Cassio Audi Makes Change from Music to Business

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Casio Audi has definitely intrigued many people over the years as a musician and songwriter for Viper. In the 80s he was a forest with his songwriting skills, and he also did a considerable amount of drumming for this band. He functioned as a band member on a debut album that was critically acclaimed and beloved by fans. He would do well in the rock world, but he would eventually find that his passing would lie elsewhere.

Cassio already has put his time into transitioning into the business world. He would become a person that was highly intrigued with business administration and finance. These are the things that would allow him to become a much more interesting business leader. People are definitely taking interest in what Cassio is doing because he has proven himself to be a strong business executive. Cassio Audi is one of those types of people that is multi-talented. He has excelled in the world of entertainment and songwriting and musicianship, but now he is finding his passion with finance and investment portfolios. This is where Cassio Audi has been able to show his skills as a business professional.

He would attend school and obtain a degree in Business Administration. He would change the course of his life with a transition into business leadership and build a very successful company over the years. Cassio has been able to lead and lead well when it comes to finance and investment strategy. This is where he has had the most experience in the business world. Cassio has proven that he knows a lot about business in the way that one should interact with investors that are in need of help with their portfolio. Cassio has proven that he can successfully engage in a multitude of things throughout his career.

George Soros: Politics and the Economy

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George Soros is an 85 year old, Hungarian-born, self-made billionaire. Born in Budapest, he survived both Nazi occupation as well as communist-rule in Hungary during the 1940s. He moved to London where he earned his degree in economics after which he moved to New York City in 1956 and began a career in finance. He is also a philanthropist and has donated $7 billion dollars, as of 2012, through his “Open Society Foundations.”

Know more:

He is known as the leading funder in democratic politics. He has funded over $25 million dollars towards the Hilary Clinton and other democratic political campaigns and causes. He has known Hilary Clinton personally for over 25 years, and had wanted to be present when she accepted the democratic presidential nomination, but was unable to do so due to having to monitor Europe’s economic situation. George Soros returned to the political arena motivated by his faith in Clinton as well as his concern for some issues he is feels passionately for, such as immigration and criminal justice reform and religious tolerance. Read this story about George at

George Soros is a believer of the “open society” because it is more advanced than a “closed society”. After-all, George Soros had survived both Nazi and Communism occupation in his home country. After the collapse of Communism the open society became a new concept. The foundations he had created were doing a lot to make others believe in the open society as well. Laissez-faire capitalism states that common-good is best when allowing individuals the pursuit of self-interest. However, it should be tempered with common interest, as an open society, or it will not last. Laissez-faire Capitalism and totalitarian can only be a threat to open society if we let it. Right now our marketplace is a truly global one, and the only way to keep it that way is with an open society. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Managing Life with Osteoarthritis

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What is osteoarthritis?

One of the most common types of arthritis that people get is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis means degenerative joint disease. The disease is caused by the deterioration of the cartilage (which is the soft material that is located between each joint).


As it breaks down and starts to wear and deteriorate it will cause bones to rub against bone, which will cause the bones begin swelling and can cause a great amount of pain. As one age, their joints become weaker, lose strength and the pain may become chronic. Unfortunately, there is no cure, but there are things that can be done to help with the swelling and pain.


What Can you do to help prevent or slow down the effects of Osteoarthritis?





What are the best Exercises to help deal with symptoms?




Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey Shore Information.

At the Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore has the goal to work and provide the best treatment to their clients. They have some of the most advanced OA Knee treatments available. They offer a no charge introductory screening for their new clients as well. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the treatments they offer and see if they are right for you.


Osteo Relief Institute also believes in helping you to stay active and healthy to help you live your life without the pain (or minimizing it as best as possible). They will work with you to help create a combination of several procedures that have synergistic results that help a lot of their clients have positive success in their treatment.


Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore believes that every one of their clients deserves to have every option available to their clients to find out what works best. Their goal is to help their clients gain their life back by doing what they want pain-free. If you would like some more information check out their website at


Omar Yunes – Winning the Highly Prestigious Best Franchise of the World Competition

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Running a fast food joint is not a small task as it needs a lot of patience and hard work. It is even more challenging these days when there is a fierce competition in the food market, and there are many choices available to the people. Omar Yunes, one of the entrepreneurs in Mexico belonging to the food industry started his first fast food restaurant that was a franchise of Sushi Itto when he was just 21 years old. Sushi Itto is amongst the fastest growing Japanese fast food chain in the world and has a total of 150 restaurants all over the globe. Omar Yunes understood from the very beginning that there is a market out there for the Japanese fusion food, which is what helped him achieve huge success in this line of business.


