Bob Reina and Talk Fusion on the Forefront of Internet Media

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An influential businessman whose wisdom and expertise has impacted the area of video communication is Bob Reina. He founded Talk Fusion with a combination of unique systems that allow for sales people from around the world to profit from the business opportunities his company, Talk Fusion, offers. Reina is very open about his ideas for business and personal success in the business realm. He is a rare combination of humanitarian, philanthropist and businessman.

Reina recently shared his business wisdom at a meeting at MarTech with an address entitled, “Video Advertising Trends of 2017.” This was the second such delivery this year given by Reina for the people at MarTech. For the complete article go to the MarTech website


Reina’s Talk Fusion is an all-in-one video marketing solution that lets businesses stand out from their competitors in the media savvy and the Internet-connected world of today. He established his company in 2007 and has met with great success along the way. He relies on salespeople in more than 140 countries to market Talk Fusion and the sales agents can even offer a 30 day free trial with no credit card required for potential customers.


Reina encourages his sales force to give back to their local community. He is very concerned with the mistreatment of animals especially pets in the more rural area of the world where his business operates. This philanthropic orientation to his business certainly endears itself to those reading about it, but the biggest benefits may come from his large group of independent sales agents who find that selling Talk Fusion offers a simple and natural way to make money and gives their families a better life due to the monies earned.




How White Shark Media Grew My Business in Weeks

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I didn’t know much about what to do with my website but I knew that I needed one. The first thing I liked about White Shark Media was that they offered a free evaluation of my current marketing strategy. The helpful and friendly employee was great at explaining things in ways that someone not so tech-friendly like me could understand.


During the initial evaluation, I wasn’t just given a bunch of hyped up drivel or constant buzzwords that mean nothing. I’ve owned my own for business proudly for over 20 years and have seen just about every quick pitch out there. This evaluation that I received really taught me how to more effectively market my website and business. I was amazed at the value of the information I had received from the free evaluation and decided that they could potentially help my business.


Thankfully, White Shark Media has kept the entire process honest and very helpful each step of the way. I didn’t know much about SEO or PPC when I first had my evaluation. However, the staff at White Hat Media has continued to keep me informed about every beneficial adjustment they have made for my website. I love the results I have gotten with this company, it’s like they are magic. Within a matter of weeks, I already noticed an increase in customer calls and online inquiries.


White Hat Media has really helped to transform my business. Before working with this company, I didn’t know or care what SEO had to do with my business. Now, I wish I had called the geniuses at White Hat Media much sooner. I highly recommend this company if you would like to see your business grow more effectively.


Fabletics Profits From Their Physical And Online Retailing Efforts.

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Kate Hudson is a famous actress and she is equally famous for forming a clothing wholesaler that is loyal to a specific style of relaxed clothing which is often spoken of as “activewear,” Fabletics. Her store, Fabletics has gained quite a status in the website centered and physically placed retailer category for fashion. Fabletics was produced in 2013, then they speedily grew to become a lucrative venture, expanding very quickly to a 250 million dollar operation within only three years. This remarkable development in customer attainment and capital revenue has helped them to grow as a valid challenger to online retailers like Amazon who owns 20% of the website centered fashion category.


Fabletics is a wholesaler that has employed modern technology to be in sync with their client’ interests with their extensive line of trend setting clothes. Fabletics uses an easy to use plan for their members, and this plan is the very foundation for their success. Whenever a plan’s member clicks through the Fabletics store online, the articles of clothing that the member has viewed, whether actually ordered or not, are stored inside of a database for each of their members. This extensive line of member information is made use of by the Fabletics physical departments to maintain up to date stock of their inventory that coincides with the same stock that members have viewed on the Fabletics store online. This is exactly how Fabletics ensures that stocked articles of clothing are not on display if no one is truly interested in purchasing them, because their member’s data archive accurately keeps track of what visitors to the store are interested in.


A recent and sharp decline in the market’s economy, has directed many shoppers to keep a very tight grip on their funds. Potential shoppers will abuse the brick and mortar department stores by inspecting the stock in person, but they do not actually purchase anything, they are only using the physical stores to run a recon mission. Instead, these potential shoppers will turn to the power of the internet to hunt for those same garments, comparing many various wholesalers until they come across the best price. Fabletics’ plan for their members, by comparison always keeps shoppers purchasing from their Fabletics locations, regardless of whether it is the physical or the online store.


