‘Looking for Alaska’ Finds Its Director

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The “Looking for Alaska” movie, based on the book of the same name by John Green, is moving forward. Green announced on Twitter that Paramount has chosen a new director. Rebecca Thomas will take on the job.

Last summer, Green posted that actress and filmmaker Sarah Polley would write the screenplay and direct the adaptation. There’s no word yet on why that fell through, but Brian Bonar can’t wait to hear on LinkedIn or some other outlet. Now Thomas will direct, with screenwriting duties going to Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, the men who adapted the big-screen version of Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars.” Jessica Tuchinsky, Mark Waters, Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey are producing.

Rebecca Thomas’ previous credits include 2012’s “Electrick Children” as well as two short films. This will be her first major studio film. Adam Sender and others can’t wait to see it.

“Looking for Alaska” has yet to receive a release date, but “Paper Towns,” also based on one of Green’s novels, is due in theaters in July.

Michael Keaton is on the Trail of Imaginary Friends Gone Rogue

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Michael Keaton is returning to the world of comic book movies. No, he will not be reprising his role of Batman. Ben Affleck has that job locked up for a number of years. Instead, Keaton will parlay his Birdman fame to star and produce the Boom! Comics’ title Imagine Agents for the screen. Hopefully, the film is going to be made pretty much for laughs. The concept of Imagine Agents is hard to take seriously.

The premise of the series centers on the notion all children’s imaginary friends really do exist. Some of those imaginary friends are actually pretty bad characters. When one of the evil doers does something awful, a special police task force shows up to set things straight. Michael Keaton is going to play the lead good guy who brings down the creepier imaginary friends.

Essentially, the goal here is to make a Men in Black-type film says Kevin Seawright. With the right script, the film could end up being a major sleeper success. Still, it is quizzical that Keaton would use Birdman as a springboard for a film like this. Maybe he believes the cartoon-like concept combined with innovative special effects help the film draw in the family audience. If so, then the film could end up a big success.

Keaton also has other projects in mind for the future. Tim Burton is working on a sequel to Beetlejuice, but not a lot of news is happening on that front. Keaton was in talks to appear in King Kong: Skull Island. Hopefully, he will take the opportunity to appear in the new Kong film. Anything with giant monsters and dinosaurs is sure to be a hit.

Kylie Jenner’s Breast Baring Gown

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Kylie Jenner normally is dominating the internet with her amazing selfie game, or making everyone gasp during one of her epic Instagram beefs. Lately Kylie has been everywhere and she is on everyone’s lips these days, her relationship with Tyga is still a very taboo hot topic and it has only just begun for them. At the moment Kylie and Tyga are inseparable and they seem to never want to part says Susan McGalla on PRNewsWire. If Kylie has and event Tyga is there and if Tyga has an even Kylie is never far behind. This week Tyga and Chris Brown have been busy touring Texas and Kylie was stunning at an event of her own.

Photos of Kylie at her Sugar Factory event have been circulating and everyone is flipping out over the massive amount of curves and cleavage Kylie is showing off in her sheer black gown and the mini skirt underneath. Kylie’s dress defied gravity and while some are not happy with the amount of skin the youngest Jenner is showing, most of her fans can’t get enough of her scandalous look.

In an Instagram post Kylie told her followers that her dress was being helped out by loads of duct tape. Judging from the amount of cleavage in the photo it is no wonder tape was needed, she nearly spilled out of her dress on camera, the duct tape was truly the MVP of that ensemble. Now that the event is over we’re sure Kylie is comfortable back to her sweats and sneakers once again.

Karrueche Demands Respect From Chris Brown

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Karrueche has put up with Chris Brown for too long, not only has she been with him when he was at his lowest, but he never seems to have a moment of honestly. For years Chris Brown has been in and out of jail, performed community service and stood in court countless times. Even with all of his legal issues Chris seems to have not learned a thing. He still exhibits the same ugly and wild behavior of a child. Through it all Karrueche has been nothing but a pillar of strength, even with the world against her love for Chris Karrueche has been there.

