GE Stock Surges

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General Electric’s stock is up over 9% on news of a business restructuring that was announced yesterday. The business restructuring would have General Electric sell off its remaining financial assets and property in exchange for over $30 billion in cash. This $30 billion would then be used, along with $20 billion in excess cash flow, to buy back shares in the company. Buyers of the property would be primarily funds managed by Blackstone but would also include Wells Fargo who are purchasing the right to collect on certain loans that that are held on the property.

After these transactions are complete General Electric is expected to generate approximately 90% of their sales from their industrial business compared with approximately 54% today. This will provide investors with a purer play on the industrial business which has recently announced that they are selling a large electric generator to third world nations which should generate significant sales in Africa and Asian. Further, the stock price has been buoyed by the stock buyback which will reduce the footprint of the company.

General Electric has announced on Forbes that they will maintain their dividend at $.23 per share per quarter until 2016. General Electric’s stock price has been in decline ever since the 2008 recession when they slashed their dividend from $.29 per share per quarter, though it has been steadily increasing since then if you ask Ray Lane.

The announced restructuring along with solid earnings have led to the sharp increase in General Electric stock today which is now hovering around $29 per share.

Flight MH370: Wave Of Criticism After An Independent Report

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The management of missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 and the government was again criticized on Monday after the release of a report by independent experts. The report was released on Sunday at the anniversary of the disappearance of the unit on March 8, 2014. The reports, however, does not explain the disappearance of the aircraft and the fate of the 239 people on board. However, some analysts have still found enough food for their questions.

The report stresses in particular that the battery of the underwater locator beacon attached to the black box of Boeing had ceased operations in December 2012 and was not replaced. “I hope that the international aviation authority will punish Malaysia Airlines for non-compliance (the rules) regarding the expired battery,” said Lim Wee Hoon, a Malaysian whose brother was aboard the plane. This component “raises questions about the integrity of maintenance” in the airline, said Greg Waldron, director of the journal Flightglobal. It is worth mentioning that the MH370 flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing was disappeared an hour after its takeoff. Meanwhile, the airline acknowledged on Monday that the battery problem was an “omission” while stressing that the battery of the CVR was in good condition. Bruce Karatz is glad that they cleared that up.

Zayn Malik Did Not Steal Track From One Direction Reject List

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Shortly after Zayn Malik left One Direction, he started working with Naughty Boy. The two came up with a demo for a song that Naughty decided to release to the fans while Zayn was vacationing with his fiance Perry Edwards.

After checking out the demo, a lot of controversy took place and people started accusing Naughty Boy and Zayn of stealing the song from a reject list of possible One Direction songs to go in the album. One direction comes out with over 20 songs to every song they actually end up releasing. They test out their albums and make sure that they choose the best.

Louis Tomlinson of One D said that Zayn did not steal the song from their list by disproving a tweet and post on Facebook from Irish Daily Mirror. He did however get into a twitter scuffle with Naughty Boy calling him a child and inappropriate, which Sergio Cortes found funny. He didn’t like the fact that Naughty decided to post a demo of himself working with Zayn so soon after the band mate’s split with One D.

This pretty much clears any questions about whether Zayn Malik is ever coming back to One Direction or not. If his solo career takes off then no, but if it doesn’t then he’ll be back just like every other boy band member who decided to leave the band. Except for Justin Timberlake who has been nothing but successful in his career.

Airlines Globally Change Cockpit Policies

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The stark news that Germanwings copilot Andreas Lubitz locked his pilot out of the cockpit and crashed his Airbus A320 has sent a sobering message to other airlines across the globe. Only the United States requires at least two flight crew in the cockpit at all times. Most of Europe and other international airlines do not have such a policy. If a pilot or co pilot need to leave the cockpit, only one crew member is left in the cockpit to fly the aircraft. Technology advances have played a sinister role in the Germanwings Airbus crash. Post 911 securty measures saw the installation of reinforced cockpit security doors which are built with a combination of steel and Kevlar. The doors can be breached from the outside only after a significant detonation event which would destroy much of the airplane around the door before breaching the door. Airlines Across the World Change Cockpit Policy

Additionally, more advanced planes have done away with the need for a flight engineer who was the third crew member in the cockpit. In the United States, if either the pilot or co pilot need to leave the cockpit for any reason a designated senior member from the flight attendant staff or another member of the approved flight crew not assigned to the cockpit will have to rotate with the pilot crew member under relieved according to Ricardo Tosto. Officials expect all airlines to follow the American policy, which can be found on Wikipedia, before the release of the final Germanwings crash report.

