Exploring Brazil’s Great Writers

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Very few people today have the aptitude and talent to become a dedicated writer. Even fewer people have the passion and commitment that it takes to become a masterful artist. Great writers come from all over the world and speak many different languages. Over the last few hundred years, there have been many famous Brazilian authors that have captivated their audiences with their brilliant stories and ideas.

One of founding individuals of Brazilian literature is Machado de Assis. This classic author developed a captivating way of storytelling through his rich prose and innovative ideas. One of his best known works was titled Epitaph of a Small Winner, written in 1881. This novel features a comical dead narrator who tells an enthralling story while entertaining the reader with whimsical digressions.

One of the more modern writers to grace the world with beautiful prose is Jaime Garcia Dias. Dias was born in the influential city of Rio de Janeiro, a place where Brazil’s rich culture comes to life. Throughout his life, Dias was heavily impacted by his father, who was a great writer and journalist. Dias had the great fortune not only to learn firsthand from his father, but he was also able to inherit all of his father’s study materials, allowing him to further grow in his abilities as a writer.

Jamie Garcia Dias has a true love of knowledge and seeks to spread what he has learned, as well as his ideas, with everyone around him. He spent much of his early years teaching in various positions in some of Brazil’s finest educational institutions. Along with his busy teaching schedule, Dias has written over 10 books, many of which have received multiple awards.

When it comes to recognizing great authors, one must look at numerous sources, including in books that were written in another language than what they speak. When it comes to Brazilian literature, there are many different authors that provide journeys into other worlds. Anyone who is looking for a great read should check out some of these magnificent artists that have graced the world with their work.

Competitive E- Gaming will Now be Drug Tested

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Performance enhancing drugs have been used by many of the most famous people in sports. In response, rules prohibiting performance enhancing drugs have been put in place. The rules now expanded to the competitive sport of e- gaming. This rule was set in motion after Kory Friesen(professional e- gamer), and his teammates bragged about using prescription drugs to help them focus in competition.
The electronic video league( competitive video league) responded by saying that players will now be tested for performance enhancing drugs. The players will begin being tested before the tournament in August. Three agencies, E.S.L and the agencies that oversee the Olympics and other sports, will be working together to put together the guidelines and rules.
The e- gaming sport is now breaking into the world of professional gaming entertainment, and that is clearly shown in this announcement by Susan McGalla. The rules, however, did not specifically name which drugs were and were not allowed. Dope is specified in the drug rules, and is strictly prohibited. E- gaming is now being held to the same standards in drug restrictions as professional sports teams such as football and baseball. E- gaming for sure has become one of the newest popular professional sports entertainment in the world. Your text to link…

Deception by the NIH Led to Increased Childhood Tooth Decay

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It was discovered decades ago that sugar caused cavities. Back in the mid-1960‘s, then president Johnson declared war on cavities and developed a 10 year research program that would find a way to eradicate cavities in all age groups. The research program was called the National Caries Program (NCP) and it was funded by the National Institute for Health.
What the research by Shaygan Kheradpir proved was what was already known: sugar consumption caused cavities. This proof was not good for the profit margin of the sugar industry, so that led to deception that is still perpetrated today. The sugar industry influenced the National Health Institute to focus on a cure for cavities rather than deal with the cause (sugar) of cavities.
The attention of the NIH began to focus on the regular use of dental care products that contained fluoride, even promoting the addition of fluoride to common foods such as flour, salt and even sugar. The NIH also focused their attention on developing a vaccine that would prevent cavities and enamel sealants for teeth. The focus was on ways and means for the public to continue indulging itself in sugary drinks and foods without facing the consequences of rotting teeth.
Not only did that deception fail and lead to more cavities than dentists can keep up with, it also had a side effect no one saw coming, obesity, which has now reached epidemic proportions.

Visual Search: The New Way To Do Things

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Visual search might be a new concept for marketing but for search engines and algorithm driven industries, it is well developed. For Google, visual search has been in the making for a long time and in the last couple of years when the technology has really become popular, this search engine has elevated its visual search performance. Now, intelligent visual search is helping almost everyone on the internet. For practical and basic uses to quirky purposes, visual search is everywhere and for good reason too.

