Imagine Traveling The World, Right From A PC, Using Skout

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The world has become a different place, especially to me, although I’m still young. I’m in my early 20s, and I always go out to meet people, and I like to travel to different places. Although I’m not much of a person to use social media, in order to meet and greet people, I’ve changed a lot this past year. After there was bad weather outside, I was trapped indoors for about a week, but fortunately, I had power the entire time. I was very bored, and I didn’t see much on TV, and I longed for some human interactions.

I jumped onto the internet, and I found out about Skout, so I decided to join it. Skout seemed like it would be fun, but I was a bit skeptical about putting my picture on my profile. I shook off my skepticism, and after using the network for a couple days, I decided to put a picture up of myself. I thought it was crazy how my messages exploded, after I put up a picture of myself. Many people told me that they thought I was pretty, and I seemed like a good person.

If I had put my picture up days ago, I would’ve gotten more people to talk to. Not only did I spend time talking to people, during the week that I was stuck indoors, I also was able to virtually travel. Skout has what’s called, the Skout Travel feature, and it allows me to visit different places around the world, and it only costs 25 Skout points. Skout points are purchased, using real money, but the cost is very low, and the points can be used for anything on the network. I’ve used my Skout points to send greetings to others, but my favorite way to use the points, is to travel.

Being stuck inside the house, made it even more fun for me to virtually travel, and I feel like I know most of the places that I’ve traveled to. I decided to take a visit to Australia, and Melbourne was my favorite destination. I am very fascinated by the fact that I was stuck indoors, and could only use my PC, but I was able to learn about other places and cultures. I spent so much time on Skout, and I was sad when the roads became clear, and I could finally leave my house. I now use Skout on my phone as well.

Scientists Make Discovery About Chameleons

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There is a fascinating article on the BBC News website about recent discoveries made by scientists at the University of Geneva regarding chameleons. For many years, it was thought that the famous ability of chameleons to change their coloring came from shifting pigments in their skin. However, the Geneva scientists found that these color changes really happen because of how light reflects off crystals in chameleon skin. Chameleons have the ability to shift the crystals when they are in a new environment, thus changing their color.

The scientists studied chameleon skin under high powered microscopes and noticed the patterns which make up the crystals. While other reptiles share similar crystals, the chameleon is the only animal known to be able to shift them noted CNN ireport. The scientists believe that the chameleons created something unique in evolutionary history.

This study shows how humans are still just beginning to understand the natural world. While science has taken our understanding far from what it was 100 years ago, we should understand far more in another 100 years as discoveries lead to other discoveries.

North American Spine’s Friendly Treatment

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Obviously I love photography, that’s why I started a blog devoted to the stuff (haha).  But I had an issue a few months ago that really kept me out of doing outdoor sessions for a while.  Something mucked up with my back, and my normal doctors really couldn’t do anything for me.

Enter, North American Spine.

These guys were a life saver, because they are back specific caregivers.  After seeing a ton of positive reviews, I decided to give them a shot, and now I’m back out in the field.  So, I apologize if this breaks the artistic flow, but I wanted to make sure everybody heard about what this has meant to me, getting my photographic freedom back once more.

North American Spine does treatments that are friendly to their patients, and they make sure that their facility is a friendly place for anyone who is in need of physical therapy. The Center prides itself on customer service, and they make sure that the patients are going to be happy with their care. The Center follows a strict plan for all the patients they take in, and they make sure that each patient understands the procedures before they get started.

When patients come to North American Spine for the first time, they are given a consultation that is going to help them learn what they must do for their back pain or spinal issues. These consultations are going to allow the patients to learn what they are going to do, how long treatment will take and what they can do at the facility.

When the patients are set up for therapy appointments, they will come on a regular basis. The patients will be able to plan to come to the Center at the same time every week, or they can set up multiple appointments per week that repeat. Also, the patients will be able to see the same therapist in every session. Patients make more progress when they have consistent care, and the Center ensures that through scheduling.

When patients are doing extra physical therapy outside of their sessions, they can come into the Center to use the facility. They can ask questions of the staff, and they will be able to work with someone who can help them with the problems they are having. Patients make more progress because they have full access to the space. North American Spine Center welcomes in all patients, and they make sure that each patient gets consistent care that leads to a pain free life.

