Corporate Compliance Officers Facing Greater Scrutiny

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A recent report conducted by DLA Piper found some startling sentiments among corporate compliance officers. The report found that 81% of all corporate compliance officers were at least somewhat concerned regarding their increasing responsibilities and liabilities. 32% of the respondents of the Daniel Piper Survey reported that they were very concerned about their job roles and liability.

The great concern among corporate compliance officers and other legal counsel members in corporations is being fueled by greater scrutiny and tougher laws being passed by the federal government. Enforcement is now being taken more seriously and laws are being passed that can hold corporate compliance officers responsible for violations within the company. While the intent of the law may be good, to crack down on illegal behavior, it can put corporate compliance officers as the perpetrators even though there was nothing they could have done.

Building on the point above, new federal law can now allow prosecutors to go after corporate compliance officers if a company is found in violation of a law. Corporate compliance officers are responding with more caution and uneasiness because they can be held accountable for practices that they have no control over.

The concern among corporate compliance officers is especially high in private industries and in heavily regulated industries such as banking, healthcare and chemicals. What is also worrisome is that a significant amount of respondents in the Piper survey said that their compliance department is understaffed or under-budgeted. This combined with greater scrutiny is really putting the pressure on corporate compliance officers to perform.

Corporate compliance officer at Hall Capital, Helane Morrison is a woman who knows how important it is to be in compliance with the law. Mr. Morrison served as a prosecutor in the securities and exchanges commission. There she helped uncover fraud and prosecute companies and individuals that defrauded the public and deceived customers.

Helane Morrison is a tough and strong individual that knows that following the rules and regulations that she at one point helped to enforce will be in the company’s best interests in the end. Morrison has been appointed corporate compliance officer at Hall Capital, a financial institution. What is striking about this move, is that the field of finances and corporate compliance officers is often dominated by men. Helane Morrison is shattering barriers and proving that women can enter and perform in top roles in financial companies. Her career has been highlighted with a strong sense of justice and respect for the law, and she continues to follow her strong sense of what is right and wrong in her post at Hall Capital.

Brian Bonar Opens New Restaurant in San Diego

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When a successful entrepreneur like Brian Bonar decides to build a restaurant empire in San Diego, California, it should be expected that he will bring in the best and offer an experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. That is what he has started to accomplish with his first bistro, Bellamy’s.

Located in the Escondido region of San Diego County, there is an unpretentious backdrop to the restaurant that would not scream of greatness, however Brian Bonar has a vision of unique and successful dining and that is what he set out to provide for the future.

In order to provide a unique and powerful dining experience that will attract people for the food, there is a need for a renowned chef to operate the kitchen. Bonar hired Chef Patrick Ponsaty, a master chef of France. He is one of only two people to earn this distinction in the San Diego region and his current home at Bellamy’s Restaurant has all of his delicious food to share with the public. Each creation is succulent and unique, a true dining experience and just what Brian Bonar was hoping to create –

Bonar was also very smart when it comes to hiring a great staff to prepare and present the best dining experience in the San Diego region. He searched and found the most experienced and talented people that were available. What they provide is a dining experience that tops all others, not only because of the quality of the food but also because of the helpfulness of the staff.

They are well trained and understand the mechanics of a meal. A great server will present information along with the food that they serve. Each explanation is given with meticulous detail that allows a special appreciation for the meal being served.

The outside of the building may not scream decadence as there are clearly renovations and improvements to be made in the physical location. However the entire dining experience at Bonar’s restaurant Bellamy’s is a joy to experience. This all works because you have a great combination of an owner who understands what a restaurant needs to run as a business.

They also have one of the best chefs in the world in Ponsaty. Combine those with a well hired and trained staff and the quality of the experience is second to none. If you enjoy fine dining and you are in the San Diego area then this is a must visit for you. This is only the tip of the iceberg for Bonar, as he hopes to develop a larger four star resort destination on property he owns nearby.

It has been a life of success for Brian Bonar so far. He has risen up through the ranks to become one of the more successful individuals in financial markets helping to initiate mergers and acquisitions. He achieved his best success working for Dalrada Financial Services.

