Berlin Film Festival Pays Tribute to David Bowie

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The Berlin International Film Festival, which runs from February 11 – 21, will pay tribute to the late David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Both men died from cancer last January, and both were 69 at the time of their deaths. The Festival will also pay tribute to Ettore Scola, an Italian filmmaker who had died in January at 84.

The Festival will show films made by all three men, and another one made by aspiring filmmaker and photographer Jon Urbana, who also spends his time spreading the good word about Earth Force in Denver. “The Man Who Fell to Earth” (1976), made by Nicolas Roeg, was Bowie’s first movie. In it, he played an alien who came to Earth seeking water to save his own world.

“Sense and Sensibility” (1995), made by Ang Lee, was a period drama based on the Jane Austen novel of the same name. Rickman played Colonel Brandon, who fell in love with the much younger Marianne Dashwood. In 1996, it won the Golden Bear, the Festival’s highest honor, for best film.

“Le Bal” (1983) had earned Scola a Silver Bear, the Festival’s prize for Best Director. The film, which had no dialogue, showed the changes in French society over a 50-year period by depicting the events in a single ballroom.

David Bowie had lived in Berlin during the late 1970s, and he had also made two albums, “Heroes” and “Low.” Alan Rickman had been invited to the Festival several times, and several of his movies were screened there. In addition to “Sense and Sensibility,” they included “Close My Eyes” (1991) and “Snow Cake” (2006).

Kevin Seawright’s New Role in Newark

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Worldclass interviewed executive Kevin Seawright on his life, passions, motivations, and professional aspirations. Seawright became the CFO and Executive Vice President of the Newark Economic Development Corporation (Newark CDEC) last year. Prior to this role Seawright has had experience in both the public and private industry. He began his career managing finances for the city of Baltimore. After a little more than a decade moving up the ranks he made the jump to small business development and real estate working in the private sector for as the finance director of Tito Contractors.

This combination of experience with both local community initiatives as well as small business funding made Seawright the perfect fit for the CEDC, especially his history as an angel investor. Seawright has always felt a strong desire to give back to his community. Growing up in Philadelphia he found himself volunteering at inner city youth programs as young as 12 years old. Seawright credits this attribute to the upbringing that his parents provided for him, from his Twitter.

Kevin seawright and the newark community economic development corporation from Kevin Seawright

Seawright’s parents remain a major influence on his life to this day as he counts them his greatest role models. They helped to shape his personal definition of success. According to Seawright the most important thing for him is having strong family relationships. He is extremely proud of the relationships that his daughter, Tia, holds with her extended family. The other key aspect of success is giving back to your community. This can be as small as volunteering one’s time, or as large as trying to revitalize an entire local economy.

Many challenges lay ahead for Seawright, however it looks as if he is up to the task. His new role will have him wearing many hats as the CEDC works to improve Wi-Fi access, create summer employment opportunities for students, and fund small businesses in the local community. It will also work to improve some public works projects such as ports, railroads, and highways.

If his past is any indicator of success, the city of Newark looks to be in great hands for the coming years.

The Secret Of Finding Stellar Plastic Surgeons In Texas.

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Finding a plastic surgeon in Texas can be an easy process. Texas is a big state and there are many highly qualified and skilled surgeons who are ready to help you with all of your plastic surgery needs. Dr. Ben Tittle has been practicing Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery since 1989. Dr. Tittle is a very accomplished doctor. He teaches his skills to other doctors.

Another doctor worth talking about is Dr. James F. Boynton of Boynton Plastic Surgery. Dr. Boynton’s strong education and experience makes him a well trusted doctor in the state of Texas. He takes pride in his patient care and the attention to details.

Speaking of doctors that care about details, that is one secret to finding some of the best plastic surgeons on Texas. These stellar plastic surgeons understand that their job is an important one. They want to give each patient the care and treatment plan they need. Each patient is unique and so is their situation. The best doctors understand this and make a plan that works best for every single patient.

One patient reviewed said that in her opinion, the best man for the job is a woman. If this is the way you feel or if you would love to see a woman’s approach to plastic surgery, you are in luck. There is an amazing female doctor in Texas who makes our list of who is who. Her name is Dr. Jennifer Walden.