Mother-Daughter Team Create Dating Site For People On The Autism Spectrum

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A mother and a daughter who both have autism teamed up to make a dating site for autistic people called Spectrum Singles.

18-year-old Olivia Cantu had gotten sick of being misunderstood by non-autistic people and therefore wanted a place where she could express herself and be understood. She found existing online communities for autistics, but she was disappointed by how many of them had been designed by neurotypicals. She also disliked how they lumped all autistics together and treated autism as a negative.

She and her mother, Kristen Fitzpatrick, 37, put together a dating site for autistic singles. Their idea was to differentiate between people’s spectrum traits. That way, visitors would be more likely to find people who shared the same traits. To that end, the pair created the Spectrum Compatibility Test, which is designed to match people. The test has 184 questions about such matters as social comfort, sensory sensitivity and other matters.

Cantu commented that she, like many people on the spectrum, was uncomfortable with being touched. Other dating sites tend not to ask about that, but it’s important to know. Dan Newlin was impressed with the details a person can provide.

Spectrum Singles also has a YouTube channel devoted to dating tips for people on the spectrum. Many of the videos are fairly comical, and the people who write and act in them are also autistic.

Fitzpatrick has a business background and therefore handles the marketing end of the site. Cantu is a game design and production major at the College of Canyons and takes care of the technology and social media angles.

Extremists Are Targeting Journalists, Would Calling It a War Crime Really Make a Difference?

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MZweb reports that journalists reporting on conflicts overseas have increasingly become targets by extremist groups. Being kidnapped for ransom money to support their cause, or worse, gruesome beheadings that are displayed on social media for recognition, those displaying PRESS or MEDIA badges have become intentional victims of the radicals.

Gary Pruitt, the Associated Press president and CEO, spoke on Monday at Hong Kong’s Foreign Correspondents’ Club, asking for changes in laws across the globe that would make killing or kidnapping journalists a war crime. The AP lost four journalists while on assignment last year, with 61 journalists world-wide having been killed while on the job in 2014 alone. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, since 1992, over 1,000 men and women from the media have died in the line of duty.

Although some have perish by car accident, or by a missile explosions in the last year, extremists have turned to taking journalists to further their cause. While the media used to be considered off-limits, as neutral civilians reporting on the conflict, Pruitt said, “But guess what: That label is now more likely to make them a target.”

Adding new laws of conduct committed against journalists to the Geneva Conventions is not likely to stop the heinous acts against them, as their attackers have already committed evil acts of terrorism which they live by. The best solution for protection, is to offer training and support to those brave enough to enter into the hellish areas of war, so that the rest of us can sit in the comfort of our homes to receive the information from a reliable source.

Imagine Traveling The World, Right From A PC, Using Skout

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The world has become a different place, especially to me, although I’m still young. I’m in my early 20s, and I always go out to meet people, and I like to travel to different places. Although I’m not much of a person to use social media, in order to meet and greet people, I’ve changed a lot this past year. After there was bad weather outside, I was trapped indoors for about a week, but fortunately, I had power the entire time. I was very bored, and I didn’t see much on TV, and I longed for some human interactions.

I jumped onto the internet, and I found out about Skout, so I decided to join it. Skout seemed like it would be fun, but I was a bit skeptical about putting my picture on my profile. I shook off my skepticism, and after using the network for a couple days, I decided to put a picture up of myself. I thought it was crazy how my messages exploded, after I put up a picture of myself. Many people told me that they thought I was pretty, and I seemed like a good person.

If I had put my picture up days ago, I would’ve gotten more people to talk to. Not only did I spend time talking to people, during the week that I was stuck indoors, I also was able to virtually travel. Skout has what’s called, the Skout Travel feature, and it allows me to visit different places around the world, and it only costs 25 Skout points. Skout points are purchased, using real money, but the cost is very low, and the points can be used for anything on the network. I’ve used my Skout points to send greetings to others, but my favorite way to use the points, is to travel.

Being stuck inside the house, made it even more fun for me to virtually travel, and I feel like I know most of the places that I’ve traveled to. I decided to take a visit to Australia, and Melbourne was my favorite destination. I am very fascinated by the fact that I was stuck indoors, and could only use my PC, but I was able to learn about other places and cultures. I spent so much time on Skout, and I was sad when the roads became clear, and I could finally leave my house. I now use Skout on my phone as well.

