Wes Edens’ Influence in the Financial World

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Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman were the brains behind the establishment of Fortress Investment Group back in 1998. The latter has since hang up his boots and currently spends a huge chunk of his time on car racecourses. The other two have stood the test of time and are still principals at the leading alternative asset management firm in the US.Since the inception of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens has actively been a part of the private equity division. The division has invested largely in real estate, infrastructure, media and healthcare. His vast experience ensures that he does not have a hard time with complex investments. He also co-chairs the board of the New York City based hedge fund manager.

He was involved in the formulation of the flat management structure. The leadership model provided numerous channels for employees to voice their opinions on different matters in the firm. Over the years, it has paid dividends as the employees do not feel intimidated while executing their duties. They also give their all and this has led to great fortunes for the company.Wes Edens attended the Oregon State University. He completed his studies in 1984 with a BS in business administration and finance. Three years later, he joined the Lehman Brothers as partner. This marked the beginning of an illustrious career. He also served as the managing director of the firm. In 1993 he moved to Blackrock where he served as partner and M.D. for another four years.

It was at the back of the success he enjoyed in these firms that he went on to join hands with Nardone and Kauffmann to establish their own company.The accomplished American business owner has also invested immensely in sports. He co-owns both FlyQuest and Milwaukee Bucks. He parted with $550 million in 2014 to acquire the NBA franchise. He did this alongside Marc Lasry. In 2017 the Bucks acquired an NBA D-league team. Wes Edens encouraged his basketball staff to make the most of the resources of the new team.The eSports team on the other hand joined the League of Legends and participates in the Championship Series of North America. FlyQuest is part of Fortress Investment Group’s plan to get involved in professional video gaming. It brings together eSports professionals who take part in different global competitions. FlyQuest was previously owned by Cloud9 who received $2.5 million for the franchise.Wes Edens intends to use his expertise in financial affairs to grow FlyQuest and bring on board valuable partnerships. He has set his eyes on the top eSports level.

Fortress Investment Group’s Years of Experience Gives the Push to Expand

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The New-York based Fortress Investment Group, originally founded in 1998 as a private equity firm, went world wide as of 2007 on the New York Stock Exchange. The firm disperses $43 billion in assets among more than 1,750 private equity investors, hedge funds, and permanent capital vehicles.Fortress Investment Group staffs over 900 with years of experience in all aspects of assets whether they be physical or financial, including owning, managing, pricing, and financing. The corporation specializes in investments based around assets, specific knowledge of particular sects of businesses, capital markets, business acquisitions and mergers, and operations management. Its asset-based investments consist of a numerous variety of assets which include financial and capital vehicles as well as real estate by way of credit and private equity funds.

The investments in these assets ensure a long-term flow of funds. The Fortress Investment Group operations management has the incredible capability via the excellent tools its developed to obtain the value of the finely detailed investments in which they make. No stone is left unturned when the company is studying the strategic, structural, and operational nuances of their range of investments. This track record of expertise has instilled each employee with a variety of knowledge spanning over a vast number of fields. Fortress Investment Group has gained a lot of experience over the past 20 years in the management of mergers as well as acquisitions, with the staff having an intimate understanding of and relationships with a vast variety of corporate stakeholders including management professionals and corporate board members.

This level of expertise makes it a company that specializes in capital markets with a significant level of experience in procuring financing through the debt and equity markets. Recently, the group has prepared to expand its operations into corporate lending under the ownership of SoftBank Group Corporation. It is striving to raise around $2 billion for its first fund dedicated to direct lending. Fortress Investment Group also has a $5 billion dollar target for its fifth installment of its flagship credit opportunities fund. Its predecessor fund was closed in 2015 with $5 billion.

Alex Pall Giving a Beautiful Show


Alex Pall and Drew Taggart agreed to sit down with Mathias Rosenzweig for Andy Warhol’ Interview Magazine. The interview revolved around how Taggart and Pall first started together and their regular working method when they are in the studio.

Live Show and Visuals

As far as working with the choreography of music and sound and lights this is something that has become very important to an artist as well as the fan, but as Pall mentions the show is “forever changing.” Each element is essential, and if a component of the show is given more attention than another, then you lose the balance. The fans come to be entertained, so the message is most important. That is why it is important that each show has to change. People change and the way an artist reaches the fans is to express how they experience the world as the fans do, but that is a challenge.

