How Beneful Has Changed My Pet

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As a dedicated pet owner, the last twenty years of my life has included one pet or another. My most recent pet, a large and beautiful Siberian Husky named Merric, had a rough start on life. He was not born into the most healthy situation. He was malnourished and looked as if he could never be rejuvenated. When I received him at six weeks old, I began an immediate journey to bringing up to the best health.

When I was choosing which puppy food to feed my pup, I knew that there was no other option than Purina’s Beneful. This puppy food was recommended to me by a close family member that had experienced success using this product. Merric was not interested in food when he first came home with me. However, when I introduced the Beneful dry puppy food to him, he was hooked. I knew that he was getting the nutrients he needed by eating Beneful. It is made using great quality standards and contains ingredients that act as antioxidants.

Merric is no longer a puppy, but a full grown healthy dog. He now eats Beneful adult dog food, which he prefers even over any treats. His snow white coat shines and he is constantly full of energy. I have never had any problem getting him to eat this product. There is never another dog food that I would attempt to use on my pets. In a time when I really needed some help nursing an unhealthy puppy, Purina had everything I needed to bring the light into Merric’s eyes.

When my friends and family ask me how I raised such a beautiful dog with no health problems, I tell them that I only feed him a diet of Purina’s Beneful. Just as I would my own child, I make sure that everything he takes into his body is helpful and safe. Beneful’s products are FDA approved and are manufactured in a safe and clean environment. The ingredients are pure, and are made from real products. The cheap dog foods that I see in the stores really disturb me. I know that they are made from artificial flavors and fillers. There is no way that I would change from the brand that I am using today. I hope that my opinion could sway the public to switch their brands to Beneful. It is great, healthy, and affordable. Every time I play outside with my sweet dog, I know that I have made the right choice in dog foods.

Rekindling The MJ Magic

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There was a certain type of magic that Michael Jackson brought to the stage. It may be hard to explain if one has never seen it, but those that have know exactly what others fans realize. Sergio Cortes also knew that Jackson was a champion performer that took command of the stage like no one else. This is the very reason why he was able to become such a huge Michael Jackson fan. In time he would also become the impersonator that MJ fans just cannot stop talking about.

It is easy to see how people have become fans of Jackson to see the magic with Sergio Cortes as well. He is one of the best because he puts his all into it. When Michael Jackson used to perform with his brothers there was a lot of time that was spent dancing between microphone stands and coordinating with the rhythm of his brothers. As he became a solo artist he spent a lot of time coordinating his dance moves with dancers for big numbers like “Smooth Criminal.” Sergio Cortes seems to have watched dance moves from Michael during his days with the Jackson 5 and during his time as a solo artist. What Sergio has picked up is a combination of all of these things. That has made him of the most prolific impersonators of this day and time. He does it all with such grace and charm. Fans of Michael Jackson would be hard pressed to ignore this type of talent.

The thing that has kept Cortes from instantly becoming a worldwide star is his starting point. He was born in Barcelona. He is many miles away from the city that Jackson grew up in, but he has been able to give performances that have transcended beyond language and geographical barriers. This is what has given him the edge. He has certainly done his best to become one of the greatest performers of this generation.

Michael Jackson left a legacy that would certainly make him one of the best in the industry. Sergio has imitated Jackson in a way that has allowed him to become the best in the industry. He is the only Jackson impersonator that has a full tour lined up. That shows his dedication and his determination to make his name known. He gives 100% every time that he steps out on that stage to dance.

Brazilian Author Owes His Success to His Father’s Inspiration

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When Jamie Garcia Dias won the ABC Award of Brazil Fictional Literature, this year, his father was the first person he thanked. Dias won the White Cane Award in writing, back in 2001. This award made Dias one of the youngest highly honored and respected Brazilian fiction writers. The 45-year-old published his first book when he was 18-years-old. The son of a respected journalist and writer, Arnaldo Dias, in his own right, was only 15-years-old when he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a writer. The son of architect Garcia Dulce Dias, began to write his first book. By his 30th birthday, Dias had authored more than 12 fictional books. Fifteen years later, Jamie Garcia Dias is the author of 20 fictional books.

