Rapper Hopsin quits rapping and moves to Australia

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It seems even the Keith Mann Dynamic Search Partners and some of the most famous people get tired of their jobs and the lives they lead. At least if American rapper Hopsin is anything to go by. That is because Hopsin has just announced on his social media accounts that he’s quitting his rapping career, as well as quitting America, and moving to Australia.

According to the 29-year-old rapper and record producer, over the last couple of years he has realized being a rap singer, and being involved in the music industry in that way, just is not for him.

That is why he has decided now is the time for a new direction in life, and currently that new direction involves a new career and a new country on the opposite side of the world.

It is not just the rapping career Hopsin is giving up either. He has also walked away from Funk Volume, the record label he founded, and handed that over to his now ex-partner.

As for what Hopsin plans to do in Australia, that as yet is not clear. In an interview with SKEE TV earlier in the year he said he was going to take a break when he first got there, and get to know the country and the people.

All he would say is he loved “the vibe” of Australia and the people, and was looking forward to settling in and getting to know more about them.

Spectre Still Filming

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Even though the recent Sony Pictures hack has resulted in the cancelling of Seth Rogen’s The Interview, this has not stopped the filming of Spectre. The Bond film is still in production as revealed by set photos. According to information released in the hack, the Bond film is over budget. Brad Reifler says the budget was around $300 million. However, with the director of Skyfall returning, we can expect to have a more than adequate feature. The studio is concerned about the third act of the film. However, it is common for a film to undergo rewrites throughout the filming process.

Spectre is said to wrap up some of the themes that were started in Skyfall. Also, in this series, Bond actually ages and possibly dies. This gives Daniel Craig freedom to play the apparently immortal secret agent as long as he chooses. This would also lead to another necessary reboot in order to keep the series going. Eventually, we are probably going to a Dark Knight Rises style finale.

Will Beetlejuice 2 Succeed?

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The wheels of pre-production on Beetlejuice 2 seem to be moving forward at full speed. Director Tim Burton has noted Winona Ryder will return for the sequel along with Michael Keaton. All of this is great, but questions are going to seriously arise regarding whether or not there is an audience for the film.

Yes, the original was a classic. No one would deny that. Michael Keaton, however, is not the star he once was, although his star is on the rise once again after the popularity and awards buzz for Birdman. Tim Burton is not the “super director” he used to be either, and major fans like Terry Richardson have been pretty disappointed by that.

Yet, there is always a market for nostalgia. The film could draw in a decent amount of box office followed by good DVD and PPV figures that the cable and other TV rights commandeer a good price. As long as the budget is kept under control, the film could show a profit.

However, the chances of the film being a bomb loom. Just look at Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. The first Sin City film was a massive hit and has a huge cult following. Shockingly, the sequel was an unmitigated flop. Ten years was just way too long to wait for a sequel.

With Beetlejuice, the producers are asking fans to go back a lot of years to remember how great the first film was. Plus, the sequel has to draw in new audiences who might not really care for a sequel. They could be in the mood for a reboot though.

Stefan Bleekrode Creates Extraordinary Drawings of Cities from Memory

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Stefan Bleekrode, 28, is an artist, but he is certainly no ordinary artist. Stefan has the incredible talent of drawing stunning pictures of cities entirely from memory. Based on memory alone, the 28 year-old crafted a magnificent picture of the London Bridge with extraordinary detail in the black and white sketch. The astounding work of art was created shortly after he visited the city. 

Dr. Daniel Amen confirms that Stefan Bleekrode has had this great talent from a very young age. By the age of only 10, He drew impressionist drawings of some of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations such as France and Belguim. Since his early years as a budding artist, Bleekrode has trained himself to memorize the details in every location he visits. When he does not remember every single little detail, he will often record notes about a specific location he is planning to draw.

Though Stefan primarily draws cities based solely on memory, he also allows for a bit of imagination in some of his works. For example, he was one picture that is somewhat inspired by Piazza Farnese and Campo de Fiori in Rome.