A New and Exciting Show

It is always the responsibility of the artist to give the fans a show that is “new and

exciting.” Fans will sometimes travel hundreds of miles or even cross the ocean to attend a performance and they want something that is memorable. It has to be “obvious” to them that you’ve prepared something special for their enjoyment.

Changing Things Up

It is important, says Alex Pall, that they don’t deliver the same things to the fans so that it becomes predictable. The same things could be the same set of songs or the same routine.

Stepping Back

Sometimes a band will get tired of doing the same thing over and over again and they go off and step back from the road. The big artist set the tone for new shows. You notice how they handle the pressure of the road and sometimes they decide to sit out a couple of years.


The Chainsmokers see themselves as performers an that has always been a main element of their show. Your words and music are always telling a story and as performers they make it live for the fans.


The Chainsmokers are always engaging with their audiences throughout the world and that means changing the way they present themselves to different fans wherever they are. they love performing and making their shows come alive.

The Chainsmokers

They began in 2012 and in a few short years have reached new heights in their song releases. Their first LP Memories…Do Not Open has reached #1 on the Billboard 200.


Tried and Tested Leadership with OSI’s David McDonald

David McDonald is the president and CEO of OSI Industries, a holding company of meat processors supplying meat products to food service enterprises and retail businesses. He is also a director of the OSI International Foods (Australia) Pty Limited, and Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A.

OSI Industries has enjoyed exponential growth in the domestic and global food industry and this growth is expected to continue for years to come. The company produces meats, vegetables, sandwiches, sauces, etc., and has solidified itself as the market leader in key markets around the world. OSI is flourishing in Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Baltic States, Sweden, etc.), India, Eastern Asia (China and Japan), and of course, the United States.

This behemoth’s foray into the Chinese market was not by fluke. David McDonald surmised that China is ranked fourth globally in terms of population and its middle-income group is burgeoning. This presents a huge market potential for OSI and hence the need to take full advantage of this opportune moment. Further, McDonald touts the slogan “In China for China” to signify the company’s dedication to growth in this promising market.

As of September 2012, OSI commemorated a two-decade presence in China and with plenty to smile about. One of the pivotal points happened during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. The nation was abuzz with expectation, bursting with tourists, and businesses racked in tons of revenue. OSI China supplied a staggering 113 tons of meat products, eggs, and onions. The company received high praise from the Beijing Olympic Committee for their outstanding service and registering zero grievances. Since then, OSI China has been the preferred supplier for super brands like Burger King, Subway, Papa John’s, among others.

Another significant milestone for OSI Industries is the expansion of OSI Food Solutions Spain. This high-investment endeavor comprised of adding an extra high-capacity like in Toledo hence doubling annual production to reach 45,000 tons of meat products. This strategic move will satiate the ever-growing demand for meat in Spain and neighboring Portugal. David McDonald inferred that expanding capacity would have three-fold benefits; increasing major accounts in retail, offering diversified products and spurring the growth of present clients.

About David McDonald: www.fooddrink-magazine.com/sections/producers/1308-osi-group

Jason Hope: His Outlook on the IoT for Airlines and Ant-Aging Medicine

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Jason Hope is a futurists, philanthropists, entrepreneur and businessman. He is a technology consultant that is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Hope is considered a technology guru. His insights into the use of technology for the future can rarely be matched. One type of technology that he predicted would go far, is called the internet of things (IoT). This science allows many devices, appliances, electronics and machines to be connected. The connections between these apparatuses is made possible through Bluetooth beacon technology.

The airline industry is currently dabbling with the many uses the IoT has to offer. Hope points out that the airline industry will be able to provide better customer service to clients through Bluetooth processes. For example, customers will be able to reach their flights without getting lost in the airport or they can be directed to the nearest restaurant or bar when their flight is delayed. Customers will also be able to download applications that will help them with their luggage in the event that it is lost or stolen. They can simply track a ticket with Bluetooth beacon to figure out where its located.