The younger Mr. Dias was educated at the Arnaldino School. By age 18, Dias continued his studies at Rio de Janeiro College of Literature.

Being a noted writer was not the only aspiration that Jamie Garcia Dias had. The Rio de Janero native wanted to share his knowledge with many people by becoming a teacher. After studying literature in college, Dias was hired to teach reading and writing at Carioca Literature Academy, a prep school for students who want to study literature after they complete high school. Dias, the youngest person to be hired as a teacher, taught at the prep school for five years. Jamie Garcia Dias gave up his teaching position to become the vice president, and later, president of Carioca Literature Academy. He may owe his writing career to his father, but he is grateful to his favorite writers for inspiring him to reach the status of president of the prep school. The prep school is grateful to Dias for raising the grade point averages of their students since he first came to the school in 1993. The writer was credited with creating classes designed to enrich the students’ learning experience at the school.

Two years ago, Dias’ noted writing skills earned him an invitation to write articles for the Journal of Brazil, which is written weekly. He dedicates his articles to his father. The articles are based on Dias’ life growing up as a young boy in Brazil. Prior, to his appointment at the literary journal, Dias had his own journal called Wise. He uses many of the articles from his journal to help him write his articles for the major Brazilian publication. The journalist plans to publish all the articles he has written for the Brazilian journal, as a book. Dias does not plan to stop there. At 45 years of age, he plans to continue writing articles and novels for a very long time to come.

Susan McGalla Offers A Primer for Career Success

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Susan McGalla has this profound insight into tackling job dissatisfaction — what’s stopping you from a change? Everyone deserves to have a career that rewards, thrills and inspires, but you have to plan for success, and this may mean freeing yourself from barriers.

Sometimes we find ourselves in that comfortable, cozy and familiar, yet mind-numbing position that’s become uninspiring. You go through the motions and float through the day, and the funny thing is, you’re perfectly aware of your career boredom, yet you fail to take charge. According to McGalla, career planning is an evolving process that calls for short-term and long-term goals.

Getting Where You Want to Go

Susan McGalla on prnewsire transitioned from President at American Eagle Outfitters to the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers, and the driven executive shows that she easily embraces change. Beginning her career at American Eagle Outfitters in 1994, McGalla quickly moved up the ladder, serving in leadership roles along the way. During her time there, she was promoted to Chief Merchandising Officer, assuming overlapping responsibilities to expand their brand portfolio, while managing revenue and profit growth. In 2011, McGalla became CEO at Wet Seal, ultimately rejuvenating an outdated product line, and turning around the ailing company. As a direct result of her strategy, the resurrected company enjoyed high levels of profitability. Susan McGalla’s success has been apparent.

What Am I Doing Tomorrow?

Ambitious women make plans. We develop specific, realistic goals and objectives, but even before you begin jotting down your next five years, start with a quick self evaluation.

1. Skills: Do you have all the skills necessary to snag your dream career? If not, which skills could you acquire to make you more employable? How about your education? Do you have the required educational background, and if not, are you willing to return to school?

2. Personality: What motivates you? Do you prefer being part of a team, or are you more of an independent worker? A personality test could help you nail down these answers.

3. Profession: Are you looking to break into a new industry or is your current profession satisfying? If you’re looking to do new things in a new field, what are you options for getting your foot in the door? What kind of skills do you need?

At this point, you should be able to create a list of objectives and form your action plan. It may be overwhelming, and even frustrating when looking over your list, but keep in mind if you want a dream career that motivates and inspires you; the first step is realizing that career is worth planning for.

