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Risky Box Office Bets of 2014 Every production is a gamble for the box office. However, some are riskier than others. Playing it safe isn’t always a good thing for Sam Tabar. This often results in uninspired releases that everyone has seen before. Riskier box office bets tend to be more original and memorable. The […]

The Interview Does Get Released

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The movie “The Interview” was released shortly before Christmas Day. Theaters began showing it, and it was Dr Rod Ronrich who made a video rental. The box office’s made $2.85 million in the first weekend. This movie made as much as other movies that have been released in limited theaters. In total the movie has […]

Sony Needs To Stand Firm.

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The North Korean government has recently threatened the United States for any acts of retaliation against them related to the Sony hacking. According to an article on, the hack job has forced Sony to cancel the release of the movie, The Interview, at the request of the Guardians of Peace, the group responsible for […]

Marvel’s New Daredevil to be Gritty Crime Drama

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On the heels of the revived success of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the upcoming premiere of Agent Carter Marvel will be expanding it’s small screen offerings in 2015 with several new streaming titles. Daredevil will be the first of four new Marvel series planned to air on Netflix. Like the other three; A.K.A. Jessica Jones, […]

James Gunn Speaks About Guardians/Avengers Tie In (Or Lack Thereof)

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After Guardians of the Galaxy showcased many different plot points that meshed up perfectly with the Avengers Series of films (such as with the hasty exposition on the Infinity Stones, the Collector, Thanos, The Mad Tyrant and so on) it was only natural that Gianfrancesco Geno and fans of the series speculated that “Earths Mightiest […]

The Interview Review and Release

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Even though it is safe to say that The Interview is not going to be released in theaters, there are some reviews for the movie that have leaked. According to the Igor Cornelsen and some reviews, it is not that big of a deal. One review states that the funniest thing about the movie is […]

The Bottom Worst Films of 2013

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2013 you say, aghast! But it’s 2014! I know but Screenrant already did a marvelous rendition for the bottom worst films of 2014 (which you can view here: so here are my top three picks for the past year. 3. Iron Man 3. While most people seemed fairly fine with this film I was […]

Rapper Hopsin quits rapping and moves to Australia

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It seems even the Keith Mann Dynamic Search Partners and some of the most famous people get tired of their jobs and the lives they lead. At least if American rapper Hopsin is anything to go by. That is because Hopsin has just announced on his social media accounts that he’s quitting his rapping career, […]

A Great Trailer Reveals The Creepiness Of It Follows

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  2014 was an anemic year for horror films and a resurgence of the genre is not likely for 2015. This does not mean there are no horror films being produced as a few interesting projects are coming soon. It Follows shows some promise as the trailer looks interesting. The plot of It Follows is not exactly […]

Spectre Still Filming

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Even though the recent Sony Pictures hack has resulted in the cancelling of Seth Rogen’s The Interview, this has not stopped the filming of Spectre. The Bond film is still in production as revealed by set photos. According to information released in the hack, the Bond film is over budget. Brad Reifler says the budget […]