Jason Hope even believes that this technology will make flights more secure for passengers. Pilots can use this technology to take bio-readings on their passengers to ensure that they are okay during the flight. They can also use the IoT to figure out if something is being brought on board that might have been missed during the screening process. Tapping In: Jason Hope Reveals How IoT is Revamping the Airline Industry

Jason Hope doesn’t just believe that the IoT is the only thing that will impact the future. He also believes in the use anti-aging medicines. This philanthropist has given millions of dollars to anti-aging research because he believes it will slow down or even eliminate many of the problems with growing old. Hope realizes that some anti-aging research companies has already made some breakthroughs in this area. The work that is being done in this area of medicine can extend life for many years and it can also keep people disease free for a very long time. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

He will continue to support both areas of technology and medicine. He knows how important they are to the future and how they will help to improve life for all people. The predictions that are being made by Jason Hope are certainly coming true in many areas. The IoT and anti-aging medicine are two factors that will make the world a different place in the coming years. His facebook page

William Saito’s Unique Entrepreneurial Motives and Perspectives

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William Saito is the CEO of InTecur. He began to work with software programming while still in elementary school. He started his own software firm in his dorm room while attending University of California at Riverside. He was a student in their Biomedical Science program. He was recognized as a lead entrepreneur in 1998 for his talent in encryption, cyber security, and biometric authentication. He has also been named at the top of “100 Most Influential People for Japan” by Nikkei.


Saito founded Intecur after selling his previous business to Microsoft and then moving to Tokyo in 2005. InTecur is mainly a venture captial firm that helps to identify innovative technologies and develops international talent in ways to help entrepreneurs around the globe to be successful. Aside from InTecur, William Saito also serves as an adviser to governments internationally. These include organizations such as MIC, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, and is currently the Special Advisor to the Cabinet Office. He has also held several university teaching positions.


One of the secrets to Saito’s success is that failure is not a bad thing. It’s simply a necessary step to innovation and to finding out what works. He even says that if you’re not failing in some regard, it probably means that you’re not trying hard enough. He takes this attitude outside of the office as well. For example, after the 2011 tsunami, earthquake, and nuclear meltdown in Tohoku, William Saito stepped right up to the plate to serve as the Chief Technology Officer for the Japan Parliament.


When asked what his typical day is like, he makes it sound very simple. He stated that he simply spends most of his working hours with clients to get down to the bottom of their issue and then proceed to innovative solutions unique to them. He does not believe in rushing through things and says that that’s what he would tell his younger self if he could. He says that one thing that is true that almost no one agrees on is that cybersecurity and information security can act as real differientiators and give a real competitive edge. That is, compared to keeping up with the competition in the traditional way and making it a burden.


Another secret to William Saito’s success is simple perseverance. He says that anyone can make something that will sell once. It’s whether it sells more than once, and especially on an ongoing basis, that matters.



Eric Lefkofsky And His Journey To Become Successful.

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Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman from America who has been at the forefront of the business environment to create new developments. He has founded many organizations which include Tempus, Echo Global Logistics, Groupon and Lightbank which is a venture capital firm based in Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky was raised in Michigan where he came from a Jewish family.

He went to the University of Michigan where he got a first class honors, and he decided to further his studies where he joined the Law School in the University of Michigan. After he completed his education, he received Juris Doctor. After he finished his course on law, he partnered with his college friend, Brad Keywell and they borrowed some money from their relatives. They got the required amount and decided to buy Brandon Apparel which was a clothing company located in Madison. Later Eric Lefkofsky with his partner Keywell came up with an internet company which primarily dealt with internet products.

Their new business venture overgrew and within no time they sold it to Halo Industries. Later in 2001, Lefkofsky came up with a new company called InnerWorkings which offered print and procurement services mainly for medium-size companies. The company developed and eventually it had an Initial Public Offering. A few years later, Lefkofsky and Keywell created Echo Global Logistics which was a freight logistics company. They were able to get financing for their new venture, and this saw rapid growth for the company. Lefkofsky came up with another online platform called ThePoint.com which later changed its name to Groupon.com.

The company experienced tremendous growth, and Lefkofsky became the CEO of Groupon in 2013. He then stepped down as Chief Executive Officer to become Chairman of the company. During the period, he also co-founded Tempus which was a technology company formed to deal with the care of cancer patients.

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“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” A New Novel Met with Controversy

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“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” By Sean Penn was recently released to the public and has been met with some controversy. This novel is the first one written and published by Sean Penn. The former actor has decided to take on a new hat as an author. He expressed in a recent Rolling Stone interview that he greatly enjoys his new role. In the same interview, he states that he is no longer alone was acting and is currently enjoying working on creative projects that require less collaborative effort. The novel is written in a style that many people take exception to. The style has been criticized as difficult to read. However, it is a style that will resonate with many people as it has been compared to the works of Terry Southern and Thomas Pynchon. The novel was originally released as an audiobook in 2016 and was later released as a book. This unconventional release method was primarily due to the fact that Sean Penn hopes to get the novel out before the election.