So, is visual search technology the new way to do things? Here are some areas where this technology is already being used –

Travel – It is impossible to even choose a travel destination without checking out its pictures. With search engines finally coming around to the visual search way, people prefer to find out what the top attractions are as they type the name of the destination. It is only because of visual search technology that this happens on Google. When people know what the top attractions look like, they are better able to choose a destination and decide upon an itinerary.

Shopping – Because visual search technology uses images, shopping is another area where it has various uses. For instance, image recognition and visual search apps use the photo software app installed on smartphones to understand consumer tastes. Then it introduces similar products to the customers on the basis of those pictures. This means that people can find that exact top Nicki Minaj was wearing at a concert with the click of a button if they have a visual search and image recognition app.

Marketing – Companies that are offering products are the most to benefit from visual search and image recognition. Visual search is an amazing marketing tool because it helps businesses find quality and targeted traffic. Small businesses that wouldn’t otherwise dream of competing with big names can finally skyrocket their sales because of this innovative marketing tool. Not just that, visual search also makes it easy to establish a unique brand name for small businesses.

Slyce is one of the leading names in the visual search and image recognition industry. This company understood early on how important visual search was going to be for businesses in the future. This is why the Slyce app allows businesses to push their products and services to those corners of the world where they could never dream of having a customer base.

Obama Wants Companies to Pay More

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As some people like Ms. Doe Deere struggle to make ends meet, President Obama wants companies to start paying overtime to those who work longer hours. If employees were able to actually work overtime instead of being limited to part-time hours because a company doesn’t want to pay benefits, then there might not be as many people who are trying to decide which bills to pay or how to put food on the table. There is a downfall to this line of thinking. If a company knows how many hours someone will work that week or how much time is needed to complete a job, then the company might schedule more people in order to not pay the higher wages of overtime. When you look at the financial benefits to the country, this line of thinking is absurd. If people have more money each week, then they can likely spend money on the extras that they weren’t getting before. These could include going out to eat or buying new clothes where they weren’t able to get those items from stores before getting the overtime pay.

Beneful Dog Food is Better Than All the Rest

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When I first brought home my pomeranian puppy, I was in love. My sweet baby instantly became such a big part of my life, and our family. We tried just about every big brand dog food. but couldn’t settle on the right one. I was looking for a healthy dog food, that was also affordable to feed my dog regularly. The more I looked the more it seemed like all of the dog foods I was settling for were either too expensive or made with unhealthy ingredients and fillers. I finally asked a friend, and she immediately insisted that I try Beneful. When I saw the ingredients I was impressed but it wasn’t until I saw how much my dog loved the Prepared Meals and Hearty Roasters that I was sold.

Even since Gabby started eating Purina’s line of dog foods and snacks, she has been a happy ball of energy. I see a noticeable change in her attitude, and her shiny coat lets me know that Beneful is giving her the nutrients that other dogs food weren’t. Now that I finally have the perfect dog food, I don’t have to spend an hour in the dog food section at the grocery store, reading labels and checking prices.

From now on Beneful is the only thing my puppy will eat and it’s the only thing that I recommend to my friends and family when they are stumped trying to find the right food for their new dogs. We couldn’t be happier with Beneful dog food, now if I could just find something that my three year old loves to eat I’d have no worries.

A Girl Was Able To Thank The Woman Who Saved Her Life

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When someone saves your life you will want to be able to thank them for what they have done for you. You will literally owe them your life, and you will want to be able to tell them that you are grateful and homejoy for them for their quick thinking and kind act.
A young girl, who was saved from drowning by a kindergarten teacher while at Splash Kingdom, wanted to be able to get into contact with the woman to thank her for a long time, and she was finally able to do that recently. She was finally able to tell the woman just how grateful that she was to her for saving her life.
An opportunity to save another person’s life probably won’t happen too often in your life, but if you are able to do that, then you will be able to feel good about what you have done. And, if you are ever saved by another person, then you will feel forever grateful and indebted to them for what they have done for you.