Brazilian Law and American Law

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There are plenty of lawyers in Brazil. One of them is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira. In Brazilian legal practice, he is among the most prominent leaders and strategists. He had his beginnings in a small law office before moving on to the most experienced litigation law firm in his area. He would soon establish his own firm, and it would become one of the largest in Brazil. His past tasks include defending public personalities as well as companies in cases with national recognition and providing legal services for the most important Brazilian corporations and multinationals as well as for politicians of all ideological views and the government. He is a pioneer in adopting certain legal mechanisms, and these tools became commonly used tools throughout the Brazilian legal community. Most of his current partners were mentored by him, and he oversees his firm’s most important cases. He also offers creative strategies as well as specific leadership when there are problems. He also practices in areas of Banking Contracts, Bankruptcy, Credit Recovery, Acquisition Review, Reorganization, Administrative Law, Business Restructuring, Election Law, Civil and Commercial, and Power Recessions. Also, he has previously worked at the HR and Legal Management of Grupo Rede as adviser, Fundacao Rede de Previdencia Privada as director, and Grupo Alusa as legal and administrative superintendent. To conclude, other past and current occupations of Ricardo include president of the Judicial Modernization and Judicial Reform Committees at OAB/SP, member of the International Bar Association, member of the Board of Directors of the Study Center for Lawyer Societies, member of the Steering Committee of the Institute for Management Development – Lausanne – Switzerland Alumni Association in Brazil, member of the Consulting Council of Brazilian publishing house Revista dos Tribunais, and founding member of Brazilian Institute for Political Party and Election Law Studies.
Because this one lawyer has been discussed, the differences between Brazilian law firms and American law firms are to be discussed. First, a Brazilian law firm has a Civil Law judicial system, while an American law firm has a Common Law Precendents judicial system. Secondly, a Brazilian’s firm legal structure is a “society” rather than an enterprise, while an American law firm’s firm legal structure is that it may be registered in different modalities such as “Sole Partnership” or “General Partnership”. Thirdly, registering an Brazilian law firm is based on a national statute called “The Civil Code”, but is registered in each state, while registering an American law firm is registered as any other corporation following local rules. Fourthly, Brazilian law firms are mostly small with average and large sizes as exceptions, while American law firms are trended to be consolidated in large firms. Fifthly, both Brazilian and American law firms are focused on partner names in terms of entity names. Sixthly, many Brazilian law firms have been looking for less regulation for the profession, while some US segments are looking for just the opposite. Finally, regulation for Brazilian law firms is produced by the Council of Lawyers in Brazil.

John Textor: A Leader in the Visual World

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John Textor is the developer of entertainment business across a variety of ventures and technology platforms.He currently is the Chairman of Pulse Entertainment Corporation of visual effects. The company is extremely creatively focused. They focus on unique high impact applications. The company also specialize in developing Holographic Virtual performances, Live action feature films, Live Concerts, Family-focused Animation Feature films and Education. Textor had studied at Wesleyan University, where he had earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics.

He is a revolutionary in being able to make realistic photos and digital humans. Since January 2009, Textor has served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer. Textor is the founder of Wyndcrest Holdings, LLC, which is a Florida base company that put their efforts on technology-related opportunities in the entertainment field.The company also focus on telecommunications and the Internet.

During November 2002 to April 2005, Textor was the Chairman of Baby Universe Inc. Baby Universe Inc was one of the top e-tailers that specialize in selling baby products to new and expected parents.He has also been employed with an array of different merchant banking and investment banking capacities. When Textor was the Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Productions and Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Media Group, the companies together were responsible for created the visual effects of more than 80 large scale films. Twenty-five of those films was established under the leadership of Textor. Some of the movies he worked on includes the like of Transformer, Tron: Legacy, and the Caribbean at the World’s End to just name a few.

He has also served as the producer of Art Story. Art Story is a film that is being developed by some of Disney’s greatest filmmakers Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams. He had also served as he producer and executive producers in Ender’s Game. Ender’s Game is a film that is a science feature fantasy film that was released back in November in 2013.

IMDb tells that Textor had solidified his self as a leader in market leader in visual effects. He has won multiple Academy Awards. He also won Clio advertising awards, and the most prestigious honor he received was being recognized as the first visual effects company to create a realistic digital human actor in the film Curious Case of Benjamin Button. That achievement is known as the “Holy Grail of Animation”. One of Textor greatest highlight throughout his career was the breakthrough appearance of a digital Tupac at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music Festival. Another notable creation was the resurrection of Elvis Presley, which was the first production of its kind. He is truly one of the leading and best in his field of work.

Slyce: Startup of Visual Search

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Slyce is a Toronto based startup company in visual search and recognition. The technology that they developed allows users to identify and purchase items instantly by snapping a picture of it with a smartphone.

