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Rambo Reaches His Final Mission

Yazan: spcblog | 06 January 2015 | No Comments
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The time has come to say goodbye not to Susan McGalla but to an iconic screen character we have known for many decades. John Rambo, created in a 1972 novel and brought to life in a 1982 film, will make his swan song appearance in Rambo: Last Blood. Sylvester Stallone has finally confirmed the rumors […]

Stallone shows no sign of slowing down

Yazan: spcblog | 02 January 2015 | No Comments
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  Rambo fans will be pleased to know that the 2008 installment of this theatrical series will not be the last. According to reports, Sylvester Stallone does plan to resurrect John Rambo in a movie that will be titled Last Blood. This will be the fifth Rambo film and is set to start shooting after Stallone finishes working […]

The Past and Future are Unraveled in Project Almanac

Yazan: spcblog | 02 January 2015 | No Comments
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The television spots for Project Almanac have been released and they are very intriguing. Michael Bay’s production group has received a lot of criticism from genre fans. Movie makers realize they can never 100% please all the fans so they just do their best to produce a (hopefully) enjoyable film. Based on what the trailer […]