Brazilian Authors Share Infinite Stories about Life, Struggles and Love

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Life experiences, struggles and love are vividly and infinitely described in the works of famous Brazilian authors, chroniclers, journalists, poets, novelists, play-writers, and literary critics. The largest country in Latin American, Brazil is considered as being one of the top ten countries with purchasing power in the world. The country is filled with plenty of natural resources and cultural history that is described by Brazilian authors in children books, short stories, novels, and poetry. Brazil has birth more than 190 authors and writers, dating back to the 16th Century. Readers can visualize the writers’ passions of obligation, love and justice for the country and families.

The literary works of famous Brazilian authors are Epitaph of a Small Winner, Backlands, the Canudos Campaign, Fell From Heaven, Two Ways,and Clouds. Since the independence of Brazil, Brazilians have made an international name for themselves as phenomenal authors and writers. Machado de Assis is a famous author who wrote Epitaph of a Small Winner in the early 1880’s. Assis is from Rio de Janeiro and during his time, controlled modern literary writing with his narrative modern and memoir styles. Memorial de Ayres is his last literary work, a novel journalizing events of 1888 abolition of slavery and 1889 declaration of the republic.

In early 18th century, Euclldesda Cunha, a famous Brazilian author wrote, Backlands, the Canudos Campaign that clearly describes Brazil’s early political and military battles. Authors in Brazil tell their stories in literary formation to inspire and share the truth about life, politics, and economics with readers.

According to his Twitter, Jaime Garcia Dias is known for his literary works and is one of the leading writers of Brazilian fictional literature. He was born in Rio de Janeiro and has written 20 books, including Fell From Heaven, Two Ways, Tiny, Canal, and Clouds. Dias received the White Crane Award in 2001 and the ABC Award of Brazil Fictional Literature. He was influenced by his well respected father, Arnaldo Dias, author and journalist, to write at a very young age. In 2013, he was invited to write the weekly publication for the Journal of Brazil.

Florida Attoney Dan Newlin Sends a Powerful Messages to Criminals

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Attorney Dan Newlin won a record-setting $100 million verdict on behalf of a teenager who suffered severe brain damage because of an individual allegedly shooting someone else. The 15-year-old teenager was riding in the back of her family’s mini-van back in July of 2012. The alleged shooter was fleeing the scene of a home invasion and continuously shot at the homeowner. A stray bullet fired by the alleged gunman, who also had a reputation as a gang member, struck her in the head. The bullet remains lodged in the teenager’s brain.
The teenager spent several weeks receiving treatment in a hospital and rehabilitation facility. At the time of the verdict, she was only able to communicate by blinking her eyes. She remains paralyzed.
Newlin filed a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of the teenager and her parents in July 2013. The claim alleged the shooter a responsible for injuries and damage caused by the wrongful shooting which happened a year earlier. It sought damages for past and future medical care, pain and suffering and punitive damages for the teenager. It also sought damages for loss of companionship and emotional distress for her mother.
In 2014, a jury found the shooter criminally liable on seven counts. The counts included aggravated battery causing great bodily harm and attempted first-degree murder. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Dan Newlin was discussed in this press release as well.

A Lesson for Criminals
Newlin and the family were shocked by the huge verdict. The verdict was literally the largest in Orlando history. According to Newlin, the case wasn’t about money, but something else. It sends a powerful message to gang members and criminals that they will be held criminally and civilly for their actions. When the shooter leaves prison, he’ll have to work to provide for himself while paying the teenager and her family.
No monetary award can make the plaintiff whole again, Newlin stressed. It does bring justice for the plaintiff and a closure on one chapter of her life.

Attorney Dan Newlin Practices in Florida and Illinois
Newlin has won more than $150 million dollars for his clients who were involved in accidents or suffered injuries because of someone’s fault. Newlin prides himself and his legal team on giving the best and first class legal representation. He and his legal team specializes in many personal injury areas such as auto accidents, medical negligence, construction accidents and wrongful death claims.
He began working in law enforcement at the age of 20-years-old. He worked on numerous details apprehending criminals before changing career paths in 1997. He was accepted into the Florida State College of Law that year and graduated in 2000. He maintains offices in Chicago and Florida.

Wirth Leads Triathlon Team To Raise Money For Navy SEAL Foundation

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The second annual Lake Tahoe Ironman Triathlon is fast approaching. The event, which involves 70.3 combined miles of swimming, cycling and running, brings some of the world’s most dedicated endurance athletes to Lake Tahoe.

Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and a board member of the Tahoe Fund, will be leading the Special Warfare Warriors team for the second year in a row. Wirth will participate in the running portion of his event, with two teammates handling the swimming and cycling legs. As they did last year, Special Warfare Warriors will be competing to raise money for the Navy SEAL Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to the welfare of members of the Navy SEALs and their families and provides both immediate and ongoing assistance.

