Big Ambitions from The Capable Man, Francisco Domenech

Born on April 29, 1978 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Francisco Domenech has made quite a name for himself at the age of 40. On a fast track to politics from a young age he would attend the University of Puerto Rico twice. His first degree was obtained in 1999: A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science; going back to graduate in 2003 Domenech would get his Juris Doctor.

During his time at UPR he would get very involved in the community; participating in student council, serving as an academic senator, and representing his school in a court competition, twice. Although Domenech was focused on getting his degrees he quickly was able to get noticed within the political world for his democratic views. Read more about Francisco Domenech on Crunchbase.

In 2003 he would become the President of the Puerto Rico Young Democrats and not let up his determination from there. Chosen in 2007 by Hillary Clinton to Co-Chair her presidential campaign’s, Hillblazers. He also served as Jenniffer Gonzalez’s campaign manager during her historic run in 2015 to become the first woman to hold a seat in Washington D.C. as the Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico. Domenech was able to help Gonzalez win her campaign and make history by electing the youngest person and first woman to represent Puerto Rico in U.S. Congress.

Today Domenech remains active within his community; owning his own bipartisan government affairs firm and a regularly commentating in Puerto Rico media, helping to educate his people. He is also still very involved in law admitted to practice before courts in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Domenech has no plans to stop his drive and determination. He is working on making Puerto Rico the 51st state of the United States. Big ambitions from a man who can probably live up to them.



Randal Nardone; the Cradle of Fortress Investment Group

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Among the top billionaires for whom Fortress Investment Group will forever be grateful, Randal Nardone is at the top of the list. Having been one of the co-founders of the organization back in 1998, Randal Nardone has immensely contributed to the rapid growth of Fortress Group which it has experienced since it was formed. Besides being the founder of the company, Randal was also appointed the CEO of the organization in 2006, alongside Wes Edens and Peter Briger, who had joined Fortress after it was established. The idea of forming Fortress Investment Group came into Randal’s mind while he was working as a senior employee at the UBS Company. This was after he had stayed in the company barely for a year. However, his financial career had begun way earlier when he was working at the Blackrock.

The fate of Randal Nardone ending up as a finance and investment manager was quite unpredictable. This is due to the disciplines that he had pursued while at college. For instance, at the University of Connecticut, Randal had obtained undergraduate degrees in Biology and English. Later, he joined The Law School of Boston University where he acquired a JD. This was when he joined Thacher Proffitt & Wood, a boutique law firm in the US, where he was made a member of executive committee and also a partner. He worked for the law firm for a while before contemplating changing his profession from law to the finance field. That was when he joined Blackrock.

When Randal Nardone thought of starting a company on his own, he had some potential challenges that lingered in his mind; one of them being the financial constraint and also he needed someone with whom he could share his business ideas. This led him to request Rob Kauffman and Wes Edens to join hands and bear the risk together. That’s when they formed Fortress Investment Group. Fortunately, their risk and ideas turned out to great success. As we speak, the organization has grown to the extent of getting clients and investors from outside the US. Fortress Group boasts of serving over 2000 clients, who both local and international.

PSI-Pay: How Contactless Payments will Change the Future

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The 21st century has seen a lot of advancement in technology, including the way people pay. Today, different forms of payments exist – through using the money, credit cards, and the rising trend of contactless payments. In the United Kingdom, a company named PSI-Pay is trying to introduce the use of a contactless payment ring that promises convenience to the people. The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom, and they have been around for years developing innovation in the financial realm. Through the years, they helped to change the European society and transform it from a cash-based society to a highly advanced society using new kinds of payment. PSI=Pay supports contactless payments, and the partnership that they developed with a wearable technology firm have resulted in the production of rings that are now used extensively all throughout the continent. The company believes that contactless payment is the future of finance, as it will succeed the use of money and credit cards. It will ease out the burden of carrying tons of cash and credit cards to purchase a single item, and it would also depend on the user’s online credit.



PSI-Pay wanted to bring the technology to the United States. In Europe, it is possible for someone to live entirely without depending on money, as more establishments in major cities are now accepting contactless payments. There is also a change in the demographics of contactless payment users, because more and more seniors are using the technology, and not just the millennials or the younger generation. Transport services in the United Kingdom are slowly adapting to welcome the technology, and in a few years, they promised that changes would happen.



PSI-Pay wanted to implement a global reform in the field of finance, and they claimed that a cashless society would be more progressive than the state of the world today. In Sweden, most of the establishments are now accepting contactless payments, and they are now on their way to become a cashless society. For PSI-Pay, the future would see an increase in the use of cashless payments, and if the retailers wanted to survive, they would have to adapt to the new system.


The Renowned Technology Entrepreneur: Alex Hern.

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Mr. Hern has been involved in the formation of various technology-based firms for more than a decade now. He was part of the executive for a company known as Inktomi. After a while, the business was acquired by Yahoo. He is one of the pioneers of Yesmail. Before the company was acquired by CMGI, he was a member of its board. The firm expanded its operations and became public after a few years. At the end of 10 months after the Initial Public Offer, the firm was estimated to have a value of about $650 million. He was also the brain behind Military Commercial Technologies with the help of a few colleagues. At the company, he acted as its Chief Executive Officer. One of his main achievements is the creation of a technology firm called Tsunami. The company specializes in the development of software applications. According to Alex Hern, technology has the potential to revolutionize the world. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.