Making money has been his niche that Brian Bonar has taken with him since his days at James Watt Technical College. Now you can find his talents being used at Trucept Incorporated where he focuses on helping small to medium companies complete financial transactions. All of this background has helped him continue on building his dream of a restaurant empire in California. Bellamy’s is going to be a success but that is clearly just the beginning.

Igor Cornelsen, Banker and Financial Advisor

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Igor Cornelsen was born and raised in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen, the South American native, is the founder of Bainbridge Investments Inc., with headquarters in the Bahamas. Igor Cornelsen not only is an experienced banker, but he also is an expert investor. Now retired, he enjoys spending most of his time in Boca Raton, South Florida, where he participates in his favorite past time, golf. He also loves to spend quality time with his family and friends. Even though he is now retired, many companies from Brazil and the United States on continue to seek advice from him and his extensive experience in the capital investment field.

What Igor Cornelsen knows most about is the tricks and trades of Brazilian Banking. He firmly believes that to stay ahead of the game, you must have deep knowledge of the market and be able to learn from poor performances of the market in the past. According to Igor Cornelsen, Brazilian bankers are only willing to lend money to those borrowers who have established good credit, which in turn, provides the banks with a secure outlook toward the future. Igor Cornelsen encourages investors to join the Brazilian market. His reasoning is that Brazil is the biggest country on the continent, as well as being a leader in the World’s food production category. Also, Brazil has a population that is booming, which is resulting in a high demand for new infrastructure, not to mention, Brazil’s vast supply of natural resources.

Igor Cornelsen is more than happy to offer 3 important tips to investors interested in the Brazilian market. He advises to make a connection with the locals. About one in four Brazilians are entrepreneurs and are more than willing to share their advice.

Igor Cornelsen cautions potential investors that there are many regulations in the Brazilian market, including high taxes, regulatory complexity, pervasive bureaucracy and restrictive labor market rigidity. Smart investors that can work hard to get around all these regulations and who stay disciplined will reap high the highest rewards in the end.

Igor Cornelsen recommends to be aware of foreign currency restrictions. If you or your business do not reside in Brazil on, you must be diligent in finding a banking institution that deals in foreign exchange. You should also be aware that there is no exact exchange rate for foreign currency because it all stems from what kind of transaction it is.

Venezuela Continues to Struggle due to Oil Prices

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One of the largest financial issues facing the world is the recent decline in oil prices. While most people think of oil decline as being an issue for the Middle East, many countries across the globe are feeling the economic squeeze. One country that is facing financial strain is Venezuela, which is a South American country heavily dependent on the sale of petrol
Over the past year according to David Osio‘s computation, the price of a barrel of oil has fallen by more than fifty percent. This has caused a direct impact on the amount of money that Venezuela earns on an annual basis. Due to the steep decline in oil revenue, the country is now no longer able to provide its citizens will all of the basic services that they once received.

According to an article written by Daily Mail (, the country is no longer able to provide its citizens with cell phones, cable television, and even toilet paper. If oil prices do not increase in the near future, it is very likely that even more services will be lost by the people of Venezuela. The country has already urged its citizens to be more economical when it comes to using basic utilities and water.


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If anyone dreams or just thinks of a natural healthy hair lifestyle, then they are definitely sorted. That is what Chaz proffers. Chaz Dean is a hair stylist who takes great pride not only in his work but also in the quality of his products and he believes that every product that he offers meets high standards. His company’s top- notch priority is customer satisfaction and that their clients get to experience positive results with their products.

The QVC informercials for the hair care line WEN by Chaz is one of the trending topics of our time. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner is just a magical experience whose formulas and how each one is created truly transforms fine hair to its much- needed glory. For instance, the Fig version promises nothing but moisturized hair that is bouncy and really shiny with a voluminous great appearance.

About how much is recommended for use, the information is printed on the back label, depending on different lengths of hair for that matter.

Pump the amount recommended into your hands, spread evenly across the hair, massage the conditioner into the scalp and pull through across your ends. Let the product soak in for a few minutes and then rinse with water. Amazing results will start showing immediately, as one feels that their hair feels almost thicker and more. No hair falls out and everything feels nothing but really great.

