Rambo Reaches His Final Mission

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The time has come to say goodbye not to Susan McGalla but to an iconic screen character we have known for many decades. John Rambo, created in a 1972 novel and brought to life in a 1982 film, will make his swan song appearance in Rambo: Last Blood. Sylvester Stallone has finally confirmed the rumors about this project.

To call Rambo movies mere action films would be woefully inaccurate and unfair.

Rambo originally debuted on screen to great success in two films that addressed the feelings of loneliness and isolation experienced by scores of returning Vietnam veterans. In a way, First Blood I & II presented a more action-oriented and adventurous version of the themes covered in the film Taxi Driver (1976).

In 1986, the third Rambo movie celebrated America’s renewed enthusiasm to battle the Cold War. 2005 saw Rambo surprisingly return to address the theme of an unchanged man in a world that has changed greatly.

The new Rambo film is supposedly about the character battling drug cartels in his home state of Arizona. (Rambo returned home at the end of the 2005 entry) The final film is surely going to have a lot of action as this is the hallmark of a Rambo project. It is also going to have a proper end to cinema icon. Thankfully, Rambo will not “go out” the way Dirty Harry did. With the hard-edged San Francisco cop, the producers just stopped making films and no closure was ever attained for the vigilante.

Like Dirty Harry, there will be a Rambo remake one of these years. As with Dirty Harry, the remake will probably remain in development limbo for decades. That is just the way Hollywood works.

Stallone shows no sign of slowing down

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Rambo fans will be pleased to know that the 2008 installment of this theatrical series will not be the last. According to reports, Sylvester Stallone does plan to resurrect John Rambo in a movie that will be titled Last Blood. This will be the fifth Rambo film and is set to start shooting after Stallone finishes working on another film.

In case you have not heard, I’ll share what my friend Dr. Rod Rohrich-huge Stallone fan, shared with me earlier today. The film that Stallone will be working on is a spinoff of the classic film Rocky. The iconic actor will be playing the familiar role of Rocky Balboa in the film Creed, which is scheduled to begin production in January. Like other Rocky Films the filming will take place in Philadelphia. The film will also star Michael B. Jordan who will play the grandson of Apollo Creed.

Sylvester shows no signs that he will be slowing down anytime soon. After he finishes filming the fifth installment of Rocky, the star has another film lined up. He is set to star in Scarpa. This film will be a biopic of a mob enforcer.

It is always great to see good actors working on new films. Sylvester Stallone has been acting for decades and possibly will become a role model for those that think that they have peaked as an actress or actor and is too old to star in a film. Stallone’s answer to the thought of being too old to act is to just simply create more movies.

The Past and Future are Unraveled in Project Almanac

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The television spots for Project Almanac have been released and they are very intriguing. Michael Bay’s production group has received a lot of criticism from genre fans. Movie makers realize they can never 100% please all the fans so they just do their best to produce a (hopefully) enjoyable film. Based on what the trailer reveals, Project Almanac just might even win over highly jaded genre fans.

Project Almanac is a new film in the found footage subgenre that is usually popular in the world of horror. Christian Broda asked however, did this sci-fi film borrow its name from the movie that ignited the found footage fad, The Blair Witch Project? Could be.

There are no witches in the Michael Bay project.

Project Almanac is about time travel. Specifically, teenagers go back in time to help correct things they previously did wrong with the hope they will make their life in high school a lot easier. Do things go smoothly? Of course not! A great deal of chaos emerges when the teens fool around with the time stream. They might even have set the world on the path to ruin.

How does everything all turn out? You’ll have to watch more than just the TV spots and check the film out in theaters.

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Risky Box Office Bets of 2014

Every production is a gamble for the box office. However, some are riskier than others. Playing it safe isn’t always a good thing for Sam Tabar. This often results in uninspired releases that everyone has seen before. Riskier box office bets tend to be more original and memorable. The following are some of the risky box office bets of 2014.