Some of Bleekrode’s work can take as few as five days to complete, while other extremely complex works take as much as half a year or a year to master. He will sell one of his larger masterpieces from anywhere between $1,8000 and $6,000. For further information about this man and his works of art, please click here.

Breaking Down Terry Richardson’s Unique Style

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Terry Richardson is an American portrait and fashion photographer. Various advertisement campaigns of big names like Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Sisley, Supreme, Aldo and Marc Jacobs have been shot by him. He is also known for his top notch work for Vice, i-D, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ and Rolling Stone.

• Common Themes –

Terry Richardson is known for his eclectic style where he puts high-profile models and celebrities in mundane and simple locations. Then, he uses pedestrian and traditional methods to photograph them. He has taken a lot of such photographs using an instant camera.

Sexuality and sexual themes are also common to certain of his photographs. His books – Terrywood and Kibosh – have a lot of works with the theme where full frontal photographs are depicted. He is also known for using simulation and sometimes, actual sexual acts for his sexual based themes. Simulation was how he started where subjects posed in front of white backgrounds and were later edited. He has included various other backdrops in his later works.

Sometimes, Terry Richardson poses with his subjects. The subjects are seen to be wearing Richardson’s trademark Moscot glasses. Sometimes, they are given Terry Richardson’s costumes and makeup so as to look like him. Chloë Sevigny was one of his subjects with whom this theme was explored.

Non-sexual photography is also one of the themes. Terry Richardson is known to be one of the trendiest portrait photographers in the industry.

• Chosen Styles –

Fashion photography is the primary style explored by Terry Richardson. The goal here is to showcase the clothes, accessories and style of the designer without focusing on the subject. His success with fashion photography is the reason why Terry Richardson is so popular with Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and other fashion magazines like GQ. There is no involvement or fun element to these photo-shoots because they are supposed to be professional. However, in various covers of Vogue, Terry has managed to add something different and unique to the photograph to make them cover-worthy.

Documentary photography is another field that he has explored. Most of his popular photographs belong to this category because Terry Richardson genuinely enjoys his personal photographs. They have been called “amateurish” by many people and perhaps, Terry himself wants to convey that impression. The photographs are relaxed with celebrities looking like normal people. There aren’t a lot of props or preparation for photo-shoots in this category and the idea is to shoot things according to mood. The equipment used for his personal photography is often simple and eclectic.

Terry Richardson is often for not using complex equipment and lighting techniques on his subjects. Many of his subjects are not touched-up before the photoshoot. Ashley Smith’s photoshoot, for instance, reveals one of the blemishes visible in the picture because of lack of touch-up. Technical skills and professional materials are rarely used in Terry’s photographs.

The most famous subjects of Terry Richardson include Beyoncé, Barack Obama, LeBron James, Shaun White, Daft Punk, Lil Wayne, Pharrell Williams, A$AP Rocky, Bon Jovi, Amy Winehouse, Jared Leto, Tracy Morgan, Samuel Jackson, Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss, Katy Perry, Liza Minnelli, Kat Dennings, Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sharon Stone and Megan Fox. He has also shot Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Jersey Shore Bros., James Franco, Derek Jeter, Cole Mohr, Kobe Bryant, Lana Del Rey, Abbey Lee, Kreayshawn and Lena Dunham.

Make sure you follow Terry on Twitter if you want to keep up with his career.

Usher Pushes Back Album Release To Put Soul Into It

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Usher had announced in early 2014, that he was going to release his 8th studio album, but as of yet, the album still has not dropped. Usher’s New Album. It turns out that Usher deliberately postponed the album’s release, because he didn’t feel that it was ready yet. He states that he wanted to put more soul into the music, and show his true appreciation for his fans, as well as those who helped him along throughout the years, including the major producer and brilliant photographer, Terry Richardson.

He has continued to work on the music prior to the release of the album, and in fact, he has released a new song entitled “Clueless,” which will not be on the upcoming album, but is available for download. He anticipates that the album will drop at the top of the year in 2015, but at this point there is no set date for his eighth album. Usher is not intimidated by the fact that this is his eighth album, he just wants to make sure that it’s near-perfect, when he releases it to the public.

