Barbara Stokes: The Mind behind Green Structured Homes

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Barbara Stokes is a graduate of Mercer University where she attained her degree in the year 2001 in BSE, Biomedical/ Medical Engineering. She has also studied Thermodynamics, Technical Communication, Structure, and Properties of Materials and Manufacturing and Management. She is a highly skilled government contractor. Some of her other set skills include construction, project management, project engineering, and manufacturing. Barbara has previously worked for Pisces Corporation and Boeing. Since 2011, Barbara Stokes has been the CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC. She is married to Scott Stokes and has three children. Barbara not only involves herself with her career but also with her community where she volunteers.

In 2008, Barbara and Scott Stokes co-founded Green Structured Homes of Alabama, LLC (GSH). GSH is a construction company that offers a wide variety of unique options for those who contract them. They mainly deal with disaster relief. GSH designs both modular and mobile houses for either residential or commercial structures. Their services are employed all over North America. Where they are making mobile homes, they build and deliver to the specified location. They also do onsite construction. GSH has over 30 years’ experience; this a total experience from their top management. Follow Barbara Stokes on

GSH has worked on different projects like:

They have accomplished major projects over the years. Throughout out their work, clients have expressed satisfaction with their work and services. GSH also offer in-house services like land planning, ICT support, and project management services among others.


Recently, Scott and Barbara Stokes have announced for manufacturing jobs that will be in eight different states. The involved states are; Minnesota, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Alabama. These jobs are following the awarding of a contract by FEMA to GSH. This task will major on providing homes for the victims of hurricane Harvey. GSH being a renowned firm with the best quality homes, these families are assured of the best houses. There will also be an increase of activities and growth in the communities where the manufacturing will be taking place. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Louis Chenevert the Enigma

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Mr. Chenevert was born in the year 1958 to French and Canadian parents. He later went on to attended the Université de Montréal where he graduated with a degree in production management. The retired UTC CEO has a list of awards under his belt, he has, for example, been awarded the 2010 Pace Awards and the 2009 Honor Awards.

Louis Chenevert is a man rich in experience. He is a man who has, through hard work and dedication, crafted a reputable name for himself and left a legacy that will undoubtedly surpass the test of time. Visit to know more.

For 14 years, Louis worked for General Motors. He later left this position and joined the Pratt & Whitney which is a unit of UTC, United Technologies Corporations. His zeal and expertise saw him secure the Pratt & Whitney president position in 1999. He went on to work for six more years before he was promoted to the Chief Executive Officer position of UTC.

Louis Chenevert excellent leadership and management skills have seen him oversee the company make profits worth billions. He has conquered and achieved that which is still a dream for other corporate executives. One significant achievement is the procurement of Goodrich; he was among those who spearheaded the tedious yearlong negotiations that led to the purchase of the company.


Chenevert and UTC as a whole, has significantly focused on investing in the newest forms of technology in the market and most importantly, investing in the human resources available. The company has demonstrated its high value and appreciation for people through the Employee Scholar Program. The program was formulated to help cover the fee expenses of those employees who wished to further their education.

UTC reaped greatly from his management. His work has been exemplary and his contributions excellent. It was during his era that the company secured the title of the only institution that could supply the F-35 engine to the USA government. A recent report from Forbes showed that since he began his work in United Technologies Corporations, the establishment has only scored and doubled, if not rippled, on its production. Read more on

Benefits of New Cancer Treatment Centers of America Strategic Oncology Platform

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Cancer patients that come to Cancer Treatment Centers of America quickly realize that this elite healthcare team is not afraid to try new methods. It comes as no surprise that this healthcare giant teamed up recently with other healthcare notables Nanthealth and Allscripts to pronounce a brand new cancer care platform. This new advanced medical breakthrough tool enables a greater coordination of all cancer care abilities in one easy to use space. The massive amounts of cancer care patient statistics with relevant treatment options known to work are analysed by a computer program. A doctor only needs to access this medical library to get unbiased information at his/her fingertips.