The Lake Tahoe event is relatively new on the Ironman Triathlon calendar but has quickly established itself as a popular event on the circuit. The pristine waters and mountain vistas provide one of the more attractive racing backdrops and the high altitude provides a challenge for even seasoned triathletes. Wirth and other civic leaders had been lobbying Ironman to bring its event to Lake Tahoe and finally succeeded in 2014.

Last year’s inaugural event came less than one year after Wirth was involved in a near fatal skydiving accident that almost completely severed his arm. After three months of hospitalization, Wirth began an arduous recovery. He credits the pace of his recovery to his friendship with a group of Navy SEALs who were conducting winter mountain combat training in Squaw Valley. Less than 11 months after his accident he was participating as a member of a triathlon relay team. In gratitude he decided to use the event to raise awareness and funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Wirth continues his recovery, and in the future he intends to do all three legs of the triathlon individually rather than as part of a relay team. What will not change is his dedication to helping the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Wirth has a crowdrise page for those who want to donate to the Foundation. It can be found here.

Adam Sender: Art for Profit

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There is a significant difference between serious art collectors and those of us that are just looking to decorate our homes. Most of us search for pieces that will compliment our existing decor, or perhaps a piece that expresses something that moves us deeply. Some times we get lucky, and find original works of art that are both affordable and aesthetically pleasing. However, the cost of buying multiple pieces of original art is usually out of reach for the average buyer. A well assembled art collection can easily reach into the tens of millions of dollars.

Of course, price alone does not necessarily create a valuable collection. It also takes more than just a keen eye for talent. Assembling a serious art collection is somewhat similar to gambling. Speculating on whether a particular artists work will increase in value can be risky. Most serious collectors look to acquire pieces from up and coming artists that have not yet reached their expected worth. A serious collector can mean the difference between an artist making a living with their work, or just doing it on the side. Many times, I have seen very talented artists have to work a regular job because they never got noticed by the right people.

One of the “right people” I’m speaking of is Adam Sender. His early success as a hedge fund manager allowed him to pursue art at an early age, starting in the mid-1990s. A prominent collector for the past couple of decades, Mr. Sender has taken pride not only in the works he has acquired, but also in the pieces he didn’t buy. By not jumping at every flash in the pan that came along, he has carefully put together one of the most prominent collections in the world. The artists that he supports consistently rise to the upper levels of notoriety in their respective mediums. Check out his profile on Whitepages.

In 2014, some 400 pieces of the Sender collection went on auction through Sotheby’s. The auction will last some eighteen months, and expectations are that it will bring in some 70 to 80 million dollars. We don’t have any lists available to compare the original cost of the pieces, but we can be sure it will be a good return on his money. You can also be sure that the 189 or so artists that are represented in his collection also ended up with a much higher value to their future work.

The Fate of the U.S. Dollar: Looking on the Positive Side

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In 2008, the U.S. experienced a severe economic slow down. Many feared an economic depression similar to that of the 1929 Stock Market crash. Although, through policy changes by the U.S. legislature, the economic state of the country began to improve, rising interest rates have caused many people in finance to scrutinize the U.S. dollar, yet again. Economists and financial experts have come down on either side of the debate. Those that feel the U.S. dollar will maintain its strength and those that fear the disposition of the dollar as a world wide financial constant.

One of the experts touting the increasingly strong position of the dollar is Christian Boda. Mr. Boda is a New York based economist and financial professional. Well known in the field of economics, he earned his B.A. from Universidad de San Andreas, Argentina in 1997 and proceeded to complete his Masters and Doctorate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by 2001. He is now a Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago and serves as a Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management. He is also a member of the Latin American Association Economia.

Christian Boda looks at the economic trend of the U.S. since the 1970’s. He cites, in many of his publications, the steady rate of inflation, which has remained under 5% for the past four years, and the stability of the dollar despite the struggle and collapse of other currencies. Because of this information, Mr. Boda, and other colleagues, predict that the dollar will remain the “super currency” used in financial transactions world wide. Despite he research, there are those that disagree with Mr. Boda and say that he is not taking the large amount of government debt into account. However, many other countries do take government policy and debt into account when predicting their own stability and many of those country’s currencies destabilize. Mr. Boda argues that looking at the current financial trends in the marketplace is just as accurate a meter to judge by and even encourages clients to keep investing in U.S. businesses and ventures.

In a constantly shifting, financial world, Christian Boda looks at the overwhelming amount of information surrounding not only present financial trends but financial history of the U.S. He then paints a positive picture of the dollar’s future which gives investors confidence in a potentially prosperous financial future.