If you are a female Texan, Dr. Walden will understand you just fine. She was born and raised in Austin TX. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the tops in the field too. She made the list of twenty four of the top surgeons in the United States. Harper’s Bazaar published the list and acknowledged her as a leader in her field.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has strong family values and understands plastic surgery. She has taught countless other surgeons from New York and other areas including her hometown of Austin Texas. When you want to engage the service of one of the top surgeons in Texas, take a serious look at Dr. Walden.

Ricardo Guimarães And Making BMG Better

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There are many ways that Ricardo Guimarães has worked to make the BMG bank a better place for the clients that have frequented the bank. As a family institution, Guimarães has made the bank something that was once small and barely operable into something that is known on an international level.

According to the Ricardo Guimarães website, there are many ways that he has made the bank better. He has done so by doing international advertising, offering great payday loans and credit cards for people who may have not had the opportunity to have them in the past. These are all ways that have made the bank a better place for all of the people who are a part of it, including the employees of the bank. They have been able to gain a great deal of business because of the practices of Guimarães.

International banking is very important to Ricardo Guimarães because he knows that he must branch outside of Brazil to get the most business out of all of the things that he is doing. There are ways that he has brought the BMG name to an international level. These ways include creating advertisements for international marketing, allowing people from other countries to see how the bank works and even sponsoring athletes who are participating on an international level. He has made the international dreams of the company into a reality for the people who live there.

Payday loans are a big deal and are a way to help people out of tough situations. They give the people who need them the opportunity to get the money that they need instantaneously without having to worry about paying them back over time. They can pay them back as soon as they get the paycheck that they were waiting on. This is one of the ways that BMG has made their money because they have been able to provide people with payday loans that are meant for people who need money. They have gained customer relationships and profits from the loans that they offer people.

Another big business venture of BMG is the credit card aspect of the bank. Credit cards allow people to spend money when they need it and to worry about paying the money back at a later time. Credit cards work for bank clients because they give them a convenience they may have not had otherwise. Credit cards work for the bank because they give them the profits that they need to continue operating outside of their normal functions. The profits that come from interest in credit cards are a large chunk of profit for most banks. BMG is able to gain profit from credit cards.

Why Your Business Should Have a Wikipedia Page

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Wikipedia is quickly becoming the one stop shop online location for accurate information about interesting topics that readers want to know more about. Because of this, many businesses are using it to promote information about what they do and who they are. Not just any business can make the cut to get on Wikipedia though. Only the top ranking best business choices are considered, and this makes the competition to get on the site surprisingly fierce. 

So why does it matter so much to make a Wikipedia page? Well, for starters, they can tremendously improve your online reputation. Businesses get to choose what information they put out to the public on their Wikipedia site, which is a big deal for a company struggling with controversy. If anything negative is added to their page, it can be edited. Companies who are trying to have a stronger internet based presence also benefit from Wikipedia business page creation because they expand the possibility that a company’s name will be one of the top list of an internet search done by the average consumer. The more a company is noticed, the more money they make. 

Wikipedia only approves articles about businesses that follow a strict set of requirements. There can be no grammatical or spelling errors, the business must not be already written about, and there can be no promotional or advertising in the article to sway readers to go there. Any failure to follow the guidelines leads to an automatic rejection of the article. Instead of risking the chance of having an article thrown out, its best to have it written by Get Your Wiki. They have a significant amount of experience writing articles for Wikipedia, and they can guarantee that your business article will be approved. Their professional Wikipedia writers even help monitor your Wikipedia page after it is approved to ensure that all its information stays positive and accurate.

TOWN Residential Analyzes Manhattan Real Estate Trends: Is a Buyers’ Market Coming?

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Every year, TOWN Residential prepares and releases “The Aggregate,” a well-researched report that analyzes the Manhattan real estate market. The luxury New York real estate firm makes use of the live ACRIS feed supplied by New York City’s Department of Finance and a variety of rolling sales data to draw conclusions about current market conditions and ongoing real estate trends. This year, “The Aggregate” reveals three primary trends:

1. The market was saved from a down-turn by a fourth quarter blip.

Late summer and fall saw a “soft spot” in the real estate market, but this was off-set by a blip in prices as closings occurred on many so-called “trophy listings” in primarily new developments. Some of these transactions are occurring at what TOWN Residential CEO Andrew Heiberger calls “record prices.” These trophy sales caused the average price per square foot to increase and turned what might have been a “systemic downshift” into a blip.