Since this novel platform resides in a computer program, the speed at which healthcare providers can learn the information translates to better and faster patient care all around. The doctor can use this platform to order treatments, tests, medications and more. Since all patient and drug side effects, compatibility options and more are there for the medical provider to see. The risks for each patient will get dramatically lower with this increase in instantly accessible information. This healthcare tool can simplify a cancer specialists research drastically. This means faster response time if any adverse issue is detected somewhere in the treatment plan.

The cost of expensive cancer drugs and other forms of treatment have patients considerably stressed. With this new program, doctors can find swift statistics on treatment and drug costs. This can give the patient more options when deciding on a course of cancer care therapy. Since this research is inputted by completely unbiased medical specialists, certain therapies and drugs will not be promoted over others. This unique way of information gathering is hoped to standardize cancer care in different facilities and locations. As always, CTCA leads the charge.

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Nick Vertucci – Sharing Real Estate Knowledge

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Nick Vertucci is a prominent real estate entrepreneur who established The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Nick was a businessman who was mainly concerned with business dealings prior to venturing into the world of real estate. Success did not come easy for him as he had to toil his way to the top. Nick set up his personal venture and in turn, reaped the benefits of working under no supervision. However, things took a different turn when he eventually lost all his resources and had nothing left to his name except his home.

Nick’s interest in real estate was initiated by his friend who brought him along as a guest to a three-day real-estate seminar. This seminar was a great learning experience for him as he discovered that real estate might be the answer to his current financial debacle. Nick then took it upon himself to study, train, and fully grasp every aspect of real estate there is to know.

It took him a decade of intense and vigorous study of real-estate to acquire the necessary knowledge, but he eventually garnered enough expertise in the field to be successful. His rise to fame came almost immediately he started his real estate endeavors. Soon he was ranked alongside the real estate billionaires, and he thought it wise to enlighten others about the systems in the hope of assisting them to remodel their family’s financial legacy and also help clear their debts. He understands the struggle that most people face when venturing into real estate which is what inspired the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy establishment.

The NVREA is an organization that mainly offers solutions to problems experienced by real estate startups when laying out money in real estate. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy group of highly skilled leaders are centered on schooling real estate entrepreneurs on how to succeed and make it a point to educate real estate entrepreneurs on everything real estate so as to help them address everyday real estate challenges head-on.

The academy provides practical lessons through dynamic participation experiences to their students with the aim of assisting them to discover their individual dreams and live up to their ambition. NVREA covers marketing investments in addition to other things. The organization guarantees knowledge on how to attain and maintain long-term financial freedom.

The great Successes of Cameron Clokie

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According to a regenerative medical expert Cameron Clokie, the concept of regenerative medicine relies on the use of molecules or cells from an individual’s body, or other person’s body tissues to repair a structure in the victim’s body that may be functioning abnormally probably due to injury or other complications.

Though a significant number of people are impressed by the science of regenerative medicine, a considerable amount is also astonished by the law number of stem regenerations that are conducted currently. Though some people have had a chance to get treated by the highly skilled personnel’s like Cameron, a number of them also suffer from the massive amounts cashed to them by the private hospitals, which at times lack the knowledge of the procedures that would best suit their patients.

Regenerative medicine, however, marked a high success in the early days of its invention as many hospitals have now adapted its use, particularly in the treatment of cancer. Regenerative medicine concept has been used in blood transfusion in the early times of cell therapy.

A significant number of blood cancer patients have also benefited from the idea of bone marrow transplantation, which entails the transplantation of it stem cells from a donor to the affected individuals to spark the growth of healthy new cells. Despite the high success in regenerative medicine, a significant number of medical fields do not specialize in the area. The enormous expenses associated with regenerative medicine are also the primary reasons behind the few people practicing it.

Cameron Clokie, who is a medical expert, entrepreneur, and scientist believes that the concept of regenerative medicine has significant benefits to those involved but due to the enormous costs associated with its research and procedure, a significant number of people fail to afford its cost. Cameron has helped many patients deal with their diseases through bone regeneration procedures. He has also continued to offer advice to people concerning bone regeneration, and his establishment of the Induce Inc firm, which specializes in bone reconstruction and rehabilitation is one of his most significant achievements in the medical field.