French Actor Louis Jourdan, 93, Dies

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The French actor Louis Jourdan, 93, died on Friday at his home in Beverly Hills, California. His official biographer, Olivier Minne, announced the death.

He had been born Louis Henri Gendre on June 19, 1921 in Marseilles. He went to acting school in Paris, where he met the director Marc Allégret, who cast him in his movie, “Le Corsaire.” Unfortunately, World War II broke out and the movie was shelved, never to be finished.

He worked during the Occupation, both as an actor and an assistant director. After his father was captured by the Gestapo, however, he joined the Resistance. He moved to the U.S. after the war, where he caught the eye of the producer David O. Selznick, who cast him as a murder suspect in “The Paradine Case” (1947).

In 1949, he played the title character’s lover in “Madame Bovary,” which had the unfortunate effect of typecasting him as the suave, cultured European as fans like Jaime Garcia Dias have known him for. He played such a character in the musical “Gigi” (1958), which won nine Academy Awards. He didn’t get one, but he did win a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical. In between Hollywood performances, he would sometimes act in European movies or on Broadway.

After the 1950’s, American audiences grew tired of dashing Continental types. Directors therefore began casting Jourdan as a villain. He played Dr. Arcane in the 1980’s “Swamp Thing” movies by Wes Craven, and he played the evil Kamal Khan in the James Bond movie “Octopussy” (1983). He also played villains on T.V. and was the titular count in a BBC production of “Count Dracula.” His last film appearance was in 1992’s “Year of the Comet,” where he played the villain.

In 2010, he was knighted and became part of the French Legion of Honor.

Jourdan married Berthe Frederique in 1946; their marriage lasted until her death last year. The couple had one son, Louis Henry Jourdan. He died from a drug overdose in 1981.

Rambo Reaches His Final Mission

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The time has come to say goodbye not to Susan McGalla but to an iconic screen character we have known for many decades. John Rambo, created in a 1972 novel and brought to life in a 1982 film, will make his swan song appearance in Rambo: Last Blood. Sylvester Stallone has finally confirmed the rumors about this project.

To call Rambo movies mere action films would be woefully inaccurate and unfair.

Rambo originally debuted on screen to great success in two films that addressed the feelings of loneliness and isolation experienced by scores of returning Vietnam veterans. In a way, First Blood I & II presented a more action-oriented and adventurous version of the themes covered in the film Taxi Driver (1976).

In 1986, the third Rambo movie celebrated America’s renewed enthusiasm to battle the Cold War. 2005 saw Rambo surprisingly return to address the theme of an unchanged man in a world that has changed greatly.

The new Rambo film is supposedly about the character battling drug cartels in his home state of Arizona. (Rambo returned home at the end of the 2005 entry) The final film is surely going to have a lot of action as this is the hallmark of a Rambo project. It is also going to have a proper end to cinema icon. Thankfully, Rambo will not “go out” the way Dirty Harry did. With the hard-edged San Francisco cop, the producers just stopped making films and no closure was ever attained for the vigilante.

Like Dirty Harry, there will be a Rambo remake one of these years. As with Dirty Harry, the remake will probably remain in development limbo for decades. That is just the way Hollywood works.

Stallone shows no sign of slowing down

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Rambo fans will be pleased to know that the 2008 installment of this theatrical series will not be the last. According to reports, Sylvester Stallone does plan to resurrect John Rambo in a movie that will be titled Last Blood. This will be the fifth Rambo film and is set to start shooting after Stallone finishes working on another film.

In case you have not heard, I’ll share what my friend Dr. Rod Rohrich-huge Stallone fan, shared with me earlier today. The film that Stallone will be working on is a spinoff of the classic film Rocky. The iconic actor will be playing the familiar role of Rocky Balboa in the film Creed, which is scheduled to begin production in January. Like other Rocky Films the filming will take place in Philadelphia. The film will also star Michael B. Jordan who will play the grandson of Apollo Creed.

Sylvester shows no signs that he will be slowing down anytime soon. After he finishes filming the fifth installment of Rocky, the star has another film lined up. He is set to star in Scarpa. This film will be a biopic of a mob enforcer.