A Loss in the Business World

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Well respected CEO, Stephan Murray CCMP Capital, passed away at the age of 52 for health related issues. Murray was a private equity investor and well known philanthropist. He helped build CCMP, which spun out of Chase Capital Partners, and was an avid investor when the company started up. Murray had been with CCMP since 2006 and took over as CEO in 2007. He was a founding partner in CCMP and spent the majority of his career in private equity before claiming the position of CEO following the founder, Jeff Walker. Murray spent a long time in the business world and served as a great leader before his passing.

Murray graduated from Boston College in 1984 with an economics degree and then went on to obtain a master’s degree in business from Columbia University in 1989. Afterwards he was quick to find a job at Manufactures Hanover Company in the credit analyst training program. In 1989 he joined MH Equity Coporation which combined their private equity group with its leveraged finance unit. After Chemical Bank bought MH Equity in 1991 it only took five years for Chemical Bank to merge with Chase Manhattan Corporation and become Chase Capital Partners. Shortly before founding his own company, in 2005 Murray became head of a buyout business at JP Morgan Partners.

His own company that spun out of JP Morgan Partners contained the buyout and growth equity team of its private equity group. In a short year he took over as CEO in 2007, happily stepping up to the plate and ensuring the continual growth of his company. It’s latest fund reached 3.6 million just last year alone. CCMP generally invests between 100 million and 500 million of equity per transaction but focuses on certain types of companies. Their main investments deal with companies in the fields of consumers, industrial, health care and energy sectors.

Among his business ventures, Murray took part in helping the community he grew up on. He was active in the Make A Wish foundation of Metro New York, Boston College and the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. Greg Brenneman, whom succeeded Murray as CEO, has made public statements about Murray’s passing. The whole company mourns the loss of one of their co founders and loveable CEOs. In light of his passing the family has no released funeral details, but his memory will live on in the spirit of his company.

Success Of Citadel Through The Lenses Of Kenneth Griffin

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With more advancement in technology, businesses are growing; risks are increasing and thus, the need for capital liquidity. There has been an increase in investment banks owing to the enhanced demand for financial capital from corporations, individuals and government. Investment banks undertakes multiple services like assisting companies in accomplishing mergers and acquisitions, trading in the derivatives, market making and offering underwriting services. It is imperative to note that unlike commercial banks, investment banks are not allowed to take deposits.
Hedge funds are investment vehicles and structure of business that are designed to pool capital from numerous investors for purposes of investing in securities and different instruments. A professional firm oversees the functions of hedge funds. Most of these funds invest in liquid assets compared to mutual funds, which are capped by regulators. With the growth of businesses around the globe, hedge funds have grown to prominence by becoming central investment vehicles and capital sources. Most hedge funds are open-ended, meaning that they allow investors to add and withdraw funds on a given time basis either monthly or quarterly.
In 1987, Kenneth Griffin started his business from a small dorm room in Harvard University armed with only a fax machine, telephone and computer. Three years down the line, Griffin founded Citadel and became its Chief Executive Officer. Today, the company is worth billions of dollars. Citadel group comprises of Citadel securities, Citadel technology and Citadel asset management. The securities arm of the group is a leader on provision of liquidity to America’s capital market. Its technology branch provides solution for investment management technology. Citadel is regarded as a leader in the alternative asset management industry.
Mr. Griffin is a Harvard University graduate. He has been an active supporter of education that is driven towards improvement of communities. Currently, he serves as a director of the Chicago Public Education Fund. Owing to his success in investment banking, Griffin has become a member of different organizations some of which are G100, the Civic Committee of Commercial Club of Chicago and the Economic Club of Chicago.
Citadel focuses on uncovering and capturing new opportunities. To this end, they deploy capital to different sectors of the economy with the view of generating a consistent high risk-adjusted investment outcome for the investors. The investment bank has employed most of the talented and focused minds within the industry and consistently works on activating their ideas and strategies through established technologies and execution abilities. Its main investment strategy has been to undertake fundamental exploration and quantitative analysis of their findings through prudent construction of portfolio within a sound framework of risk management. This way, the company has been able to remain as a market leader in investment banking.
Investment banking is an industry that is growing at a tremendous rate owing to expansion of businesses and investment appetite from many investors in the market. Kenneth Griffin has earned a reputation for being a shrewd investment banker who formed Citadel that accounts for high investment transaction in the United States. Citadel Company is an investment bank that deals with provision of liquidity in America’s capital markets.