Mark Elfenbein and Erika Racicot are co-founders of Slyce and in 2011 they saw the strong emergence of the Smartphone and saw it not as just a tool for purchasing items directly but as a way for consumers to share things they find interesting and love through posting images to family, friends and various other people and companies.

Slyce was launched in February of 2013 as a technical search provider in “Visual Search” and helps retailers and brands connect with customers night or day. There are six top companies in North America that are working with Slyce and one of those well known retailers is Neiman Marcus.

Imagine recognition shopping has not changed since it was first introduced by Amazon, but Slyce hopes to change that through “Advanced Visual Recognition Technology” and it has acquired the funding needed for that. Another result of Slyce’s technology is the Snap-to-Buy platform that is integrated into a retailers website to identify products that can be purchased straight from smartphones. Also social media platforms can be used to purchase products as well.

Amazon technology that allows shoppers to point their mobile device camera at products and find Amazon does have some limitations that requires the product to be in its original packaging, but Slyce technology does not have that limitation and can identify a product whether it is inside or outside of the original packaging.

Currently Slyce’s marketing drive is centered mainly around the building of partnerships and relationships with top consumer brands and brand marketing is mainly focused on building and establishing relationships.

Slyce went public in April of 2014 and acquired some companies for their technology, such as Tel Aviv based BuyCode and the Minneapolis Drivetrain Agency.

Slyce is growing in Toronto and Calgary and over the next few months we will be focusing on HR and development and will be looking for people to join our team. Currently we are looking for an exceptional database engineer and other talented people.

The Essence of Environmental Law

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Frans Schoeman has been in the legal practice for years now and he has built himself a great reputation. He has established one of the largest law firms in South Africa and as a result he has established a relationship with some of the greatest organizations in the area. He runs his law firm alongside his wife who has been a major partner and a co-founder of the form located in Belleville. One of the greatest achievement that Frans Schoeman has achieved so far was an arbitration case that amounted to millions of South African Rand attracting public attention in the country.

When it comes to law, there are different type’s areas of coverage and these areas are separated to make it easier for policy makers to create effective laws. Every aspect of human life is catered for in law including the environment. As a matter of fact, the environment has been the main focus as policies to control the current destruction of natural resources are being formulated from left, right, and center. This has been the trend the world over and many countries are getting into agreements to curb environmental hazardous activities in the society. This fight has been making commendable progress.

There are different areas of concern when it comes to environmental laws and they include regulations concerned with the quality of Air, water, disposal of waste materials, chemical safety among other. Environmental laws govern and protect humans from the destruction caused by human activities hence leading to a compromise on the quality of life. The environment has its own way of sustaining and restoring itself when depleted by natural means. However, when the depletion is enhanced by human pollution. This is because the rate at which the depletion takes place surpasses the rate of natural replenishing. As such, the perfect natural balance is altered.

When it comes to waste management, there are stringent laws that dictate the types of waste material that can be allowed to be disposed on bare land. Other types are not allowed due to their hazardous tendencies. For instance, radioactive waste disposal is prohibited on bare land or in close proximity to the public. This is to reduce their impacts on human health and the destruction of radioactive materials on the environment. Some of these effects are irreversible hence the need for a legislation to curb and avoid their occurrences at all costs.

The quality of both water and air can be greatly influenced by impurities released by companies and manufacturing plants. For instance, the carbon releases has caused major effects on the global climatic conditions. Environmental laws seek to limit and control such emissions and halt the possibility of compromising the quality of the air we breathe. On the other hand, water pollution is caused by the waste disposal from companies to the rivers. Most companies dispose their waste materials in rivers to reduce the disposal cost. As a result, governments and the international community have come up with legislation that seek to restrict this practice to safeguard the interests of humanity.

CCMP Capital Founded by Stephen Murray

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Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a private equity firm in New York specializing in buyouts and equity investments throughout North America and Europe. The firm’s investments range from $100 million to $500 million of equity for companies whose worth is from $250 million to $2 billion. CCMP’s broad understanding of market conditions, issues, and investment opportunities relating to specific industries makes them a leader in the equity investment industry. Their expertise covers consumer/retail, industrial, healthcare, and energy.