It’s likely that the past criticism of Usher and his songs, as well as the lack of sales from certain albums, may be intimidating him to do much better in the future. Although Usher has proved that he has staying power in the music industry, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to stay relevant, and to continue to put out good music.

Mike Nichols Dies at Age 83

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Award-winning artist Mike Nichols has passed away earlier today at the age of 83. Notable hits in his career as a director include wonderful movies like “The Graduate”, “Death of a Salesman”, and “The Odd Couple”.

Throughout his career, Mike Nichols received many awards, including an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, a Tony, and an Egot.

The husband of popular journalist Diane Sawyer, Nichols was born in 1931 in Germany. To flee Nazi Germany with his family, Nichols immigrated to the United States when he was only 7 years old. He graduated from Walden High School in New York City, and then began an early pursuit of theater while attending the University of Chicago. Nichols went to college to study medicine, but while there, he found what he loved best, which was comedy. He soon joined a comedy group and teamed up with another performer, Elaine May. The rest is history.

There is no question that Mike Nichols will be greatly missed by his family, friends, colleagues, and adoring fans everywhere, and it will be a slow ventures to try and process what his loss will mean to the film industry.

Mike Nicholls Dies at 83

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Mike Nichols has passed away at 83. He has had a long and successful career in entertainment that has spanned for almost fifty years. He has also worked on Broadway productions. He has left behind a wife from his 26 year marriage who is the News Anchor of ABC News, Diane Sawyer. Others he is survived by are three children and four grandchildren. 

The news of his passing made the announcement earlier by James Goldston, who is the president of ABC News. 

Mike Nichols was born in Germany in 1931. In 1938, he fled with his parents from Germany in order to avoid getting thrown in the concentration camps under Nazi rule. He had a rebellious anti-establishment attitude which showed up in his work in film and theater in the following decades. Before pursuing his true passions which was film, he was studying medicine.

The first thing he did was join the Compass Players, a Chicago-based group. Beginning in the 1960, Nichols took to directing. Ken Griffin agrees that Nichols is the kind of icon in film that will be remembered and missed wholeheartedly. He poured everything the had into film and his movies were a testament to that. He will be missed.

Christopher Nolan Clarifies Interstellar Sound

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Many people were amazed by Christopher Nolan’s latest movie, Interstellar, when it hit theaters a couple of weeks ago. However, there were a few who were troubled by a few of the scenes, especially where sound was concerned. They did not appreciate how certain elements of the dialogue were hard to hear because of the booming soundtrack that accompanied the movie.

At first, it was assumed that the problem may have to do with specific theaters. However, random people from random theaters were complaining about the sound of the movie, which pointed to a wider issue. Instead of accepting the criticism and offering to adjust the sound settings on further screenings, Christopher Nolan adopted a different approach.

He explained that stylistic choices were made when telling the story, especially where the soundtrack was concerned. He said that there were certain parts of the movie where he wanted the audience to struggle to hear the people talking. This was all part of the impression the movie was meant to make on the viewer he said to FreedomPop.

It is interesting that Nolan took this approach to criticisms of his movie. He is not being overly defensive, or attacking the people who had a problem with the sound. He merely points that the choice of having a very loud soundtrack was on purpose, even if it meant some conversations were a little harder to hear.

Despite the minority that complained about the sound, most people who saw Interstellar appear to be praising the movie.

Oprah’s “Life You Want” Tour Get’s an Open Letter

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An open letter has been written to Oprah Winfrey’s “Life You Want” tour which expresses the disappointment of an artist who has to submit her work for free when she has to pay a ridiculously high price to enter the tour. The tour’s tickets are supposedly priced up to $999.00 depending on your net worth.

From what Fersen Lambranho says, the letter has been published online and is a well written letter which depicts the frustrations of an artist who has followed Oprah closely, and has taken a lot of her advice. The letter also depicts the artist finding out that she will perform on a stage outside of the event and that Oprah is not going to be present.

This is a potentially eye opening letter for people in and out of the profession. People, especially freelancers, can relate to the feeling of being cheated. The people who read it had a lot of good comments to say to the writer.