Agora Financial Reach Your Financial Goals With Ease

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Getting rich is not only about hard work but also about making smart investment choices. The financial market is filled with various investment choices that people need to choose from, but it is difficult to know which investment option would do what it claims to. Most of the investment options are market-linked and thus, the downfall in the market would take down the investments as well. Doing a little research before investing ensures that people do not have to suffer losses. There are many finance based publications that offer generic and complex financial advice on how to go about investments.

One of the leading publishing firms, in this case, is Agora Financial, which has over twenty publications under it. The company has a solid research team that takes every parameter of financial prediction and market analysis into consideration before publishing the report in their publications for the readers to use. Such information is very crucial for the readers as they can use it to make investment choices and for an exit strategy when invested in the market. Agora Financial in the past has been able to predict which way the market would be swinging and it has helped the readers save millions of dollars collectively.

People these days need to look out for ways to not only make money but also protect their wealth. Financial expertise is required in order to make it happen, and it is where Agora Financial comes in. The company has a pool of experienced investment analysts and business experts who know how the financial markets work and can help simplify the complicated financial language for its readers. Wealth creation over a period needs solid economic strategy and a considerable amount of smart investments, and it is what Agora Financial would help you do. The information the publications of Agora Financial provides would ensure you reach your long-term financial goals.

Trying Something New with Fabletics

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Getting people to try something new is never easy. That’s why activewear brand Fabletics is trying to get people to do something normal in a new way. Health and fitness is a big deal in the world today. When Fabletics was founded, four years ago, they wanted to get more women into healthier lifestyles.

By using fashion, they can inspire women to at least begin the process of getting healthier. That was the most important thing to co-founder Kate Hudson. She wanted her company to inspire all women – regardless of size or age – to be comfortable wearing Fabletics.

Until recently, Fabletics only sold products in certain sizes. Now, they sell lines from XXS to 3X. Their recent expansion into plus sizes came as a delight to a lot of women. Before the only brands selling activewear in plus sizes had low-quality products or it was too expensive.

Activewear is a growing trend that a lot of companies are trying to cash in on. Unfortunately, not all of these companies have high standards. The smartest of the companies recognize who’s buying activewear the most and target those audiences. Millennials love activewear, and they’re far more health conscious than older generations.

The younger generation is also living more digital lives. Technology has completely changed the way companies sell to consumers. At first, the e-commerce markets were gray areas where predatory companies could take advantage of naïve consumers. Now, consumers have all the power; often referred to as the power of the crowd.

These days, consumers use crowd-sourced reviews to determine their purchases. This is why so many brands began using review-centric marketing strategies. As time goes on, more people look to crowd-sourced reviews as the trust between companies and customers drops.

People don’t trust traditional advertising and marketing anymore for many reasons. For most, it’s just an old way of making purchase decisions and isn’t honest enough. Online reviews are not written by companies. They’re written by other shoppers who’ve had good or bad experiences with those products and services. This means people trust these reviews.

According to a BrightLocal study, nearly 90 percent of people trust online reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendations from people they know. As weird as it sounds, online reviews from strangers are more trustworthy than traditional advertising and marketing.

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The Work of Dr. Jennifer Walden

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Who is Dr. Jennifer Walden?

Dr. Walden is a premier cosmetic surgeon. She is the owner of the Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC & Walden Cosmetic Surgery And Laser Center. She is based out of Austin, Texas, and has been in business since May 2012. Former and current patients rave and have posted positive reviews all over the internet.

Where was her schooling at?

Her undergraduate degree was in biology. She has studied at the University of Texas, the University of Texas Medical Branch and her fellowship was at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. Her prestigious background in schooling has given her the experience that she still uses to this day to do the best for her patients. She was mentored extensively by Dr. Sherrell Aston.

Where else has she worked?

After working as a program director at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, Dr. Walden moved on to the Aston Plastic Surgery and Associate in New York City, New York from 2004 to 2011. After that, she was able to become the owner and medical director of her own practice.

What else has she gone on to do?