It is always great to see good actors working on new films. Sylvester Stallone has been acting for decades and possibly will become a role model for those that think that they have peaked as an actress or actor and is too old to star in a film. Stallone’s answer to the thought of being too old to act is to just simply create more movies.

The Past and Future are Unraveled in Project Almanac

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The television spots for Project Almanac have been released and they are very intriguing. Michael Bay’s production group has received a lot of criticism from genre fans. Movie makers realize they can never 100% please all the fans so they just do their best to produce a (hopefully) enjoyable film. Based on what the trailer reveals, Project Almanac just might even win over highly jaded genre fans.

Project Almanac is a new film in the found footage subgenre that is usually popular in the world of horror. Christian Broda asked however, did this sci-fi film borrow its name from the movie that ignited the found footage fad, The Blair Witch Project? Could be.

There are no witches in the Michael Bay project.

Project Almanac is about time travel. Specifically, teenagers go back in time to help correct things they previously did wrong with the hope they will make their life in high school a lot easier. Do things go smoothly? Of course not! A great deal of chaos emerges when the teens fool around with the time stream. They might even have set the world on the path to ruin.

How does everything all turn out? You’ll have to watch more than just the TV spots and check the film out in theaters.

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Risky Box Office Bets of 2014

Every production is a gamble for the box office. However, some are riskier than others. Playing it safe isn’t always a good thing for Sam Tabar. This often results in uninspired releases that everyone has seen before. Riskier box office bets tend to be more original and memorable. The following are some of the risky box office bets of 2014.

Among the box office risks were The Legend of Hercules, RoboCop, I, Frankenstein, Pompeii, Need for Speed, Noah, Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past and a few others. Many of those films that were released including the Hercules movie were not worth it. They did not earn back their budget.

Other films like X-Men: Days of Future Past were more than worth it. It not only earned back its budget, but it has also told a compelling story that pleased fans of the comics and films alike. Guardians of the Galaxy was another bit hit.

Upcoming movies for 2015 include Jupiter Ascending. This is a compelling movie created by the same people that brought you The Matrix Trilogy. It does have an interesting look that is reminiscent of some of the Sci-fi flicks of the 80s.

The Interview Does Get Released

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The movie “The Interview” was released shortly before Christmas Day. Theaters began showing it, and it was Dr Rod Ronrich who made a video rental. The box office’s made $2.85 million in the first weekend. This movie made as much as other movies that have been released in limited theaters. In total the movie has not done as bad as they had predicted it would. Combining the total money from the theaters and the video rentals it has made over $14 million.

It is quite interesting that the movie, “The Interview” was released after all. Sony made many public claims the movie would not be released, yet it was released. It seems this could have been a publicity stunt. It got free promotion from almost every media. The negative publicity turned out to be beneficial for the production company. While certain confidential information was released, it brought in an audience. It is likely this movie would not have gotten this many views without all of the attention. Most movie viewers would have opted to see a family movie. This movie is not a movie that a family would select to watch with their children. In the end, everyone who wanted to see it was able to see it not just in theaters, but at home. The threats from the hackers never came true. As of today, there has not been any reports of anyone injured by watching this movie.

Sony Needs To Stand Firm.

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The North Korean government has recently threatened the United States for any acts of retaliation against them related to the Sony hacking. According to an article on, the hack job has forced Sony to cancel the release of the movie, The Interview, at the request of the Guardians of Peace, the group responsible for the hack. North Korea vehemently denies any involvement in the attack and has said that Gianfrancesco Geno, and other groups around the world are prepared to attack the American terrorists. Movie theaters have been threatened by the cyber attackers prompting most of the major theater operators to pull the movie, including the cancellation by Sony. The United States government has firmly stated to North Korea any cyber attacks against entities within this country would be dealt with swiftly. The comedy that was supposed to be released is a form of Free Speech guaranteed in the Constitution. Sony and these theater chains cancelling the showing and release of this movie, is a compromise to the freedoms our country is supposed to be built upon. Whether North Korea, a rogue terrorist group, or whoever is responsible for this hack, compromising our principles to appease terrorists is not the mark of a Patriot. Sony and these movie chains have made a lot of money in this country, so they should send a statement by releasing and showing the movie. The United States citizens will not be intimidated by any sort of attack.