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Ricardo Tosto; getting experienced lawyers in Brazil

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Lawyers are highly respected in every corner of the globe. Brazilian lawyers are among the most sought after due to their exceptional skills and experience in representing their clients. The Brazilian legal system is hard to navigate without a competent lawyer to guide you through every process. A few people can navigate the Brazilian Legal structure without the help of a legal professional.

Besides, the Brazilian constitution was passed barely two decades ago. As a result, a lot of people are interested in learning about new constitution since it has been in application for slightly over two decades.

Most of the Brazilian lawyers launch their career at an early age, with a significant number starting at the age of 23 years. They spend about 5-6 years in a Law school from where they graduate with a degree in law. They also spend one year in a law firm where they get hands-on experience in legal practice. All certified best Lawyers in Brazil must pass the Brazilian Bar examination.

How to find a good lawyer in Brazil

In 2011, figures in public domain estimated that there were about 676,845 certified lawyers in Brazil. More lawyers were still in school at the time. This, therefore, means there are close to a million lawyers in Brazil. This, however, doesn’t come as a surprise bearing in mind that Brazil is one of the most populated countries on earth. There is high demand for legal services in the country. Besides, Brazil has evolved to become a business hub, which has attracted numerous international investors into the country. Brazilian lawyers are trained to represent individuals and corporations in a court of law.

Some of the big law firms in Brazil employ a huge number of lawyers who specialize in specific areas. Therefore, you can expect to get full-service when you visit such a law firm. Some of the reputed law firms in Brazil include Leite Tosto e Barros.

The law firm was established by Ricardo Tosto, one of the most sought-after lawyers in Brazil. Ricardo has been in the legal profession for several decades, and he is therefore conversant with the Brazilian Legal system. He specializes in Banking contracts, Credit Recovery, bankruptcy, election law, commercial and civil law.

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Susan McGalla: Constantly Challenging the Status Quo

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In the recent article on, “How Pittsburgh’s Susan McGalla Paved the Way for Women in Leadership” author Joe Williams talks about the impact that executives like Susan McGalla have on the business world and where there are opportunities for change. While there are more women coming into leadership roles, the author believes that there are still things that can be done to increase gender diversity.

In the article, one of the things that the author points out is that women are still not being given positions in leadership. While there are extensive leadership campaigns aimed at diversifying the workforce at this level, women simply are not occupying these roles. The problem comes down to support. If these young leaders had a mentor that seemed to take interest in them and give them a shot, they would have a better chance at advancing. This would eventually help the companies, as the author points out, because adequate gender diversity can increase a company’s overall performance. Executives like Susan McGalla are examples of what can happen when women are given a chance to show what they can do in the work place.

After graduating with her B.A. in Business and Marking from Mount Union College, McGalla went on to work for the Jospeh Horne Company. Her time there was spent growing her managerial and marketing experience. McGalla then started her corporate career at American Eagle Outfitters, during a time when all the other executives in the company were men. With her hard work and grit, McGalla constantly challenged the status quo. She began to build a career with American Eagle Outfitters that ended with her being named the President of the company.

After getting a taste of the leadership in the business world, McGalla set out and founded her own consulting company. This thrilling opportunity allowed her to expand her business portfolio, while serving in a variety of other interesting positions. Currently, McGalla is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers and a consultant. To this day, her career there has been marked by great success and innovation. One thing McGalla hopes to do as she continues down her path is inspire more women in her industry.

Talos Energy Makes Waves as a Startup

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In a collective venture between Talos Energy of Houston, Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas, and the London-based Premier Oil, the first offshore oil well in nearly 80 years, has made its way to Mexican waters. This new deal further confirms Mexico’s commitment to allowing foreign competition within its energy market. Prior to the launch of the drilling on May 21st, Petroleos Mexicanos, had been the only company to partake in drilling within the country’s waters since 1938, when Mexico decided to nationalize its oil industry. The three companies won the rights to drill at the Zama-1 well in the Sureste Basin in 2015, and in what is expected to take up to 90 days, will produce between 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude oil. Elaine Reynold’s, an analyst at Edison Investment Research, based in London, recently went on record to discuss the watchful eye that the industry will be placing on the drilling taking place at the Zama-1 well. She further added that the basin’s structure signifies a good sign in regards to the success of the drilling. As Talos Energy is the operator of the well, it owns a 35% stake, while Sierra and Premier hold a 40% and 25% stake respectively.