Dr. Walden has been featured on numerous television and media outlets and programs. She has used her expertise to be a commentator on shows featured on ABC News, Fox News, VH1, E!, and more. She is also one of the few women to serve on the board of directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


George Soros The 21st Century Beacon Of Altruism

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George Soros is a world-class billionaire investor who over the years has helped influence and shape the rights of those that get oppressed across the world. Recently he transferred 18 billion dollars to a nonprofit organization, the Open Society Foundation which is an organization that he established and has branches all over the world. This generous act, saw the company become the second largest philanthropic nonprofits in the United States of America and the donation one of the most massive money transfer ever made by an individual donor.

The Open Society was created by Soros back in 1979. It’s a grant-making foundation with many branches and partners around the world. Its primary focus is enhancing democracy and combating issues of injustice and discrimination, economic governance and advancement, and human rights. The total expenditure of the society is 14 billion dollars, since the time of its existence and with an annual budget of close to a billion, according to the Forbes.
In the recent years of its existence, the society has turned its attention to the United States of America. Specifically, it supports programs to protect the lesbian and gay rights, and mitigate police abuse cases. The organization additionally funded treatment center during the Ebola attack in 2014. Other funds were directed to the center for Roma art and Culture as reported by the New York Times. In the 2016 American presidential election, Soros also donated 10 billion dollars to fight against hate crimes.

Soros charitable acts have also put him right in the middle of social, political and economic debates convulsing the country. His independence in all this gets attributed to his success in financial markets making his profits through correctly predicting the changes in the market helped by many of his economic analysts.

George Soros is always known to take an active stand on matters that may appear controversial without fear. Soros net worth stands at 23 billion dollars, and he attributes all his success to hard work in financial market.

Soros philanthropy has its roots in his background. He lived under the communist rule when Hungary was under the Nazi occupation. He later moved to London in pursuit of better education when he was young. After completion of his university education in England, he had moved to Wall Street in America to peruse his career. The idea for the name of his organization originated from the book of a famous author by the name Karl Popper who is a philosopher. The book itself was titled Open Society and Its Enemies. This book campaigned for democracy, freedom of expression, and respect for human rights, a theme that Soros could relate.

The Open Society Foundation has had more impact within and around the world than any other society presently. Their works have reached most parts of the world, and their result as a social justice foundation is undebatable and unbeatable. The organization has operated with civil society leaders; the Roma and the African American who still suffer discrimination. Such involvements have kept Mr. Soros at the center of political and social issues now and for many years to come.

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Perry Mandera: Establishing a Name in the Freight and Cargo Transport Industry

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Custom Companies Inc. is one of the leading freight and cargo transport companies in the United States today. The founder of the company, Perry Mandera, is a hardworking entrepreneur and businessman who managed to innovate and develop the industry to provide better services to his customers and clients. Custom Companies Inc. focuses on using the best transportation method so that the freight and cargoes can be delivered to their target destination on time. Learn more at Slide Share about Perry Mandera.

Perry Mandera established the company in 1986 after he realized that the freight and cargo transport industry lacks the technology to deliver the packages on their destination accurately, and it also takes a lot of time before they reach the target address. The leadership of Perry Mandera is phenomenal – Custom Companies Inc. managed to grow from a small startup to a large company because of his dedication to place his business to the top. Today, Custom Companies Inc. is posting an annual income of $200 million, and it is expected to go up in the years to come because of the rising demand for logistic services. Custom Companies Inc.’s market is also starting to diversify, as small startups and large Fortune 100 companies all agreed that their service is one of the best in the industry.


When he was younger, Perry Mandera has already developed an interest in vehicles and transportation. He decided to join the United States Military after finishing school, and he was tasked to drive the military truck. He used his spare time studying how to operate each truck in the military base, and his knowledge about transportation increased. He would leave the military with so much knowledge about vehicles and transportation in general, and in 1980, he decided to start his own business. The business is only short-lived, and he had to close it because it went bankrupt. However, Perry Mandera never lost hope, and through establishing the Custom Companies Inc., he managed to get back on track and prove that his knowledge about how the industry works is beneficial to the growth of his new company. Today, Perry Mandera is focused on reaching greater heights. Read more at about Perry Mandera.


Trabuco’s Weren’t Very Efficient In War Times

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Even though the Trabuco was used during war times up until the eleventh century, they were not very efficient for the things they were used for. This made problems for the armies that were using them. They thought they would be efficient, but they were not the best tools people could use.