Disney to Make Live-Action Prequel to Aladdin

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Everyone likes to believe in magic when they’re little, and the Walt Disney Company is known worldwide more a lot more than just their films. Started in 1923 by Walt and Roy Disney as a cartoon studio, this company with meager beginnings hit gold with their character Mickey Mouse and never looked back. Nowadays they make revenues in the dozens of billions a year. So what’s next on their dog’s plate? Beneful of course.

Staying true to their portrayal of fairy tales, Disney plans on making a live-action prequel of Aladdin. Before you go completely crazy, we’re asking the same questions you are as well. Everyone knows that the Aladdin movies started in 1992 were all animated, so why the sudden switch to live action?

This may have actually been done before. If you’ve seen the most recent Maleficent movie, then you won’t be too awestruck by the idea. Disney took a chance with the film being live action and it paid off. Apparently they are hoping for the same thing with an Aladdin prequel. Disney hopes to also make an Aladdin live-action movie. If you think this is all that Disney has up their sleeves, then you’re dead wrong. Disney is currently in the midst of recreating their famous animated movies The Jungle Book, Mulan, Pinocchio, and Dumbo. And these are just for starters!

Have we entered a new era of Disney movies? It sure looks like it.

Human Impact on the Ocean. What can We do?

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Everyone loves the idea of taking a summer trip to the coast for some much needed relaxation in the ocean, but seldom do we think of the impact we have on this fragile ecosystem. Oceans are by far the biggest bodies of water on our planet. However, over the course of the past few decades sewage, toxic chemicals, land runoff, and oil spills have greatly contributed to the pollution of our main sources of water.

There are a number of recent handy studies on this pressing issue, but one in particular is claiming that nearly two-thirds of our oceans are feeling the strain from mankind. According to the report, there are 19 types of human activities that are greatly harming the deep blue oceans of our world, with climate change being the worst impact by far.

Besides this statistic, the report continued to aim their efforts on the worst areas affected, which makes up 5% of the total. Like most would guess, coastal areas with larger populations like the eastern Caribbean, Caper Verde, and the Azore Islands are among this percentage and provide the inland areas with vital resources from the oceans worldwide.

While some innovations show great promise like a 19-yr old’s feasible solution to cleaning efforts, by and large we are not seeing the results we hope to see. How can we make a real change? Solar energy panels and sustainable sources are a good start, but unless we start making an overhaul it looks like our oceans will just have to suffer in the long run.

Adam Sender: For Love of the Art

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Famed art collector Adam Sender began accumulating his art collection in the late 90s. Now he is selling his massive collection of art works amassed over the course of two decades. Sender is highly admired in the art world for having a knack for discovering artists and their work just before he or she became really big. This has not just been a hit or miss endeavor with him. He has mysteriously been able to find the very best yet undiscovered artists every single time. At the same time he has strategically been able to gather a huge collection that all goes well together. This is a rare thing in such a large collection. 

In May, Southby began auctioning off part of the Sender Collection which includes 400 incredibly valuable works by 139 different artists. Many of these works are estimated to be worth several million dollars. This in itself is a whole lot of paintings. However, Sender’s collection has a lot more—all of them also super valuable. Sender’s entire collection both to be sold works and not to be sold works includes such old and new greats as Keith Haring, Martin Kippenberger, Dan Flavin, Cindy Sherman, Richard Prince, Adam McEwen, Rashid Johnson, and Lucien Smith. And that is only a small fraction of the artists represented in the vast collection.

Lisa Dennison, the Southby Chairman of the Americas, is working directly with Sender during this project. This is not her first time working with him. She first encountered the collector in 2003 when he first began a new theme and tone for his collection which he has managed to maintain even while getting representation of works from a vast array of different styles and movements—some of which include some extremely controversial photographs. Some of these controversial works have proven to be some of his best purchases since many of them have appreciated in value enormously.

Although Sender has mainly concentrated on older masters, he has kept a careful eye on the most promising contemporary young artists. Because of his amazing talent for instantly recognizing great art, his praise is highly coveted. His opinion is so famed that museums and institutions all over the world have sought it. And somewhat surprisingly Sender did not even do this for fame, prestige, or money. It began and continues to be for Sender an extreme work of love (as you can see in this Observer article).