In a recently held Best Franchise in the World Competition in Florence, Italy, Omar Yunes won the competition where participants from 34 countries participated. It is a tremendous achievement for Omar Yunes, who currently owns 13 franchise of Sushi Itto brand all over Mexico. The award is given to the franchise owner who has contributed significantly to the success of the brand and has achieved excellent customer satisfaction as well by providing impeccable customer service and high-quality food. Omar Yunes started in this business from the time he was very young and over the years, he has learned the tricks of the trade and has become a thorough professional in this business.


Omar Yunes knows what the customers are looking and understands the dynamics of maintaining a fast food joint so that the customers always leave with a smile. One of his top priorities is to ensure that the customers are always satisfied with the quality of food they are served and the kind of service they receive. It is these efforts made by Omar Yunes over the years, which has helped in maintaining consistent standards across his chain of fast food restaurants in Mexico. Omar Yunes after winning the BFW Competition gave credit to his team of 400 employees for making it possible for him to win such a prestigious award.

For more information follow Omar Yunes on Twitter.

Omar Yunes – Winning the Best Franchisee of the World Competition in Style

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When it comes to making it big in the food industry, it is not a cup of tea for everyone. Many things go into starting and running a restaurant or even a fast food joint successfully. Starting from the quality of food served to the courtesy of the employees working at the restaurant to cleanliness and hygiene, there are endless factors that collectively help in making a restaurant popular among the people.


Omar Yunes made it possible when he was just 21 in a fast-paced food business of Mexico. At the time when Sushi Itto, a modern global chain of Japanese fusion food, entered Mexico’s food industry, Omar Yunes jumped at the opportunity and opened his first franchise unit in Mexico City. Even though he struggled initially, he managed to make that joint highly successful and popular in the area, which decided rest of his journey as an entrepreneur in the food industry.


Currently, Omar Yunes owns 13 Sushi Itto franchise and runs them successfully. Moreover, he gives employment to 400 people, which is a huge achievement in itself. Every year, Best Franchisee of the World Competition is held to recognize and name the best franchise, and in 2015, it was none other than Omar Yunes. As per the organizers of the competition, Omar Yunes became the natural choice of the judges as the contest progressed and the jury members came through different participants. It is because Omar Yunes has worked hard to maintain high standards in all the 13 joints he owns. Omar Yunes takes care of every aspect of running a chain of fast food restaurants, whether it is the quality of food, customer service, customers’ grievances, feedback, cleanliness, marketing, offers, profitability, compliance, and more.


Omar Yunes said after winning the BFW Competition that he could have never won such a prestigious competition without the dedicated support of his 400 and more employees, who work hard day and night to make his restaurants one of the best in the country. Omar Yunes is amongst the youngest millionaires in Mexico and is a familiar name in the food industry.

Cassio Audi: Viper Experience Helped with Career

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It is not often that business men can say that their career was heavily influenced by their ability to be a superstar in an international band, but that is something that Cassio Audi often says. He tries to let people know that they can try different things and do more with the options that they have no matter what they have going on. It is something that has given Cassio Audi the ability to make sure that he is helping people and the opportunity to show others what he has been able to do in different areas of his life.

While Cassio Audi does not still play music with Viper, he continues to look back on the experiences and uses them to help himself try to do the right thing in business. He wants to always make sure that he is doing things the right way and that his business is going to be able to be the best for people. By using his experience as an international rock star, he can put a new approach to the business that he has. He has a perspective that is unlike any other business person.

For Cassio Audi, music is his passion. While he would one day like to play in a band again he knows that it will never actually be like the band that he had with Viper. He wants to be able to find people and make a bond that is that strong so that they can play together and do different things. Despite the fact that Cassio Audi knows that he will not always be able to do that, he tries to play music on his own often so that he can get a better experience out of the things that he does do during the times that he is working to improve business.