Scientists Make Discovery About Chameleons

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There is a fascinating article on the BBC News website about recent discoveries made by scientists at the University of Geneva regarding chameleons. For many years, it was thought that the famous ability of chameleons to change their coloring came from shifting pigments in their skin. However, the Geneva scientists found that these color changes really happen because of how light reflects off crystals in chameleon skin. Chameleons have the ability to shift the crystals when they are in a new environment, thus changing their color.

The scientists studied chameleon skin under high powered microscopes and noticed the patterns which make up the crystals. While other reptiles share similar crystals, the chameleon is the only animal known to be able to shift them noted CNN ireport. The scientists believe that the chameleons created something unique in evolutionary history.

This study shows how humans are still just beginning to understand the natural world. While science has taken our understanding far from what it was 100 years ago, we should understand far more in another 100 years as discoveries lead to other discoveries.

North American Spine’s Friendly Treatment

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Obviously I love photography, that’s why I started a blog devoted to the stuff (haha).  But I had an issue a few months ago that really kept me out of doing outdoor sessions for a while.  Something mucked up with my back, and my normal doctors really couldn’t do anything for me.

Enter, North American Spine.

These guys were a life saver, because they are back specific caregivers.  After seeing a ton of positive reviews, I decided to give them a shot, and now I’m back out in the field.  So, I apologize if this breaks the artistic flow, but I wanted to make sure everybody heard about what this has meant to me, getting my photographic freedom back once more.

North American Spine does treatments that are friendly to their patients, and they make sure that their facility is a friendly place for anyone who is in need of physical therapy. The Center prides itself on customer service, and they make sure that the patients are going to be happy with their care. The Center follows a strict plan for all the patients they take in, and they make sure that each patient understands the procedures before they get started.

When patients come to North American Spine for the first time, they are given a consultation that is going to help them learn what they must do for their back pain or spinal issues. These consultations are going to allow the patients to learn what they are going to do, how long treatment will take and what they can do at the facility.

When the patients are set up for therapy appointments, they will come on a regular basis. The patients will be able to plan to come to the Center at the same time every week, or they can set up multiple appointments per week that repeat. Also, the patients will be able to see the same therapist in every session. Patients make more progress when they have consistent care, and the Center ensures that through scheduling.

When patients are doing extra physical therapy outside of their sessions, they can come into the Center to use the facility. They can ask questions of the staff, and they will be able to work with someone who can help them with the problems they are having. Patients make more progress because they have full access to the space. North American Spine Center welcomes in all patients, and they make sure that each patient gets consistent care that leads to a pain free life.

French Actor Louis Jourdan, 93, Dies

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The French actor Louis Jourdan, 93, died on Friday at his home in Beverly Hills, California. His official biographer, Olivier Minne, announced the death.

He had been born Louis Henri Gendre on June 19, 1921 in Marseilles. He went to acting school in Paris, where he met the director Marc Allégret, who cast him in his movie, “Le Corsaire.” Unfortunately, World War II broke out and the movie was shelved, never to be finished.

He worked during the Occupation, both as an actor and an assistant director. After his father was captured by the Gestapo, however, he joined the Resistance. He moved to the U.S. after the war, where he caught the eye of the producer David O. Selznick, who cast him as a murder suspect in “The Paradine Case” (1947).

In 1949, he played the title character’s lover in “Madame Bovary,” which had the unfortunate effect of typecasting him as the suave, cultured European as fans like Jaime Garcia Dias have known him for. He played such a character in the musical “Gigi” (1958), which won nine Academy Awards. He didn’t get one, but he did win a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical. In between Hollywood performances, he would sometimes act in European movies or on Broadway.

After the 1950’s, American audiences grew tired of dashing Continental types. Directors therefore began casting Jourdan as a villain. He played Dr. Arcane in the 1980’s “Swamp Thing” movies by Wes Craven, and he played the evil Kamal Khan in the James Bond movie “Octopussy” (1983). He also played villains on T.V. and was the titular count in a BBC production of “Count Dracula.” His last film appearance was in 1992’s “Year of the Comet,” where he played the villain.

In 2010, he was knighted and became part of the French Legion of Honor.

Jourdan married Berthe Frederique in 1946; their marriage lasted until her death last year. The couple had one son, Louis Henry Jourdan. He died from a drug overdose in 1981.