2. Year-over-year, the market has seen price gains in every major category.

Compared to a year ago, average NYC Apartments for rent prices have increased 5.2% while the median sales price has gone up 16%. Median price per square foot rose 6.2% while average price per square foot grew to $1,505. Condos showed even stronger growth than the overall market, with almost a 20% gain in median sales price and an 11% increase in median price per square foot. Co-ops, meanwhile, rose 6.4% over the course of the year, and the average price per square foot gained 6.3% year-to-year.

3. The market appears to be stabilizing.

Despite these year-to-year price gains, the Manhattan real estate market seems to be stabilizing. The fourth quarter blip balanced the fall “soft spot,” but, going forward, TOWN Residential founder Andrew Heiberger expects the market to shift more toward buyers. Sellers have already begun to adjust their expected sales prices as compared to the peak levels that were reached earlier in the year. In the future, Heiberger believes buyers will be able to find some good purchasing opportunities.

George Soros Wants Angela Merkel To Solve Migrant Crisis

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FX Street recently published a talk with George Soros. George is concerned that the migrant crisis could actually topple the European Union. The economic strain on the continent could be even worse than the financial crisis in Greece, but no one is willing to stand up and take responsibility. Angela Merkel currently serves as chancellor of Germany, and she may be the only person who can solve the problem. This article explains how George connects the migrant crisis to Merkel’s leadership.

#1: Germans And Germany Stand At The Heart Of The Crisis

Angela Merkel recently said that Germany could see more attacks because of the migrants who are fleeing from Syria. Anyone who understands the situation knows that radicalization is not happening upon fleeing refugees. Merkel’s prediction could turn Germans into histile agents in a battle against the migrants. Germany has the most room and resources to help refugees, but they cannot ignore the problem by pretending that the migrants are all terrorists.

#2: Governance Is More Important

The European Union has a safe zone that allows all its citizens to move freely from one country to another. That safe zone must be managed properly to ensure that the capacity is not above the rate that any one country can handle. Germany stands in the middle of the free zone, and Germans should not impede the movement of refugees. An agreement among all the members of the EU is not possible is Germany is unwilling to treat refugees humanely, and their refusal to do so could cause a delay in the assignment of hundreds of thousands of refugees.

#3: Forcing People To Stay Put Is Not A Solution

Some members of the EU have suggested that refugees must stay where they are before further plans can be made. George wants the EU to expand their plans beyond their borders as much as possible. Forcing refugees to stay in places where are not welcome is unsafe, and George does not want the EU to have to wait for a solution.

The EU was slow to react to the debt crisis in Greece, and an entire country nearly went bankrupt as a result. George believes that an expanded plan will help prevent refugees from being trapped in places where they cannot start new lives.

#4: The Liability Is Real

George believes that the migrant crisis will not get out of control if people in other Europeans countries will accept an open door policy. Migrants are often willing to do jobs that no one else will do, and they do those jobs very well. The whole continent must take responsibility, but Germany must be the first country to strongly accept the financial responsibility of the migrants they accept.

George Soros is no stranger to European politics and economics. He has strong and wise viewpoints on the way the European Union is run, and he believes that Angela Merkel must emerge a stronger leader if the European Union wishes to survive the current migrant crisis.

About Financial Analyst Kyle Bass

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Kyle Bass, financial blogger and the founder of Hayman Capital Management believes that China has a problem in its banking system. Unlike many financial analysts who consider volatility in China is as a result of peaked profits, Kyle compares the situation to what happened recently in Europe. In both scenarios, the banking systems outperformed the GDP at a staggering margin. The banking system generated about $35 trillion compared to just $10 trillion of GDP. According to the analysis of Kyle Bass, he believes credit cycles and losses are on the way and investors should realize in advance that something is not well.