The novel seems to take a lot of chances this is addressed by Penn as his choice to express himself. He believes that at his age it is not worth worrying about how a novel be received it’s more important that he gets written and expresses what he intends to express. He also understands that many people will not like the novel and he expects that. Sean Penn recognizes that many people will not appreciate the style or the message of the book but he hopes that many people will appreciate it.


The book centers on the main character who is of middle age. The character is hopelessly unhappy and feels isolated from society. He works a collection of part-time jobs in order to sustain himself. The most controversial of these jobs is his time spent as an assassin of old people. In this role, he chooses to use a mallet to end his victim’s lives. Throughout the adventure of the main character his perspective on world events is unveiled to the audience. A major source of it controversy is that people believe that this characters perspectives are those of Sean patents.


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Jacob Gottlieb, the son of Max and Hellen who are polished immigrants, was born in Brooklyn New York. With his father as a professor in Economics and his mother a pediatrician, Jacob developed an interest in both Economics and Healthcare which guided his education and professional pursuits. Jacob’s father set him up with his own investment trading account after winning a stock selection contest at school as a way nurturing his talent. He went to Brown University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Doctor of Medicine from NYU Medical School. He later pursued a finance career and a Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Jacob started his trading career as by side analyst covering global healthcare with Sanford C. Berstein & Co in 1998. He later left Sanford and joined Merlin Biomed Group as a healthcare Portfolio manager. Jacob later became a top earner after he joined Balyasny Asset Management which he later left to start Visium in 2005. Jacob continues to serve Visium as managing partner and Chief Investment Officer and has greatly helped build the company since its establishment in 2005.

Aside from being an investor, Jacob also works with the nonprofit Covenant House, the math for America and the poverty-fighting charity Robin Hood in New York. Covenant House was founded in the 1970’s and mainly focuses on helping the homeless youth. The organization in an international organization and it focuses on providing shelter, food and basic support. The organization also continues to offer services that include; healthcare, drug abuse treatment, educational support, mental health services, mother/child program, street outreach, aftercare among other services.

The organization has over the years grown serving over twenty cities in the US, Canada, and Central America and is currently the largest privately funded agency. Covenant house is also on the front of fighting Human trafficking in the US. The organization is the largest anti-trafficking coalition and acts as a powerful voice for funding and services. According to the organization’s research, the human traffickers target the homeless street kids, and this has therefore led to covenant house being the refuge home for the kids.

They offer care to the affected kids ensures that they can access good healthcare, education, food, shelter and all the services provided at covenant house. The organization also researches the kind of human trafficking the victims undergo, and they are therefore able to handle each case according as they also advocate for the rights of this individuals.


Ryan Seacrest Has Learned To Juggle The Responsibilities Of His Life

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Last year Ryan Seacrest left Los Angeles and moved to New York to host Live with Kelly Ripa. In addition to Live with Kelly and Ryan, his own clothing and skin care lines, On Air with Ryan and the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, he produces series including the America Idol and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Ryan Seacrest rises at 6:00 every morning. His days begin with a shower, a shave and a little moisturizer for his face. His general dress is a zip up hoodie, a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. He enjoys a matcha tea before his coffee to set the tone for his day.

Ryan Seacrest felt guilty when he worked out in his twenties and thirties. As time passed the physical aspect has become part of his balance, polish and distinction. He boxes with a boxing coach, uses a Pelton bike and loves to run in the park. He enjoys a little TV and the news in the mornings before heading to work from the Upper East side. He takes a car so he can read during the seven minute trip. He has learned to manage his time and only accepts requests or interviews during the second half of the day. He had to train himself not to immediately handle every incoming question. He has learned the importance of a que and self discipline.

According to gq.com, Ryan Seacrest enjoy a mainly vegan diet and considers himself a massive foodie. He says he only works to drink wine and eat well. He admits if he lived any other way he would not fully enjoy his life. He cannot possibly manage a two hour meal on weekdays but often indulges on Fridays and Saturdays. He enjoys a fantastic bottle of wine with a family style meal. Meditation was suggested for Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) but he says he is distracted far too easily. He has learned to put down his phone and sometime locks it in a safe during a trip. He believes not having his phone always available is a good thing. He stated the world will live on anyway.

Here’s an interview with Seacrest on the New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/12/fashion/mens-style/ryan-seacrest-works-out.html