For the armies that had tried to use the Trabuco in the past, they found they were not able to get the tools to work for them. According to, the machines were not what they thought they’d be and that caused some problems for people who were trying to win a war. It made things harder on them and made it more difficult for them to fight their enemies who had better tools than what they were using. All of the things that allowed people to fight and go into battle were based on what they could do to make things easier and that gave them all the inspiration they needed to get rid of the Trabuco.


One issue that armies continued to run into with the Trabuco machine was that it didn’t work the way it should. Instead, when they aimed it at a target, it was unpredictable. They were not able to make the machine work in the way they wanted because it had no way of trying to aim. There was nothing the machine or the operators of the machine could do to make it aim right or make it get to the target they were hoping for.

Even though there were different ways people could use the machine, most of them involved all of the people in the army working together According to This left their camps vulnerable and caused even more issues than what they saw with other things going on in the battles. The Trabuco was not helping them because it was not aiming and it was not helping them because it didn’t work for people to try and get their things across what they were doing. All around, the Trabuco was a poor choice for the people who were fighting the battles they went into with it.

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Dr. Mark McKenna, Entrepreneur & Revolutionary In Medicine

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Over the past few decades, we have seen some pretty significant changes in many industries through regulation as well as consumer demand. The ever changing markets of economy allow for entrepreneurial endeavors to bear fruits for those who have the intellect and the courage to ride to the occasion and follow through with their dreams.

One of the most exemplary examples of this scenario is that of Dr. Mark McKenna, both a medical doctor as well as a savvy real estate investor. Dr. McKenna is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and graduated from the Tulane University Medical School.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s father is also a physician and once his own medical training was completed he began to work along with his father. Being a very avid reader, keeping his mind open to other information and avenues led Dr. McKenna to also launch a boutique real estate investment firm.

A new passion was ignited for Mark McKenna in the realm of real estate and he would go on to acquire and launch Uptown Title Inc., as well as Universal Mortgage Lending. His initially small portfolio of companies would grow to provide employment for over 50 staff members, financing, real-estate closing services as well as turnkey design-build projects.

When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in August of 2007 it devastated the town and caused many people to lose their homes and businesses. Many lost everything they had, Dr. Mark McKenna among them. With his real estate projects either destroyed or otherwise unworkable he began to start again.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a dedicated community advocate, digging in and helping to rebuild New Orleans by building affordable housing for those with a low to a moderate income in the area. With a wide range of factors in play, the real estate market was changing, people without income were getting homes at full financing.

Dr. Mark McKenna would then relocate to Atlanta, Georgia where he then launched a successful chain of health facilities, offering non-surgical aesthetic options as well as comprehensive nutrition and weight loss/management programs for patients. Dr. McKenna has always held patient satisfaction at the highest priority throughout his career.

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George Soros And His Impact Through His Foundation The Open Society

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George Soros is a renowned philanthropist who is also known for his contributions in politics and the development of society as a whole. He was born in on the 12th of August 1930. Soros is of Hungarian-American origin and has made a name for himself as one of the most generous business persons in history.

Over the years, Soros has made a name for himself by contributing to charity from time to time amounting to over twelve billion dollars within four decades. In December 2017, he made a remarkable donation of $18 billion to charity through his foundation “Open Society Foundation”. This left Soros with a net worth of $8 billion. The organization, Open Society, was founded by the business magnet himself. Thanks to his generous donation, the international grantmaking network has been elevated to the frontlines of charitable organizations around the globe. The main purpose of this organization is to advance justice, education, independent media and public health by financially supporting groups around the world.

Open Society Foundation, is actively making changes in more than ten countries globally. Their work to improve public health and improve the standard of living of people has been evident in these countries over the years. Open Society Foundation is now second only to the Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation.

Soros’ love for charity didn’t start today. He started his contribution to society long ago supporting charity in the year 1979. This was about nine years after he founded the Soros Fund Management. This establishment is a for-profit organization that has made a huge impact on the American investment industry over time. The private American investment firm, which manages funds for investors, was recorded as one of the most profitable firms in the hedge fund industry in the year 2010. Soros built its headquarters in New York and made his son Robert Soros the president and deputy founder of the establishment.