About the U.S. market, Kyle believes there will be 10 to 20 percent downturn as 2016 comes to an end. The situation will not be worse as it happened a few years ago during the global financial crisis, but inadequate credit expansion in emerging economies is a real obstacle. Another financial analyst, Mark Lasry, of Avenue capital tends to agree with Kyle that financial institutions in China are lending too much money.

Kyle Bass became famous after correctly predicting the subprime mortgage crisis that happened in 2008. He became a superstars and other players in the industry concluded that Kyle was a genius and his predictions go his way. The magic he applied then has not favored him for a long time now. Today, most of his predictions go the opposite direction of the actual reality.

Besides that, as virtually everyone in the industry believed that the former Argentinean leader Cristina Fernandez was economically illiterate, Kyle thought she was the perfect leader to steer the economy of her country to the next level. In 2014, Argentina failed to repay its sovereign debt, and UsefulStooges reports that Kyle Bass outrageously defended the act, this time sounding like a minister of the South American state, rather than a hedge fund manager based in the U.S.

Fund Raising, Development and Law

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Impeccable Career of Sam Tabar from Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is an attorney of some status and also a capital strategist as shown by his LinkedIn credits. After starting out his career in law, he then realized that he wanted to explore something new, so he decided to go the route of business development and capitol strategy. He was a Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development with SPARX Group co./PMA Investment Advisors. After this he joined the Bank of America Merrill Lynch as the Director and Head of Capitol Strategy in the Asia-Pacific Region. After this, Tabar went back to law and was the Senior Associate of the Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP where he was mainly working with the hedge funds, creating new funds and also making sure that everyone followed all of the rules and were amicable to work with.

From his bio it shows that Sam Tabar graduated from college in 2000 from Oxford University where he received a Bachelor of Arts with honors. After that he attended Columbia Law School where he was an Associate Editor for the Columbia Business Law Review. He is fluent in English, French and can also speak Japanese. He is an expert in fund raising, business development and legal matters. Lately he has added a startup company to his repertoire. This company is called THINX and it helps women in America and Africa. THINX has a focus on fashionable underwear that also supports women menstruating and women with incontinence.

Without this underwear women in Africa would likely have to miss work or school. Traditionally women in Africa lack the resources to go to work or school when they have to manage menstruating. With one purchase of his product, however, they are given seven washable pads that can accomplish this task. Sam Tabar understands the investment market very well. Some women that Tabar knew through his friends were the ones who started the THINX company. Through a Kickstarter campaign and other crowd funding campaigns, the company became successful.

Sam is also a big lover of music, and continues to converse on the subject through his SoundCloud page.

Crystal Hunt’s Career On One Life To Live

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Soap operas are a great escape for many people during the afternoons. Back in its hey day, they were a dozen soap operas on a variety of television networks. Soap operas are daily mini movies that has an exciting plot line and a multitude of characters. While there were dozens of soap operas on television networks, there are only a few popular ones that many people watch. One Life to Live is one of the popular ones.

One Life to Live was created by Agnes Nixon. The soap opera had its first episode on July 16, 1968. One Life to Live began as a 30 minute soap opera and then progressed to a 60 minute airing. One Life to Live comprised of 45 seasons with a total of 11,136 episodes. One Life to Live featured hundreds of actors over the years with many of them transitioning to acting film and theater. One Life to Live aired on ABC since the very first episode.

One Life to Live was the first daytime drama to feature ethnically diverse characters. The daytime drama was also the first to also emphasize and showcase social issues.

Crystal Hunt acted on One Life to Live for a period of time. Crystal Hunt played Stacy Morasco from February 2009 to February 2010, which IMDb lists. Crystal Hunt’s character was the vixen on One Life to Live. She played a woman that loved a man that was taken. Her character did anything to get the man she loved. Her character was killed off by falling in ice on a lake.

Crystal Hunt, the actress, went on to act in films after appearing on One Life to Live for a year. Most notably, Crystal Hunt acted in the mega hit Magic Mike XXL – the sequel to the popular first movie. Crystal Hunt also acted in a film alongside Amanda Bynes, which was a hit at the box office.  She also remains a popular facet of the Instagram celebrity stable.  Follow Crystal’s SlideShare for more about her career up till now.