Dr. AviWeisfogel has Devised a Very Useful Program in Ridding the General Populace of Obstructive Sleep Apnea:

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Dr. AviWeisfogel: goes the extra-mile. His true professionalism lies in the fact that he shows other healthcare professionals how to properly incorporate a sleep lab into their existing dental practices or healthcare settings. Persons, everywhere, are benefiting from the instruction and insights of Dr. AviWeisfogel. He has literally pioneered a way to provide the Dental Practitioner and Physician, alike, with a way to properly identify patients with sleep disorders, and how to correct the situation. Dr. Weisfogel makes use of an oral appliance, designed to keep the client’s airway open, during nighttime rest.

Dr. AviWeisfogel launched his career by way of practicing Dentistry. He managed the Old Bridge Dental Care office in delightful Old Bridge Township, in New Jersey. He received accolades as a very popular Dental Professional. He went on to instruct Physicians and Dentists, alike, how to incorporate a sleep lab, into their existing practices. He gave seminars, throughout the country. All of the preceding activities led Dr. AviWeisfogel to his current point and time: of establishing the unique and highly-favorable, ‘Dental Sleep Masters’ Program.

The program is widely-touted by Physicians and Dental Professionals–alike. The program, itself, provides the Dental Professional and Physician, with the knowledge required, in order to successfully implement sleep program, into their existing practices. The result is an additional income stream–for the healthcare professional. Other features include: the general populace is provided with a greater knowledge of what triggers the destructive attributes of apnea. An apnea is where a sufferer’s breath, ceases, during sleep. This type of malady may awaken the individual. Too: the sufferer may experience sleepiness during daytime hours. He or she may experience cognitive issues, in way of lack of proper concentration. Some persons experience cardio-vascular irregularities. Diabetes is linked to the condition.

Dr. AviWeisfogel’s greatest concern is that certain individuals, with the insidious condition, are quite, literally, going undiagnosed. The solution then is to administer a worthwhile program, by way of other healthcare professionals. Such a team approach, as supplied by the Dental Sleep Masters’ program, makes entire process very customer-centric. The healthcare provider, benefits, in way of assisting more of his client populace–as it pertains to sleep disorders, and the public receives useful and resourceful information, with regard to how to address a serious health concern to learn more: click here.

Notes Regarding Dr. AviWeisfogel:

Dr. AviWeisfogel has received B.A. degrees in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University. He attained a D.D.S. from the New York University College of Dentistry. He became interested, in the realm of sleep, during his tenure as a Dental Practitioner, in Old Bridge, New Jersey (Township). During his spare time: Dr. Weisfogel is a huge fan of sports. He is a fan of the New York Rangers hockey team. He is an avid spectator of the Cleveland Browns football team. Dr. AviWeisfogel enjoys spending time skiing. He, additionally, appreciates the time he spends with his family and pup.

Greg Secker’s First Online Forex Foundation

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Foreign exchange market enables the exchange of international currencies into local currencies. The exchange is done 24 hours a day and six days in a week. This process, however, does not entail a centralized exchange like it is in the stock market. Instead, the stock exchange operates under computer network and is moderately a high tech activity. Trading in Forex has been there for long, and it is a great time that everyone got the hang of it. Sometimes the world’s economy is unsteady and random; inflation rate remains high, and also, the wage growth stagnates for long. These are the right times that investors should take advantage of the situation and invest in the Forex trading market. This is because the Forex trading market does not entail such entities.

Anyone can participate in the Forex exchange business since there are no specific requirements to do so. One does not require natural talents or a particular state of mind to be successful in Forex market trading. However, even though there certainly is a learning curve, there are other options one can rely on to help in navigating staffs easily at the foreign exchange market. We have the internet, and also, there is a variety of software that can apply. The Forex trading has plenty of benefits for it users. However, if one is not interested in the Forex trading, it is okay to try on other platforms. Its benefits include: Easy to start (it gives clients opportunity to start trading with a minimal and affordable amounts in the account); it provides an opportunity to practice; It is available anywhere and anytime; it offers a flexible environment for trading unlike other markets; and finally, it is viral. It is, therefore, recommended and safe for positive returns.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur, master trader, philanthropist, and an international speaker. He was born in 1975. In 2003, he founded the knowledge to action group consisting of various companies; Learn to Trade (a leading global trading education company), Smart Chart Software, Capital Index, and the exciting new city brokerage firm. All these are non-profit organizations, and with the companies, Mr. Greg is committed to improving the lives of people positively globally through education, coaching, and support.