Talos Energy was started by Tim Duncan and his partners with $600 million in equity and assets gained after the selling of their former company, Phoenix Exploration, to Apache Corporation in 2011. In February of this year, Talos Energy acquired a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions, spending $620 million, and after a very lucrative year is currently in the market to further grow the company. Mr. Duncan’s employees insist that, because Talos Energy is not yet a giant in its field, particularly when compared with Apache Corporation, having such an intimate setting allows a more entrepreneurial feel than what a larger firm could provide.


Collaborate from the NFL and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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The National Football League Alumni Association, Lab Crop and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, are teaming up to bring more awareness to men about prostate cancer and the importance of early screening. Starting on September 1st and going through October 15th, 2,000 men at selected locations can receive free prostate screening.

After the 2,000 mark is met, the locations will only be charging $25 for men who still want a prostate screening. The purpose of this is to get men 40 years old and over in early to be checked for prostate cancer in order to catch the cancer in its early stage. The campaign will start in New Jersey at a conference for the NFL films. Events will be going on around the country to get more men to participate. Like, a event in Atlanta at City Hall with former NFL player DJ Shockley.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a medical treatment centers that specialize in cancer patients. The centers are located in Illinois, Oklahoma , Pennsylivina , Arizona and Georgia with headquarters are in Boca Raton , Florida. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer physical and emotional help for cancer patients. They use some of the most advanced technically and treatments to assist their patients on their journey in getting better.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America also extends their presence internationally to help cancer patients around the world. They have done work in places like Mexico City to working in the Middle East.They let cancer patients come to any of the five American hospitals for treatment and help them every step of the way. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are highly accredited and have been dedicated to detecting cancer early and improving the lives of individuals who have been affected by this disease.

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Inventive Measures to Safeguard Company Data

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Company data protection is paramount. Over years’ passwords have been used to this effect. However, with the current technology threats, passwords use is no longer a sufficient method of safeguarding vital data. Hackers have caused risk to individuals and institutions data through their unauthorized access to computer systems. They are known to break into the systems and retrieve usernames and passwords.

Security experts are discovering methods to counter the challenge of data insecurity. The invention of multi-factor verification might be a universal solution. The use of the biometric solution is identified as an alternative system confirmation.

Biometric technology involves individual behavioral and physiological characteristics. Security professionals have to identify compatible behavioral, physiological and password verifications. These combinations will boost the access strategies and overall company security controls. The biometric approach has successfully responded in the academic environments, but yet to be tried in other areas.

Many companies may not manage to use the biometric readers to safeguard their information. The readers are extraordinarily costly, and for complete authentication, the technology requires everyone to have access to biometric readers. The behavioral or physiological access to the biometric reader may not be possible to each employee.

Though the biometric method has been proposed to enhance data security, it is not a guaranteed option. Cybercriminals are known to invent forged fingerprints from public areas, pictures or glassware imitations. Companies are thus advised to be cautious while selecting authentication combinations for the biometric technology.

Employees who work out of the office are known to have contributed to organization information insecurity. The access of internet from other unsecured sources pose high chances of danger on company data. To make sure company data is safe, security experts must implement measures on how to authenticate individuals who work out of office. Security as a service, enterprise mobility, and access management are identity solutions designed for the out of office workforce.

About OneLogin

OneLogin is a leading cloud management platform that offers speedy and security services to the modern business. It provides secure multifactor authentication single-on and directory integration. Most enterprises use Onelogin to secure their company information. The security platform provides fast and efficient data management solutions. It makes sure users applications are protected despite their location and access devices. OneLogin’s safeguards million entities around the world by use of their authentication system.