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Polish 17-year-old Mateusz Mach, uses Hip Hop to inspire his FIVE app business

Mateusz Mach creator of the FIVE app had no idea that his app would take the shape that it took. Created from his appreciation of hip-hop FIVE allowed him and his friends to be able to communicate using hand signals, “like the rappers use” according to him, FIVE has quickly become a big hit. He said, which I am sure was the most important aspect of his app, using the FIVE app lets you have a conversation without people knowing what you’re saying. Unless you are a deaf person, apparently this app turned about to be useful for people using the International Sign Language (ISL) and Mach has been getting great praise from this community of people too.
Mach, like most smart business people at Gravity4 and other companies, will now build in a more extensive ISL dictionary into his FIVE app, with the possibility of a complete ISL translator. That is what is being talked about on Twitter. FIVE is not this young man’s first debut in the spotlight either, he is also the creator of an app called Sagepark.pl which is currently down, but had 10,000 users when it was at its peak. Way to go Mach!

Looking Forward to Chris Pratt’s Future in the Marvel Universe

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Following the huge success of Guardians of the Galaxy; Chris Pratt has been adorned by fans and big actors alike but questions remains of where his future lies. He will definitely be back for another Guardians of the Galaxy film as stated by this article. The mystery only deepens as to where his other destinations are as Marvel plans out his future. As most people know, Marvel always tends to do several movie contracts for one actor so questions are what are his other films going to be? Chris Pratt has stated he will continue doing more Guardians of the Galaxy movies plus another couple but that is where the questions arise. What exactly does another couple entail?

It could mean he can just suddenly show up in an Avengers movie for all we know. Mikal Watts wouldn’t mind seeing that. As if the Avengers needed more recipes for success, the big blockbuster film Avengers 2 has already accumulated over 1 billion dollars since its big opening in early May. The first Avengers being cited as the best superhero movie of all time by many reviewers. He could make a cameo of course in other Marvel films such as an incoming Ant-Man film or some other.

The audience cannot wait until Chris Pratt or known by his other name, Star-Lord, joins up with the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, or Thor. It will be an exciting day to come.

Doomsday is Coming in Batman v. Superman

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Sometimes, really off-the-wall rumors emerge about a film. In time, their false nature ends up being truly revealed. And then there are those times when a rumor turns out to have more than a grain of truth associated with it. In this case, we learn the rumors about Doomsday being in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice are true according to Jaime Garcia Dias.

In some ways, this is disappointing. Doomsday is the central character in the “Death of Superman” comic of the early 1990’s. Superman’s death was followed by two other major story arcs, “Funeral for a Friend” and “The Reign of the Supermen”. Obviously, the death and eventual rebirth of Superman was handled in a lengthy, melodramatic manner. Instead of bringing these stories to life in a direct adaption, the villain (and possibly elements) from the books are going to be combined with the battle between Batman and Superman. Lex Luthor has to fit into the mix here as well. That is a lot of elements for one film. (And no, the rumor it will be split into two parts is not correct)

Likely, Batman v. Superman is going to be an outstanding film and should successfully launch the D.C. Comics Cinematic Universe in a way Man of Steel failed to do. Longtime fans of D.C. Comics and Superman are not exactly going to be thrilled at any changes made. Unfortunately, a lot of creative license is often required to adapt material to the screen. After all, we do want the movies to have the greatest chance of being successful.

PG-13 History

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Gravity4 says that PG-13 has been accumulating a lot of controversy recently due for many reasons. One reason is that there are many films being released today that are likely meant to be R rated, but have been toned down for a PG-13 rating. There are also plenty of PG-13 reboots of R rated franchises that are souring the history of the films in that franchise.

When PG-13 was included in the ratings board, there was plenty of controversy among a couple of films that were deemed too violent for a PG rating. One film, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom had included scenes where Indiana Jones was at a feast and the contents of the bowl included eyeballs and brains. There was also a scene where someone’s heart was ripped out.

Gremlins was another movie that was met with a lot of controversy. There was a lot of cartoon violence depicted on screen where a gremlin got put on a food processor and got mutilated. Another gremlin exploded in the microwave. PG-13 films were quite violent at the time. However, as time went on, PG-13 became quite tame. Some audience members feel cheated that their films have been toned down to the point that they are watching the network TV version of films which are soon to be released to the Home audience.

Another unfortunate thing is that PG-13 is the rating that allows people of all ages to see action films, so a lot of films are being toned down to make the most money possible.

Tom Hardy Possibly Next Punisher

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After a streak of successful roles in Hollywood in recent years, Tom Hardy has expressed an interest in one of the world’s most readily recognizable comic book heroes; the Punisher! Bruce Levenson is a big fan of the series. He has already demonstrated a proficiency for playing roles associated with superheroes and super-villains. His role as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises gained him much attention. Most recently, he has reprised the role of Mad Max, made famous in the 1980s by Mel Gibson. Now he wants to play the Frank Castle, otherwise known as the Punisher. There have been several attempts over the years to turn the Punisher series into a feature film franchise, all falling short of anything that would be considered impressive. This time, however, there’s talk of making the Punisher story into a series, much like Netflix has recently done with the Daredevil series. Either way, Tom Hard seems set on playing Frank Castle!