Mr. Greg began his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services before he moved on to the foreign exchange business. Here he started a new firm called Virtual Trading Desk. His new company turned out to be the first real time Forex trading platform on an on-line basis. This invention, however, managed to open more ways to his career as he, later on, joined a Fortune 500 Investment Bank in the U.S. At the bank, he served as the vice president and was lucky to get an opportunity to interact and work around some of the top traders in the universe.

The Dallas Zoo Reconstructed; Another Philanthropic Act From James Dondero

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James Dondero, the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management (HCM), has more than 30 years of experience in equity and credit markets and focuses mainly on high-yield and distressed investment. He is also the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, Next bank, and CCS Medical. Also, he serves also as a board member of the American Banknote and MGM Studios.

Mr. Dondero is a very active philanthropist, offering support for education initiatives, public policy, and veteran’s affairs. As a result, he has grown to be popular and loved among Fort Worth and Dallas residents. He is a major enthusiast of community-based development projects.

His undying devotion and acts of philanthropy over the decades have made possible the construction and makeover of many public amenities like most of Dallas’ major attraction spots, educational institutions and also a majority of Dallas’ key attraction areas. His latest philanthropic act is the re-establishment of the state-of-the-art hippo garrison at the zoo in Dallas. Many zoo and hippo lovers eagerly waited to view the hippos as they have not been seen in 15 years.

For millions of Dallas zoo-goers, this year’s (2017) spring season marked the rebirth of one of the most refreshing exhibitions– The Hippo Habitat. After waiting for around 15 years, residents can finally enjoy the beauty of hippos without needing to travel to Africa.

Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero’s firm, made a 1 million Dollar donation to help in reconstructing the Zoo’s hippo outpost, which was abandoned in 2001 after the death of “Papa”- the famous hippo of the zoo. This donation was used for building the “Highland Capital Lodge” that has exclusive displays and a breathtaking view of the hippos and their habitat.

The Highland Capital lodge also offers event facilitation, and all the proceeds are reserved for the future improvements of the zoo.

Besides James Dondero, other philanthropists like Diane and Hal Brierley, the Harold Simmons Foundation, and the Eugene McDermott Foundation contributed towards bringing the hippos back as the whole project’s cost was 14 million Dollars.

The zoo is now home to Adhama, a male hippo weighing 3,722 pounds and Boipelo, a ten-year old that weighs 2,395. The presence of these two is expected to make a visit to the zoo worth every expense. The decision to pair these two was according to the recommendation of the Species Survival Plan of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

For more information on James Dondero find him on LinkedIn.

On and Off Court Assistant Basketball Coach Yanni Hufnagel Earns Admiration

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Yanni Hufnagel is perhaps one of the most-respected assistant coaches within basketball, and he has an impressive career that stretches very far for the 34 year old.

While growing up in Scarsdale, New York, Yanni Hufnagel began learning the history of basketball and studying all the great coaches. He was a studious book reader of every possible professional basketball figure which he used as a way to adapt their performance on the court. He determined his purpose very early as a young Jewish child which ultimately led to a prestigious career.

Yanni Hufnagel is a graduate of Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science Degree within Industrial and Labor Relations that he earned in 2006. He later earned his Master’s Degree in 2006, within Adult Higher Education from the University of Oklahoma which focused on the Intercollegiate Athletic Administration. During his time in Oklahoma, Yanni earned a stellar reputation within the basketball community.

In later years, Yanni Hufnagel became the assistant coach for his Alma Mater, Cornell University, which proved to be a great relationship for his excellent career path. Before that time, he accepted the position of assistant coach and recruiter for Harvard Crimson men’s basketball. During his tenure, Yanni received glowing remarks from his peers within the sports industry who considered him most-likely to flourish.

Through Yanni’s Hufnagel career he has also been an assistant coach for Vanderbilt Commodores, California Bears; and most recently, for the University of Nevada Wolf Pack men’s basketball team which received high approval from the University’s President, Marc Johnson, who strongly supported his appointment.

Yanni Hufnagel has reached great heights within his coaching career which could one day become hall of fame recognizable. He is adored by many in the basketball community and respected enormously by his peers.