The first recorded charitable work of Soros was his outstanding involvement in providing scholarships for South Africans while the country was still under the apartheid regime. When the communist government banned certain literature during the cold war, Soros made provision for photocopiers for printing these materials. Soros also played a major role in the integration of Europe’s Roma.

In his paper to Atlantic, The Capitalist Threat, Soros wrote about his philosophy explaining what propelled him to start charity organization “Open Society Foundation.” He explained his dissatisfaction with capitalism and communism clinging to hope for a better future where everyone has access to the basic needs of life. The paper was published in February 1997.

Soros has developed an interest in politics and has continued to speak up regarding political issues. He speaks up no matter how controversial the issues may be and believes he has earned a right to fight for the voiceless member of Society.

Although the world is not yet what Soros is fighting for it to be, he has made a mark in history that will never be forgotten. His love for charity has made him one of the greatest philanthropist in history. Giving out 80% of his net worth was an act of kindness that will never be forgotten. Soros has said that his Open Society Foundation will continue to work to achieve their goals as they reach out to those in need.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America are Now on WebMD

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WebMD and Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) are working together for the benefit of those with cancer. WebMD is the layman’s source for answers to medical questions. CTCA takes a team approach to treating cancer, addressing all of the patient’s physical and psychological needs.

The Value of a Second Opinion

It is in a newly diagnosed cancer patient’s best interest to get a second opinion at the Cancer Institute of America. A second opinion is recommended because CTCA may offer treatment options that the patient’s oncologist may not know about. Treatments that can improve the patient’s chance for recovery, shorten recovery time, and minimize side effects.

Available Treatments

The Cancer Institute of America offers multiple treatment options for the six most common forms of cancer. Since skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the US let us look at how CTCA might approach its treatment. Some of these treatments are applicable to other forms of cancer.

• Surgery-There are three possible surgical approaches to melanoma skin cancer. Numbing the area around the tumor before removing it. Removing cancer in layers until reaching a layer of skin that is cancer free. Lymph node removal nearest the cancerous site. For non-melanoma cancer, freezing cancerous cells, using drugs, vaccines, and creams that strengthen the immune system, and killing cancer cells with a laser.
Radiation Therapy
• Radiation Therapy-radiation is concentrated on the cancerous area or tumor.
Targeted Therapy
• Targeted Therapy-Keeps cancer cells from reproducing without harming healthy cells.
• Chemotherapy-The drugs used during chemo to slow quickly dividing cancer cells or stop them altogether.
• Immunotherapy-Jump starts the immune system by providing it the means to fight the cancer.

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Oncotarget is Instrumental in Helping to Make Strides Against Thyroid Cancer

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There is a medical and oncology journal that surfaced some years ago called Oncotarget. What makes it special is that Oncotarget is almost entirely devoted to treatment of cancer and cancer research, with a few other medical subjects introduced from time to time.

Oncotarget is the brain child of the two editors-in-chief are Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov (Roswell Park Cancer Institute). They started the semiweekly digest in 2010, and the journal has gained acceptance and use throughout the world. It is currently within the top four journals used as a resource by cancer researchers and other doctors. Visit Soundcloud to listen an audio podcast of Oncotarget.

Mikhail Blagosklonny earned his MD in medicine from the University of St. Petersburg. Later, he returned and earned a doctorate in medical research from the same university.


What makes Oncotarget unique is that it is published semiweekly (twice per week), and is made instantly and readily available throughout the world to any medical professional or researcher. Oncotarget has bee of invaluable aid in other forms of research as well, though its main focus is of course, oncology — the study of cancer and its treatments.

As recently as July of 2017, Oncotarget published articles on new treatments for thyroid cancer. A new inhibitor for thyroid cancer had been developed and described in the journal, and doctors were able to observe the results of the study on the patients involved. This was something of a breakthrough for the oncology field. Oncotarget had a profound impact on the ability of researchers to share their information with doctors treating thyroid cancer. This immediate online use of a medical journal to diagnose and treat cancer was something new for most of the researchers and doctors, as well as the patients involved. Listen to Oncotarget podcast on Player.FM.