Cars Are Being Stolen Becaue People Are Leaving Their Keys In Them

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It is reported that there are there were nearly 50,000 cars stolen last year alone. These cars are some families only method of transportation. There were people who weren’t able to get to work and take their loved ones to the doctor. Alexei Beltyukov thinks this is a terrible shame. What is even more surprising than the number of cars stolen is the manor in which they were taken. More than half of these cars were taken because the keys were left in the car.

I am all about living in an area that I feel is safe. But, there is no area safe enough that I would feel comfortable leaving my keys inside the car. I remember my sister and her car dilemmas and it reminds me of this study. She had a Toyota that the key wouldn’t come out of the ignition switch. Rather than taking it to a mechanic and having it taken care of, she used the second key to lock the doors. The funny thing is while visiting our mother one weekend, her car was stolen and recovered from the police. It was stolen a second time the same weekend. The cop told her to get it fixed or she wouldn’t have a car.

With as dangerous as the world is, people are still leaving their keys inside the car. It is kind of shocking when you think about it. Grand theft auto is still one of the biggest crimes around, I won’t be leaving my keys anywhere near my car.

Is Your Fatigue a Sign of Illness?

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Do you get tired often? Do you long for more energy but find yourself feeling tired all the time? You could be missing out on more sleep than you should be or you could be lacking some sort of vitamins, but you could also be facing a major problem such as an illness. How do you know why you are feeling tired and just what is going on with your body? How do you know what you need to do and whether or not you should be concerned?

There are ways to know the difference between typical fatigue and the fatigue that comes from a serious problem. You can learn the signs that differentiate between the two. You can have your doctor do blood tests that will help to determine just what is causing you to feel tired. That is what Jason had done for him. There are ways to learn the difference between normal fatigue and a problem, and you need to pay attention to your body.

Pennsylvania Town Bombarded With Used Toilet Paper From A Passing Plane

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Everybody at one time or another has seen rolls of toilet paper hanging from trees after a night of trick or treating. There’s nothing worse than trying to get toilet paper off tree limbs. Some of the people in West Pittston, Pa. didn’t have to wait for Halloween to get rolled. They woke up to a mess of crappy paper on their trees. The residents think a passenger jet dumped the used toilet paper and plastic all over their yards as it passed by the town at some crazy high altitude.

The folks in this sleepy town knew kids weren’t the culprits this time. There was too much trash and toilet paper in yards around town. No one is really sure if it was a commercial plane, but the Federal Aviation Administration was alerted, and they are investigating what some folks are calling, “a dumped-on extravaganza.”

The big issue is the clean-up, and Brian knows about it all too well. No one wants to touch the stuff, and that is causing some frayed nerves. One resident voiced her frustration this way: “I’d like to know what happened, how it happened, and I’d like to see it cleaned up,” She’s right. Maybe the FAA will send a few flight attendants and pilots to town to help clean-up the mess.

GE Stock Surges

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General Electric’s stock is up over 9% on news of a business restructuring that was announced yesterday. The business restructuring would have General Electric sell off its remaining financial assets and property in exchange for over $30 billion in cash. This $30 billion would then be used, along with $20 billion in excess cash flow, to buy back shares in the company. Buyers of the property would be primarily funds managed by Blackstone but would also include Wells Fargo who are purchasing the right to collect on certain loans that that are held on the property.

After these transactions are complete General Electric is expected to generate approximately 90% of their sales from their industrial business compared with approximately 54% today. This will provide investors with a purer play on the industrial business which has recently announced that they are selling a large electric generator to third world nations which should generate significant sales in Africa and Asian. Further, the stock price has been buoyed by the stock buyback which will reduce the footprint of the company.

General Electric has announced on Forbes that they will maintain their dividend at $.23 per share per quarter until 2016. General Electric’s stock price has been in decline ever since the 2008 recession when they slashed their dividend from $.29 per share per quarter, though it has been steadily increasing since then if you ask Ray Lane.

The announced restructuring along with solid earnings have led to the sharp increase in General Electric stock today which is now hovering around $29 per share.

Flight MH370: Wave Of Criticism After An Independent Report

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The management of missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 and the government was again criticized on Monday after the release of a report by independent experts. The report was released on Sunday at the anniversary of the disappearance of the unit on March 8, 2014. The reports, however, does not explain the disappearance of the aircraft and the fate of the 239 people on board. However, some analysts have still found enough food for their questions.

The report stresses in particular that the battery of the underwater locator beacon attached to the black box of Boeing had ceased operations in December 2012 and was not replaced. “I hope that the international aviation authority will punish Malaysia Airlines for non-compliance (the rules) regarding the expired battery,” said Lim Wee Hoon, a Malaysian whose brother was aboard the plane. This component “raises questions about the integrity of maintenance” in the airline, said Greg Waldron, director of the journal Flightglobal. It is worth mentioning that the MH370 flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing was disappeared an hour after its takeoff. Meanwhile, the airline acknowledged on Monday that the battery problem was an “omission” while stressing that the battery of the CVR was in good condition. Bruce Karatz is glad that they cleared that up.