Most recently Chris and Karrueche were attempting to repair their relationship, after their epic holiday blowout. Nobody can forget the way Chris took to Instagram to the dirty laundry of their relationship to the world, not only has Chris humiliated Karrueche multiple times in public but he uses mind games to get her back. Now that Chris is trying to get Karrueche back, it’s too late. Handy workers don’t think it will ever work out as he plans.

Ever since the news that Chris was the father of a baby girl that at the time was already 9 months old, Karrueche has washed her hands clean. No matter how hard Chris has tried Karrueche has denied him time and again. Apparently Karrueche is done being Chris’s fallback plan, and she is not going to let him get away with hurting her once again with his lies. Chris isn’t happy with the way things are between them and he is sorry for his mistakes but he has to respect her for standing her ground and demanding better for herself.

Marvel Salutes “Jurassic World” For Beating “The Avengers” In Theaters

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Marvel is king when it comes to movies, and they’ve proven it time and time again. All Marvel movies have made a ton of money, including Iron Man, The Avengers, Captain America and more. Marvel Salutes “Jurassic World”. Since their movies make a lot of money when they get into the theaters, it may have been a surprise to them when they were surpassed by “Jurassic World” this past weekend. “The Avengers” movie has been out for a while now, so it’s unlikely that they would have stayed number one forever. Ever since Jurassic World came out, it made over $200 million in the USA alone.

Jurassic World hauled in over $500 million worldwide, and in its second week, the numbers are expected to go up even higher. Instead of Marvel getting upset over the fact that they have been toppled at the movie theaters, they decided to congratulate Jurassic World with an animated drawing of their own. In the drawing, you can see The Avengers looking up towards Chris Pratt, who is mounted on top of a dinosaur. It’s as if Marvel is saying that they pass the torch to the Jurassic World movie, and they are being good sports about it.

Anyone like Jaime Garcia Dias who is still looking for Marvel movies to come out on top, just wait for the new X-Men movies to come into theaters, which will be pretty soon. A Wolverine movie is expected as well as an X-Men movie.

Indiana Jones 5 is Coming in 2018

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Have you been wondering about the status of the new Indiana Jones film? You are not alone. Fans all over the globe have been wondering what is going on since Disney revealed the franchise was slated to be revived. Considering how much money Disney spent to acquire Lucasfilm, why wouldn’t the studio release a new film featuring the iconic adventurer?

Some news has just recently leaked and it appears “Indiana Jones 5” is going to hit theaters in 2018.

Who is going to be Indiana Jones? This is the big question on everyone’s mind like Sergio Cortes. Is Harrison Ford going to return to the role? As of right now, Disney/Lucasfilm has not spoken to the star about reprising his role. That’s interesting. Ford is already under contract to the studio for the Star Wars movies.

What about the rumors Chris “Jurassic World” Pratt is being offered the chance to play Indiana Jones in a total reboot? Disney has said those rumors are, well, just rumors.

2018 is still a bit away. As the months march on, we’ll likely learn more and more about what Disney is going to do with Indy.

‘Pitch Perfect 3′ Moving Forward

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When movies manage to branch out to different areas of entertainment to become multi-faceted money making properties, studios tend to jump all over the pictures with both feet. In the digital world, movies that can sell soundtracks as fast as movie tickets are few and far in between. Therefore, when the chance to cash in on a franchise began by “Pitch Perfect” rears its head, fans can expect some serious sequel power.

According to Screen Rant, “Pitch Perfect 3” is scheduled for a summer 2017 release date. The sequel is a big deal for sure, but the real news is that series staples Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will be reprising their roles as is director Zeca Oliveira (more info on Linkedin). The franchise has been a huge hit at theaters and has managed to get a lot of love on the download charts as well. Movie studios know a good thing when it comes up.

