Pratt has been adorned by fans and big actors alike but questions remains of where his future lies. He will definitely be back for another Guardians of the Galaxy film as stated by this article. The mystery only deepens as to where his other destinations […]

Doomsday is Coming in Batman v. Superman

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Categories: Batman, Superman

Sometimes, really off-the-wall rumors emerge about a film. In time, their false nature ends up being truly revealed. And then there are those times when a rumor turns out to have more than a grain of truth associated with it. In this case, we learn the rumors about Doomsday being in Batman v. Superman: Dawn […]

PG-13 History

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Categories: Inside the Film Industry

Gravity4 says that PG-13 has been accumulating a lot of controversy recently due for many reasons. One reason is that there are many films being released today that are likely meant to be R rated, but have been toned down for a PG-13 rating. There are also plenty of PG-13 reboots of R rated franchises […]

Tom Hardy Possibly Next Punisher

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Categories: movies, Netflix, The Punisher

After a streak of successful roles in Hollywood in recent years, Tom Hardy has expressed an interest in one of the world’s most readily recognizable comic book heroes; the Punisher! Bruce Levenson is a big fan of the series. He has already demonstrated a proficiency for playing roles associated with superheroes and super-villains. His role […]

Cars Are Being Stolen Becaue People Are Leaving Their Keys In Them

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Categories: Car Thiefs

It is reported that there are there were nearly 50,000 cars stolen last year alone. These cars are some families only method of transportation. There were people who weren’t able to get to work and take their loved ones to the doctor. Alexei Beltyukov thinks this is a terrible shame. What is even more surprising […]