The applications are meant to improve the organizational effectiveness by increasing the uptime of industrial equipment and facilitating the training and safety of the employees. Alex Hern has helped in the development of solutions for global problems through applications. The innovations have gained prominence in many corporations. Some of them are used by firms to enhance the security of their facilities. By use of the applications, the management of the company’s operations becomes easy. The growth of Tsunami can be attributed to the team of leaders that has provided the right direction for the company’s operations. The main focus of the management has been to transform it into a global leader in the development of applications that solve global challenges. The main areas of specializations of the firm include digital media, security, mobility, and communication. The company has earned global recognition for its innovative solutions and quality services to the clients. Visit to know more.

Chris Villanueva Making it Big in Dentistry

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Immediately after graduating from the dental college, it was clear to Chris Villanueva that he had two options. To either venture into private practice or join the already large group practices. Both opportunities would guarantee him career experience, but he had to choose. Both options fascinated him. He had often conceived the concept of having a bit of both private practice and the large group practice. This idea blossomed to MB2 Dentals. One thing that has made MB2 Dental unique and successful is its great leadership. As a person, Mr. Villanueva has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the corporate dentistry practice as well as the sole practice. When the company was beginning, Villanueva knew what was expected of him as a professional.

One thing that was and has remained clear to Chris Villanueva is the fact that a dental practice requires an assistant. Since its inception, MB2 Dental has extended its hand to over 70 affiliated locations, all distributed across six states. The organization has also provided job opportunities to more than 533 individuals. The top leadership of this company led by Chris intends to continue with this kind of excellence even in the days to come. In many dental management networks, the dental practices are typically the same. This is the more reason as to why Chris Villanueva opted to bring something new into the industry. His focus is on seeing proper dental practice rather than making huge profit margins. MB2 Dental intends to see to it that dentists better their world in a way that prioritizes the wellness of the patients.

According to Chris, leadership can be overwhelming. He says that most chief executive officers and presidents of corporations fail because they tend to micromanage their employees. He says that by hiring the right people, one is guaranteed that they will perform well if they are kept inspired. To the far he has come, it is indeed evident that Chris Villanueva is successful. The main reason as to why he brings all his ideas to reality is because he tends to hang out and work with smart people. He firmly believes that people are better off together. When it comes to technology, Mr. Villanueva is fascinated by what it can do to change the world. He believes that once institutions such as his embraces technology, patients will be the ultimate winners. To be a successful entrepreneur, Chris encourages people to establish what their business is built upon.

Remarkable Contributions Of Robert Ivy At AIA

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Robert Ivy happens to be the executive V. president and the CEO of the famous American Institute of Professionals and has been respected for his impressive managerial skills. He has been on the frontline working towards success and is always motivated by passion and also driven to move the world of architects to the next level. He is one great gem in the industry who have passionately worked towards nothing less but career success. The AIA network has over 250 chapters. It has also been respected for its remarkable contributions to the world of achievements.

The great Robert Ivy has been able to promote the Institute to greatness and has been able to get more than 90,000 members all of whom are great architects in the industry. The professionals can dedicate their lives towards improving and bringing more ideas in the already built environment. He has been able to strengthen the Association through public outreach, advocacy and also great education initiatives. This alone has been able to help members manage to serve their clients and also the community at large.

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The architect has been able to transform AIA to greatness since he took over in 2011. The journey has been very smooth, and he has always been so optimistic about success. Serving the architecture profession in this century calls for a person who is dedicated to career growth and also a victory. He has been able to reposition AIA towards responsive, influential and a very proactive organization in future. He is very strategic in his mission and has always endeavored to success in his career.

As CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy has been able to record signature achievements and progress in his career. He has been able to streamline the Association’s governance in such a way that it can serve its legitimate purpose. He has focused on digital technology infrastructure, improving decision making and also launching public awareness campaigns. People have trusted the architectural field for its efforts in designing unique structures that fit in the industry and has always been dedicated towards career success. The industry is dominated by people who are doing so well regarding innovation, and he has always volunteered all his time for the sake of career growth.


Ryan Seacrest: From American Idol To Million Dollar Fashion Brand

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Ryan Seacrest is a very busy and successful businessman. When he is not hosting American Idol, he is probably on air with his talk show Live With Kelly and Ryan. Not to mention he always has one of the top radio shows in California called On Air With Ryan. He is also a charitable man. He formed his foundation the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which broadcasts his radio show throughout many pediatric clinics throughout the United States.

There is one other thing about this TV personality that makes him yet again a smart businessman. His style had always been watched, sought after and loved ever since he first graced the televisions of American homes when he began hosting American Idol. His style is polished yet still simple. It has a certain air that is captivating. Being a businessman, he knew exactly how to turn his signature style into a money making opportunity.