Among the box office risks were The Legend of Hercules, RoboCop, I, Frankenstein, Pompeii, Need for Speed, Noah, Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past and a few others. Many of those films that were released including the Hercules movie were not worth it. They did not earn back their budget.

Other films like X-Men: Days of Future Past were more than worth it. It not only earned back its budget, but it has also told a compelling story that pleased fans of the comics and films alike. Guardians of the Galaxy was another bit hit.

Upcoming movies for 2015 include Jupiter Ascending. This is a compelling movie created by the same people that brought you The Matrix Trilogy. It does have an interesting look that is reminiscent of some of the Sci-fi flicks of the 80s.

The Interview Does Get Released

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The movie “The Interview” was released shortly before Christmas Day. Theaters began showing it, and it was Dr Rod Ronrich who made a video rental. The box office’s made $2.85 million in the first weekend. This movie made as much as other movies that have been released in limited theaters. In total the movie has not done as bad as they had predicted it would. Combining the total money from the theaters and the video rentals it has made over $14 million.

It is quite interesting that the movie, “The Interview” was released after all. Sony made many public claims the movie would not be released, yet it was released. It seems this could have been a publicity stunt. It got free promotion from almost every media. The negative publicity turned out to be beneficial for the production company. While certain confidential information was released, it brought in an audience. It is likely this movie would not have gotten this many views without all of the attention. Most movie viewers would have opted to see a family movie. This movie is not a movie that a family would select to watch with their children. In the end, everyone who wanted to see it was able to see it not just in theaters, but at home. The threats from the hackers never came true. As of today, there has not been any reports of anyone injured by watching this movie.

Sony Needs To Stand Firm.

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The North Korean government has recently threatened the United States for any acts of retaliation against them related to the Sony hacking. According to an article on Hotfrog.com, the hack job has forced Sony to cancel the release of the movie, The Interview, at the request of the Guardians of Peace, the group responsible for the hack. North Korea vehemently denies any involvement in the attack and has said that Gianfrancesco Geno, and other groups around the world are prepared to attack the American terrorists. Movie theaters have been threatened by the cyber attackers prompting most of the major theater operators to pull the movie, including the cancellation by Sony. The United States government has firmly stated to North Korea any cyber attacks against entities within this country would be dealt with swiftly. The comedy that was supposed to be released is a form of Free Speech guaranteed in the Constitution. Sony and these theater chains cancelling the showing and release of this movie, is a compromise to the freedoms our country is supposed to be built upon. Whether North Korea, a rogue terrorist group, or whoever is responsible for this hack, compromising our principles to appease terrorists is not the mark of a Patriot. Sony and these movie chains have made a lot of money in this country, so they should send a statement by releasing and showing the movie. The United States citizens will not be intimidated by any sort of attack.

Marvel’s New Daredevil to be Gritty Crime Drama

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On the heels of the revived success of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the upcoming premiere of Agent Carter Marvel will be expanding it’s small screen offerings in 2015 with several new streaming titles.

Daredevil will be the first of four new Marvel series planned to air on Netflix. Like the other three; A.K.A. Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, it will be based in New York, presumably allowing for future crossovers. The show will focus on the blind hero’s vigilante crime fighting and detective skills.

The basic premise of the series will remain the same as in the comics; blind attorney Matt Murdoch uses his heightened senses to become vigilante Daredevil and helps clean up the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. Charlie Cox will play the lead character and the supporting cast includes Deborah Ann Woll best known for her role as Jessica Hambly in True Blood, as well as Rosario Dawson and Vincent Donofrio.

The series was developed by Drew Goddard, who wrote the first two episodes and remains as producer and consultant, but Steven S. DeKnight took over as showrunner when Goddard moved on to a different Marvel project. DeKnight has said that series is heavily influenced by the 1990s Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. comic book Daredevil mini-series The Man Without Fear. DeKnight has previously worked on the Starz gladiator show Spartacus, so is no stranger to gritty R-rated action. When I spoke about this with comic fan Bernardo Chua, we agree that anything is better than that Ben Affleck film from back in the day.