It was once true that if a commodity was offered at an exorbitant price, then it was reasonable to believe that the item was crafted from quality materials. However, with today’s rapidly produced production, item’s pricing can not longer be an indicator to the commodities true value. Shoppers today, will look for products that have reviews and comments posted by prior buyers about a garment’s true quality before purchasing. Shoppers will strive to find utterly unique editions of garments, special color varieties or limited production artistry and often, shoppers want to know if the staff from the store care enough to reach out and ask if shoppers are satisfied.

Silicon Valley Respects Eric Pulier

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Silicon Valley has many successful people working there. Some of the most brilliant tech minds in the world work in that area. Therefore, it says a great deal about Eric Pulier that he is so well respected in Silicon Valley. This should come as no surprise to the people who have followed his great career. Desktone, ServiceMesh and Akana are just a few of the great startups that he has been responsible for creating. People in the tech world know how hard it is to keep coming up with good ideas for companies. They appreciate Eric’s unique ability to do this with regularity.


Eric Pulier began his life in New Jersey. He did very well in school. His studies eventually gained him acceptance into Harvard. Interestingly, Eric did not choose a major in a tech field. Instead, he decided to get a degree in English literature. The easy schedule and having a job that is not very demanding appealed to Eric. However, he would soon discover the world of tech startups. His life would never be the same after that.


Eric has been written about in many of the biggest and most influential publications in Silicon Valley. He has also been the subject of many feature articles on major tech and news websites. There is no question that people are interested in finding out about the life of Eric Pulier. He has often talked about the fame his career has brought to him. He takes it all in stride. He never wanted to be famous. He knows that his fame is as a result of his many profitable startups. He takes great pride in working hard and achieving a lot in a relatively short period of time. He knows that fame is fleeting. He is gracious to people who want to talk to him. He will usually grant interviews when he is asked.


Eric has been able to use his great reputation to gain the support of other top movers and shakers in Silicon Valley. He has become involved in many large charitable foundations that are based in the area.




Equities First Holdings Specializes In Stock-Based Loans Rather Than Margin Loans

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Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a globally renowned loan provider. It offers clients lending and financial solutions. EFH specializes in stock-based loans. This type of loan has minimal restrictions that allow the borrower to use the money for different purposes. Additionally, the borrower pays a fixed interest rate of four percent.In margin loans, the client has to go through stages that decide of whether they qualify to take the loan or not. Therefore, EFH delivers maximum benefits to clients with the minimal risks through the stock-based loans. This ensures the clients meet their financial and individual goals.

The Background of Equities First Holdings

The headquarters of Equities First Holdings is in Indianapolis. It has branch offices in London, Hong Kong, Sydney, United States, and Bangkok. Al Christy, Jr. founded EFH in 2002. Since then, it has managed more than 40 million in assets. The organization has also been operational for more than 14 years.EFH helps companies that are striving to be successful. For instance, startups that need to secure capital, new business ventures, and ways to explore innovative alternative would succeed if they get involved with the equities first holdings.

Liquidity Solutions

Equities first holdings offer financial solutions that are customized to meet each customer’s needs. They also have an exceptional approach to securities based on lending. Further, the above mentioned empowers their clients to achieve their objectives with efficiency and flexibility.Equities first holdings have reduced the burdens that are involved with finding liquidities from banks. The organization is guided by the principles of providing top-notch services to all clients. Moreover, it has enlisted strategic partners including top laws firms and leading investment banks in local and international jurisdictions. EFH also offers liquidity at attractive rates to businesses, investors, and executives of public companies.