Full-time partners with a C-level operating history and executive advisors with an average of 30 years management experience make up the proprietary operations of CCMP Capital. These enhanced capabilities allow Stephen Murray CCMP Capital to achieve greater value creation in a shorter amount of time. Detailed value creation plans include: applying the best practices suitable to a given sector, implementing sector specific techniques to generate revenue or reduce costs, and improving upon asset and resource utilization to increase cash flow.

Since its inception in 1984, CCMP Capital has invested approximately $12 billion in buyout and growth capital transactions. The companies that CCMP has evolved from over the past 20 years make up the name today. Starting out as Chemical Ventures, they changed the name to Chase Capital Partners after Chemical Ventures acquired Chase Manhattan in 1996. Four years later, they acquired JP Morgan and Company thus forming JP Morgan Chase and soon after they changed their name to JP Morgan Partners. In 2005, JP Morgan Partners announced a spinoff from JP Morgan Chase effective July 2006 and CCMP was born.

Stephen Murray, co-founded CCMP Capital in 2006 and one year later was named C.E.O. In 1984, Mr. Murray was part of the credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. After earning his bachelor’s degree in business administration at Colombia Business School in 1989, Mr. Murray joined MH Equity Corporation. Two years later, the company merged with Chemical Venture Partners thus beginning the evolution of CCMP Capital. In February of 2015, Mr. Murray left the firm citing health reasons. One month later he died, leaving behind a wife, two sons and a legacy of generosity. Mr. Murray supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation among other charities.

The Birth of Lime Crime

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Lime Crime is a globally renowned brand in the makeup industry. Probably one has been wondering how it came was founded and how it shot to global fame. Its foundation and rise are quite inspirational. It is a product of intriguing passion that the founder had in makeups. In the year 2004, a new internet account was opened on eBay for a new fashion line with the profile name, Lime Crime on it’s website at The account owner designed all the features by herself and used her naturally pretty face as the trademark. A very conspicuous makeup became her brand staple. The girl’s entrepreneurial idea, to start a makeup brand originated back in her sewing days. The enterprise was partly inspirational and partially a necessity because she had discovered that unusually dazzling colors were rare to find in the market.

Ultimately, Doe Deere, the makeup wizard, launched Lime Crime in 2008. The exciting trend in her products is the shift consumers took from the brick-and-mortar shopping to e-commerce. There are massive benefits of using e-commerce. They include unlimited product variety and innovative marketing methods. Lime Crime, the hotbed of extreme makeups, was among the primordial cosmetic firms to concentrate chiefly on e-commerce. The firm launched the On-Lip lipstick shop to solve the internet marketing challenge. It displayed lipstick colors not just swiped on plain paper, but on the human lips. Other online makeup firms copied the creative idea instantly only for it to turn out to be the industry standard. Lime Crime keeps innovating styles and products in the online platform with the aim of creating the best interactive internet shopping experience for all beauty enthusiasts across the globe. The makeup brand has shot to prominence due to innovating exceptionally bold beauty products. It offers products for people who are not shy and those who like to make heads turn while ignoring petty criticisms.

Doe Deere, the founder and the CEO of this cosmetics firm is a youthful entrepreneur who was born in Russia raised up in New York. Deere is on a mission to prove that cosmetics means much more than just covering facial imperfections. They offer a kind of liberty as well as self-expression. To Deere, beauty is not only natural, but it also entails good looks. It is what one feels is right for his or her appearance at a particular moment. Deere developed the Lime Crime, her genuine line of magical and extremely colorful cosmetics. The Cosmetics’ site offers bold, intensely pigmented and pulsating line of makeups with a massive global following. The firm’s products are so popular that they are often featured in all beauty websites hence helping to expand their market. The trademark name, Lime Crime, was crafted from Deere’s most favorite color. Her dream was to produce lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail polishes so bright to a level that, wearing them on would seem to be illegitimate. As a beauty wizard who rose from grass to grace through her efforts, Deere is a devoted supporter of women’s enterprises. She loves mentoring other upcoming female entrepreneurs.