Ryan Seacrest Distinction is his private label menswear company. He began the company four years ago. The collection is sold only at Macys and online. For 2018, Ryan Seacrest Distinction is suppose to reach the fifty million dollar mark in sales. It does not stop there for this medial mogul. He did a soft launch of his new skincare company. He is using his success and platform of working in media to appeal to men who find his style interesting.

Macys became the go to retailer for Ryan Seacrest’s collection due to how they were able to point him in the direction of manufacturers that would serve his company the best. The designer went with Peerless Clothing International to create his line. This manufacturer is respected and noted for being a top manufactures that has created, produced and distributed big name menswear brands like Michael Kors Calvin Klein, DKNY and Ralph Lauren. They have created sport coats, suits and evening attire for Ryan Seacrest Distinction. This menswear brand is inspired by Ryan Seacrest’s (@RyanSeacrest) own busy life. He launched the brand in effort to create ready to go pieces for modern men who live a hectic lifestyle that involves traveling.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Works His Way to Presidency

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Amador Agular founded one of the largest banks in Brazil in 1943. Today it is known as Banco Bradesco SA and has sustained logical executive order and presidency over many years. Luiz Carlos Trabuco started as a bank teller back in 1969. He quickly moved through the ranks holding a variety of positions including the chief executive officer in 2009, and now he is the president of the company. Learn more about Luis Carlos Trabuco at

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was head of the insurance segment and responsible for growing the market from 23% to a quarter of the market. Expanding the market was a significant victory considering Brazil is a highly populated country and accomplishing something of that nature would usually be difficult. Trabuco has been instrumental in directing many marketing ventures for Bradesco. He was essential in signing the marketing action known as Christmas Tree of Lagoa which is still endorsed by the bank to this day. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has an undergraduate degree in philosophy and a graduate degree in sociopsychology but is one of the best known and highest-paid executives in Brazilian banking.


Since becoming president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has implemented a series of changes that he hopes will enhance the trajectory of the company. He is working to unify the company by sitting down with significant executives from each sector and ensuring they understand their roles for a smooth operation. He is also looking for talent that has never worked with the company to collect new ideas.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco may be doing things slightly different from his predecessors, but he is sure to make a lasting impression. He is a trustworthy candidate for running the company and has been in the running long before actually assuming the position. Trabuco has shown his commitment to Bradesco over the years and is now ready to put it into action. Read this article at


Texas-Based Plastic surgeon Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon based out of Dallas, Texas. Earning a medical degree through the University of Michigan Medical School, he specializes in plastic surgery including reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. He works to craft solutions for individual needs that include both non-invasive as well as surgical solutions.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is currently one of the only six plastic surgeons operating out of Dallas Medical Center and one of nine plastic surgeons operating out of Pine Creek Medical Center. He utilizes the most innovative approaches including a 3D imaging system to simulate anticipated results on-screen. This allows patients to know exactly what to expect from their reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Jejurikar is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgeon Surgery Institute possessing extensive experience. He focuses on face, nose, eyes, breast, and body cosmetic surgery. He also does hair transplantation with virtually no discomfort working to achieve the best possible results for his patients. In addition to being a renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Jejurikar has also developed his very own line of medical-grade products to address skin concerns such as fine lines, dark circles, wrinkles, or poor skin elasticity.

Patients described Dr. Jejurikar as being highly skilled and possessing an excellent bedside manner. A passion for plastic surgery has allowed Dr. Sameer Jejurikar to be very meticulous in his attention to detail and in his persona. Dr. Jejurikar strives to help people achieve the appearance they desire whether it be a more youthful look or changing their appearance all together.


The Developments That David Mcdonald Has Brought To OSI Group

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The reputation that OSI Group has earned has been attributed to the effort of its executives, with David Mcdonald being among them. He joined firm as project manager and he majorly focused on identifying the crucial areas that the firm ought to address to rise to the top. His leadership skills as well as knowledge of food and beverages impressed many of his executives and as a result, he rose to the higher ranks in the firm to serve as its president. David continues to fuel growth in the firm using strong strategic approaches and teamwork with his team of employees.

He started his career at North American Meat Institute where he served as the firm`s chairman. His educational background has also profoundly contributed to the vast knowledge and expertise he has showcased in his field of specialization. David Mcdonald studied at Lowa State University where he acquired a degree in animal science and he has inspired many people through his achievements. He flaunts over thirty years of experience in ield of entrepreneurship and he has perfected his skills over the recent years through learning from his mistakes and challenges that the various firms face.

He is change-oriented and he has always striven to achieve the best. Besides, David Mcdonald possess impeccable leadership skills and he communicates with his team of employees openly so as to identify the problem areas in the firm with an aim of correcting them. He appreciates the effort of his team of employees and he always encourages them to work harder to ensure that OSI Group maintains its good reputation as well as high productivity.

Throughout his tenure in the firm, David Mcdonald has seen OSI Group acquire a vast number of assets besides establishing many of its affiliates in the broader parts of the globe. He took part in the firm’s acquisition of over 10 Chinese facilities which deal with poultry and as a result, the firm has grown tremendously. He has also received a lot of accreditation from many people for his dedication towards his work as well as the welfare of other people.