How Desiree Peres has assisted in building Tidal

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Tidal is well-recognized music streaming company. The firm has been operational since 2014, and Shawn Carter (Jay-Z) was one of its co-owners. He is currently the majority shareholder of the company and has partnered with renowned artists such as T.I, Kanye West, Rihanna, and his wife, Beyonce. The musicians have also been playing a significant role in bettering the popularity of the company. They have all used the service to launch their albums exclusively, and this has been beneficial to the company since they have a large number of followers. The business has developed at a fast rate, and the number of downloads that the Tidal app is getting at the iTunes store is also increasing. The service has more than 4.2 million active subscribers. The Tidal administration has changed a lot in the past years, and its current CEO is Jeff Toig. He formerly worked as an executive at Soundcloud before moving to the company.  Check this on


Desiree Peres is one of the people who has significantly facilitated the growth of Tidal. She has ample experience in the music business and has been Jay-Z ‘s associate and friend for over two decades. She has overseen most of the deals that the company has sealed with artists whose music is streamed on the service. She is married to Juan Peres, who also works with Jay-Z and manages the Roc Nation Sports. Desiree also has a business that is called SC Enterprise.


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Mrs. Desiree’s talent in making deals is outstanding. She commands much respect in the music industry. According to information from the people that she works with, she was responsible for ensuring the success of Beyonce’s Formations tour and the Samsung deal with Rihanna. She is also recognized for being one of the members of the Hova Circle of Influence. Her colleagues at the organization are Ty Smith, Jana Fleischman, Juan Peres, Chaka Pilgrim, and Jay Brown. They all participate in the development of Tidal and various subsidiaries of Roc Nation. has this.


A lot of work has been put in to ensure the success of Tidal in the U.S despite the stiff competitions from older services such as Apple Music and Spotify. Desiree’s expertise has made it easy to run the enterprise, and she has also assisted Jay-Z’s in adapting to his music streaming business. She is focused on keeping the company in business. Tidal aims at reaching the young generation by offering the latest content.

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Chris Burch: Tech Fashion Trends For The Future

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Christopher Burch is the CEO and Founder of the Burch Creative Capital Company based in the United States. For the company, it engages in the issuance of comprehensive financial advice to their clients without fear or favor. For this reason, it was nominated as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Christopher Burch is a high-end serial entrepreneur and business entity based in the United States. He has also been involved in active business investment in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. For this reason, business is always as usual for him. Christopher Burch has led to the rise of more than 40 companies and brands in the United States. For all those companies, he founded them and grew them to the level of multi-lateral corporations. For this reason, his business will continue to flourish even when he is gone.


In 1976, Christopher Burch created the first fashion company with less than $2,000. For the company, it worked to develop high-end solutions to the people. For this reason, its services and products were adopted on a massive scale. Its business grows as fast as it could. For this reason, he sold the company for more than $156 million at the age of 40. When he sold the company, he began more investment into the Internet. He also founded the Internet Capital Group to enhance funding for the development of the Internet facilities in the region, because of his capabilities in the industry, Christopher Burch was one of the most prominent entities in business.


Christopher Burch relied on his capabilities to find a gap between implementation and market analysis. For this reason, he would always develop better business through market development. As a matter of fact, no one has the better business that he who works to determine the end of a result. For this reason, business has grown to become the cornerstone of main business in his achievements.


Christopher Burch also understands consumer behavior. For this reason, he has developed a gap between the consumers and the products they need. He also goes to work on the products to ensure they suit their needs. If they want cheaper products, Chris Burch works to meet their high-end needs in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For this reason, business grows as usual in this field. Christopher Burch has also led to rising of many luxury apartments in the real estate industry.

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Jose Borghi and His Success with the Mullen Lowe Brazil Advertising Agency

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Mullen Lowe, a Brazilian advertising agency, one of the most prestigious commercial marketing agencies in Sao Paulo was founded by Jose Borghi. He has the ability to obtain what he wants even in seemingly adverse conditions.

From the start of his career, he has been involved in important cases. He has done campaigns for Fiat, Honda and the Downs Syndrome Association and many other large companies. His campaigns have won awards both in Brazil and abroad, some of them being for Delta Airlines, Electrolux Vacuum cleaners, American Express and Asia Motors. But these are not the most noteworthy awards he has won. Some most influential would be the 7 London Festival Awards, 11 at the New York Festival, 14 at the Cannes Lions, in France, and 10 Cilo Awards. He has a lot to be proud of in his chosen profession.