James Gunn Speaks About Guardians/Avengers Tie In (Or Lack Thereof)

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After Guardians of the Galaxy showcased many different plot points that meshed up perfectly with the Avengers Series of films (such as with the hasty exposition on the Infinity Stones, the Collector, Thanos, The Mad Tyrant and so on) it was only natural that Gianfrancesco Geno and fans of the series speculated that “Earths Mightiest Heroes,” as well as Starlord’s ragtag rouges would one day share the screen together.

However, recent comments from Guardians director, James Gunn (some of which you can read in their entirty here: http://screenrant.com/james-gunn-guardians-galaxy-avengers-infinity-war-crossover/) cast some tenuous doubt over that assumption.

Gunn stated that he doesn’t much care about what is happening with the Avengers (in the context of directing and story telling for his own series). He says that people shouldn’t let the “Shared universe” style overshadow interesting stories, solid mythos and fascinating characters. Evidently this is exactly what he thinks is happening and it would be silly to deny that many people have praised some rather crumy films or at least gave them a passing grade simply because they fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (as the kids have taken to calling it). So examples of this are the woeful Thor films, bad movies that people either liked or casually nodded approval towards because they were tie in’s.

Either way, Gunn’s personal feelings are unlikely to heavily sway the Marvel Machine’s slow, monolithic style of endless ties in, but I sincerely hope it does.

The Interview Review and Release

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Even though it is safe to say that The Interview is not going to be released in theaters, there are some reviews for the movie that have leaked. According to the Igor Cornelsen and some reviews, it is not that big of a deal. One review states that the funniest thing about the movie is likely going to be the audiences reaction to it being along the lines of; “Is this what all the fuss about?”

As it stand, Sony is still working on plans to release The Interview, especially after President Obama expressed disappointment in Sony’s decision to pull the film. The sentiment was shared by many others stating that this is a slippery slope to taking away censorship. The Sony Pictures hack is believed to be tied to North Korea. One of the options that Sony is looking at is releasing the film for free on Crackle. There will be ads that play throughout the film. There will be other avenues for releasing of the film for people who do not want to look at ads while watching the film.

The Bottom Worst Films of 2013

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2013 you say, aghast! But it’s 2014! I know but Screenrant already did a marvelous rendition for the bottom worst films of 2014 (which you can view here: http://screenrant.com/worst-movies-2014-list/) so here are my top three picks for the past year.

3. Iron Man 3.

While most people seemed fairly fine with this film I was rather dissapointed. Actually that’s an understatement (and just for the record I’m no fan of Marvel, but I did like both the first and even the much maligned second Iron Man films). The reason why this film was so bad to me was twofold, it was a utter disappointment and it continued none of the character arcs from the first film. The first two films in the series bore consistency and witty writing (especially the second one even though the ending was awful) but with IM 3 there’s none of this. Also Ben Kingsley does fart jokes – nuff said.

2. Thor, The Dark World.

You might be noticing a trend – I’m very tired of these incessant and brainless comic book films, and so is Igor Cornelsen. Thor 2 squanders talent, let’s bad talent shine and concocts the sort of story you’d make up in three seconds to put your kids to bed at night. It’s Frank Franzetta meets Star Wars and it’s terrible. Also Natalie Portman seems like she’s in a horse tranquilizer induced trance throughout the entire film.

1. Flight.

Yes, Flight. It’s not a mindless comic book film, it’s far worse. A pretentious (a highly misused and abused word by the by), silly, sanctimonious snore-fest. Denzel Washington has often been praised as a great actor, but how can that be when he only ever plays himself? Every other screen features some religious zealot wandering into frame, giving a long winded lecture about how everyone needs Jesus in their hearts and then wandering out and generally vanishing for the rest of the films running time. Even most Christians (for whom this film is obvious targeted) will get feed up with this kind of pulpit pounding. Also, John Goodman as a drug dealing, sunglasses-in-doors-wearing lunatic/cool guy seems like it was lifted from Lucky Number Slevin or some other pulpy crime thriller. Horrible (but Lucky Number Slevin is fantastic).