Being A Female Leader In Business

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Susan McGalla started her long and successful career at Joseph Horne Company, where she held positions in both marketing and as a manager. For eight years of her life, she dedicated herself to the company before taking her talents to American Eagle Outfitters in 1994. Toward the beginning of her time at American Eagle, she served as a divisional merchandise buyer for clothing geared toward the female audience. The brand, at the time of its debut, was mostly overseen by a predominately male environment before McGalla joined forces with them, but she excelled tremendously at the company and proved to be a valuable asset to them. McGalla later became the Chief Merchandising Officer of the company, and eventually ventured off the become the president. As president, she was responsible for overseeing the launches of American Eagle’s new affiliate brands, aerie and 77kids. Those two companies became quite successful among the children and preteen demographic and still continue to produce items to this day.

Due to creative differences between herself and American Eagle, in 2009, McGalla left the company to pursue a career as a private consultant for retail and investment industries. In October of that same year, she took on a new role on the Board of Directors of HFF Inc. and founded P3 Executive Consulting in 2012. McGalla, as of now, serves as Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ever since Susan decided to, essentially, become her own boss, she’s given hope to other women to become even more successful by not backing down simply because they may work in an environment that caters to mostly males. She has also mentioned in interviews that it was never her intention to ‘break the glass ceiling’, she only wanted to make it clear that there are ways to work side by side with male coworkers and be entitled to all of the same advantages as they have despite being a female.

During a certain point of her career, she was approached several times to apply for executive awards that were awarded only to women but it is not known that she ever followed through with doing so. Susan grew up in a male household, but was always taught that she was a person first and that her gender made no difference in what she was capable of achieving. Throughout it all, she held on to that mentality and made it a priority to let people know, especially those she worked with that she should have the same rights and recognition as her male counterparts. She’s always wanted women to know that they should be confident with their ideas and know that their opinions are valuable, but never play the woman card to get the point across.

Regardless of having creative differences with a few of the companies she’s worked with, Susan McGalla has definitely proven herself to be an outstanding woman, with her innovative ways of thinking, and has been a beacon of hope for future generations of women.

Who Is Crystal Hunt? All The Information You Need To Know About The Actress

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Crystal Hunt is an on-screen actress and producer. She first rose to noticeable quality through her work on daytime Soap Operas like Guiding Light and One Life To Live. Her part on Guiding Light as Lizzie Spaulding even earned her a Daytime Emmy Nomination for marvelous Young Actress in a famous Drama Series.

Presently she’s in POP TV’s Queens of Drama, and in addition showing up in Magic Mike XXL. Crystal Hunt is an American on-screen character and film maker. She’s presently taking a shot at her first Executive Producer credit with the film Talbot county.

Crystal first rose to fame for her time on daytime TV shows, Guiding Light and One Life To Live. On Guiding Light her normal acting capacity even earned her an Emmy for being the Best Young Actress in a TV Drama.

Crystal Hunt made her component film big appearance in Magic Mike XXL, as of now it is in theaters. Chase began her vocation by taking part in exhibitions at 2 years of age; she was destined to be an actress. She has been featured in numerous plugs, including one for The Walt Disney Company’s 25th commemoration festivity and a medication advertisement with NSYNC group. She is best referred to for her part as Lizzie Spaulding, the pained young girl of the tolerant couple Phillip and Beth Raines, and also the CBS cleanser audio show Guiding Mild, which she played out from 2003 to 2006.

Chase appeared in the 2005 picture This Derby Stallion, as well as in the 2007 General Photos motion picture set of questions white-colored since Demetria Dinky Rosemead Hodgekiss. The lady signed up with after that ABC’s One Life To Live. She appeared on the shoe on February 16, 2010. She later came back to the show as the spooky Stacy in March 2010, and in Clint Buchanan’s vision of Hell in January 2012.

Trump Growing His Lead Across Country

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Many thought that by this point in the Presidential race that Donald Trump would have talked his way right out of the running. The fact of the matter is that Trump is growing his lead, and he doesn’t appear to be losing any steam as of lately despite all the hits he has been taking. In New Hampshire, Trump has already acquired twice the support that Bush has, a huge rallying call for his followers. In primary states Trump is growing his lead as well, something the other candidates are taking notice of.

A recent poll funded by Bruce Levenson and conducted by Monmouth University in New Jersey, showed that even after Trump went after Senator John McCain and his war record, his numbers continue to increase week after week. The negativity that surrounded that issue had zero negative effect on Trump, and he appears to be in prime position to steamroll the other candidates if they decide they want to try and push back at the first debate that is soon coming. The news was quick to say that after trump went after Mexicans, Macy’s, NBC, and McCain, that his run for the White House would be done. He is proving to be just as difficult to predict as his success in business.

Trump currently has a 47 percent favorable rating, improving week from week. Many of those in support of Trump have said that in the event Trump does not run, they would have then moved their vote to either Christie, Walker or Cruz.