Born in Presidente Prudente he attended and graduated from PUC-Campinas University where he studied Advertising and Propaganda. His first job after school was with the Standart Ogilvy ad agency in 1989. It didn’t take him long to open his own agency, BorghiErh, with partner Erh Ray. They started the agency with no backing from banks or investors or fairy godmothers. They worked hard and made a success of the business doing all the work themselves in the planning and creating of the ad campaigns.

With their success, Lowe bought the agency, becoming the BorghiLowe Agency. In December of 2015 Erh Ray and Jose split the presidency. The agency has gained even more popularity in the international as well as the domestic market.

The Mullen Lowe Brazil agency and CEO Jose Borghi know that even in a crisis there can be the opportunity for ad agencies to show people that marketing, with good planning and a good strategy, can work for them. for more.

CEO of the Year Troy McQuagge

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One Planet Award has named Troy McQuagge a gold winner as CEO of the year. This award is a premier awards that recognizes both professional and business excellence worldwide. One Planet Award accepts nominations for any company globally from privately owned corporations, non-governmental organizations, public companies and even startups in all sectors of the business industry.Mr. McQuagge was appointed CEO of USHealth organization in 2010 and has been essential in turning around USHealth Advisors who are the company’s distribution agency. He was later appointed as president and CEO of USHealth Group in the year 2014. Under his leadership, the company has tremendously grown in profits and leads in the provision of personal health insurance.

USHealth primary focus is to provide insurance covers to self-employed and small sized entrepreneurs. Their products include fixed indemnity medical cover, income protection and accident covers, dental insurance, health insurance, convertible and renewable term life policy.Mr. Troy McQuagge has over 30 years’ experience in the insurance business. He started his career in 1983 working for Allstate Insurance Company. He then moved to Health markets in 1995 which was by then known as UICI. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A in legal studies.

USHealth has its headquarters in Ft. Worth, Texas and attributes their success and sufficient margins to a winning game plan and dedication from the both the sales staff, employees and their agents. They intend to take over the insurance industry as the most preferred insurance company that will provide their clientele with innovative health coverage.Mr. McQuagge appreciated the award saying that it belonged to all the staff at USHealth organization and that it is a testament to the willingness of the company’s commitment to giving superior customer support by providing affordable health insurance plans that can help them grow as their medical healthcare necessities also grow.

One Planet Awards

One Planet award presently honors individuals in the categories of innovative new products and services, PR, and marketing, executives, corporate communications, teams, and institutions globally. Mr. Troy McQuagge no doubt will continue to take USHealth to even greater heights in the insurance sector.


Patty Rocklage: A Succesful Marriage Therapist

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Patty Rocklage is a licensed family and marriage therapist. She is based in Sudbury City, Massachusetts. Patty has over 20 years of experience in her field. She has assisted many individuals, couples and families to successfully strengthen their relationships and improve their mental health. She is well-known in her area.



Patty is friendly and has a personality, Due to this, she can blend in with many people and consequently help them open up to her. She is thus able to find the causes behind many individuals’ problems without too much struggle. Her unique style of communication is what has made most of her therapy sessions to be effective and efficient. She keeps all information shared with her during counseling sessions confidential and her training in this field helps her know what to and what not to say during the meetings. Patty is well versed with a broad range of skills including public speaking, teaching, team building and community outreach.



Patty studied at the University of Southern California where she graduated in 1981. She is married to Dr. Scott Rocklage. Patty and her husband helped cover some of the costs that were needed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to renovate nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab. MIT was proud of this gesture, and they put up a plaque to honor Patty and her husband. Professor Bawendi and some of his students at MIT gave Patty and Scott a guided tour of the lab and also paid tribute to the two.



Patty actively serves as a member of the Sudanese Education Fund (SEF). It is an organization that aims to stabilize the education, employment and financial security of the Southern Sudanese people living in Massachusetts. The foundation has helped the Southern Sudanese community topmost productivity in the global society.



Patty Rocklage and Scott recently renovated their home with the main reason being a restructuring of their kitchen which bordered their two sitting rooms. It was a project that would take six months to complete. The job was given to Ed from the Sudbury Companies to draw some designs, and when it was finished the Rocklages got a new bar, matching cabinets, an open kitchen space and the family room was renovated.