The interesting aspect of the third installment is that both Kendrick and Wilson will need new contracts, and the pesky problem of a script and storyline also need to be addressed. Of course, two years should be plenty of time to literally fine tune all the singing. Fans will likely expect a huge picture, and producers will be keen to deliver on those expectations. It is going to be very interesting as the film progresses through development to see fan reaction to leaks and details because anticipation means a great deal in the movie business these days.

The Good Dinosaur Voice Cast Announced

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Those who look forward to the debut of each new Pixar movie will be happy to hear that the voice cast of The Good Dinosaur has been shared. Those who are looking forward to the movie, like Flavio Maluf, that will be coming out at some point in the not so distant future will be happy to hear that they can now learn more about the movie and just who will be voicing it.

The list of voices for the upcoming movie will bring excitement to those who love each Pixar movie that comes out. Those who are looking forward to the release of The Good Dinosaur will be happy to read through the list of voice actors and to feel their excitement grow as they do. This is a movie that is being highly anticipated, and the actors who will be voicing it will be professional and special.

Jonathan Veitch – Occidental President Biography

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Jonathan Veitch was born in Los Angeles, California in 1959. He is an author, former professor, and is currently serving as the president of Occidental College in Los Angeles. Jonathan became Occidental’s 15th president in July 2009 and is a major advocate for liberal arts education.

Jonathan’s father, John Veitch, was the president of Columbia Pictures’ worldwide productions and Jonathan’s stepfather was actor Alan Ladd. Jonathan attended Loyola High School. He then went on to Stanford University where he received a degree in English and American Literature. John continued his education and received his doctoral degree in the History of American Civilization from Harvard University.

Jonathan served as associate professor in the University of Wisconsin, Madison English department. The University of Wisconsin Press published his award-winning book American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s.

Later, Jonathan served as dean of The New School’s Eugene Lang College for 4 years, where he lectured on cultural history, American history, and American film in the 19th and 20th centuries. Finally, he succeeded interim president Robert Skotheim at Occidental College.

Occidental College is a private, liberal arts college. It was founded in 1887 by clergy and members of the Presbyterian Church. Occidental is the oldest liberal arts college in Los Angeles and was ranked as No. 44 on the 2014 list of National Liberal Arts Colleges. In 2014, Occidental was named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll “with distinction”.

Jonathan is the first Los Angeles native to serve as Occidental’s president. He is credited for diligently working to improve relations between Occidental and the community. He hosted a public forum for Los Angeles activities and local officials to discuss the city’s environmental future.

John is married and has three children. He resides with his family in the Wallis Annenberg President’s House on the Occidental campus grounds.

GoT Promo Gives Few Hints at Finale

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Fans of Game of Thrones are eager as ever to see next week’s finale. The promo, shown last night, Sunday, June 7, provided little information though about what they should expect.

The opening scene showed what looked like the lands where The Hound faced off against Brienne, but there was no snow on the ground. Adam Sender found this interesting when reading the Observer. It might have also been the lands outside of Meereen where Daenerys previously rested with Drogon. The next scene showed Tyrion, Daario and Jorah sitting on different steps of the Meereen throne room stairs. They appeared to be waiting for something while looking downtrodden.

In the following scene, Jon looked worried and uncertain about something while Sam asked, “What are you going to do?”

Then, Cersei was kneeling before someone and explaining that she was “lonely and afraid.” Jaime’s voice followed with: “We don’t choose whom we love.”

Melisandre looked at melting icicles and announced that the Lord of Light had kept his promise. Stannis then announced the start of the Winterfell siege.

The next scene showed Arya in the House of the Black and White. Her voiceover said, “You’re no one.”

As the Arya scene transitioned to one featuring Brienne and Podrick, a Tyrion voiceover proclaimed “You betrayed her.”

The last scene showed, Sansa wearing Bolton colors saying, “If I’m going to die, let it happen while there’s still some of me left.”