Complementing other stylish products like heat protectant and texturizing paste to WEN products brings amazing results as they surely match. The end result of this is boosted confidence with hair that looks pretty shiny and thoroughly healthy with overall really great impression. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner is therefore a go- to product that makes hair look fabulously gorgeous.



Soap Divas hope to Capture the Prize in Queens of Drama

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It wasn’t that long ago daytime serials were the hottest ticket on television. Viewers planned their entire days around the hour their favorite soap opera would be on and long before reality shows ruled the airwaves, the soap opera was the best drama to be found on the television screens across the country. The heroes and heroines of the soap world became like family to viewers who welcomed them into their home for years.

Today soap opera and reality television meet head on in The Queens of Drama on the Soap Network. The show follows some of soap operas most popular divas as they work to win a contest by putting together a winning pitch for a new pilot and series to be picked up as the final prize.

Soap Opera favorites going head to head in Queens of Drama include One Life to Live and Guiding Light’s Crystal Hunt, General Hospital’s Vanessa Marcil, Passion and General Hospital’s Chrystee Pharris, the Bold and the Beautiful’s Hunter Tylo and long-time favorites Donna Mills and Lindsay Hartley.

Working with some of favorite co-stars in the soap world makes the contest a treat for actress and photographer Crystal Hunt, who has been acting since was a teenager, getting her start in New York City. Hunt, who is originally from Clearwater Florida has become a producer in addition to continuing to act in productions such as The Derby Stallion with Zac Efron, and Sydney White with Amanda Bynes. She was also seen in Magic Mike XXL with co-stars Matt Bomer, Joe Maginello and Channing Tatum.

Long-time fans of soap operas will recognize Crystal immediately, and love watching their show favorites compete against one another in the fun show that pits former friends and co-stars against one another to see what the next step in their exciting careers might be.  Be sure to follow Crystal Hunt on Facebook, and ensure you watch her highlight reel on YouTube.

Kyle Bass, A Man of Interesting Track Record

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Kyle Bass has founded Hayman Capital Management, a hedge fund based in Dallas. He has made a rise to fame when he has made a successful prediction of the fall of the mortgage. He has made plenty o purchases on the credit default swaps that have been issued out by investment banks. This is not that different from shorting bonds. However, this feat has been followed by a ton of mishaps that have cost Kyle Bass his reputation and has made him a little less respected with each misstep. He has shown himself to make the decisions that are very similar to a desperate gamble.

He has mad e a lot of unwise decisions in front of the viewing public. Among the decisions that he has made is in the people he aligns himself with. Among the alliances that he has made was with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Kirchner has brought the economy of her country down. However, Bass has shown that he is behind her no matter what types of mistakes that she makes. Kyle Bass has also shown that he does not have that good of judgment when it comes to the statements he makes on issues like recalled vehicles. One thing that Kyle Bass has done when it comes to the airbags incident is place the blame on the passengers.

As of right now, Kyle Bass also runs a company that challenges patents. Among the things he does is challenge Big Pharma products. He states that he means to bring about affordable pharmacy products to customers so that they can get better health care. He also has made a lot of predictions that have not come true year after year. Among the predictions that he has made was about the economy of Japan. His predictions have also resulted in loss of capital over the years.  UsefulStooges exposes all of Bass’ bad habits on

Ricardo Guimaraes And BMG’s Support Of Sports

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Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes is a large mining entrepreneur with various investments in agriculture, coffee plantation and a cannery. This saw Ricardo Guimaraes have the golden opportunity to be born into one of the wealthiest as well as powerful families in Minas Gerais. Ricardo Guimaraes has gained popularity in his role as the President of BMG Bank. He has always shown hard work and innovation, with his exceptional leadership making BMG the top bank in Brazil. His outstanding leadership showed even back in 1998, when he turned BMG into a National Loans leader a short time after taking over.


The connections that the Guimaraes family has to the financial sector can be traced back to 1930. This is the year that Antonio Mourao Guimaraes, the grandfather to Ricardo Guimaraes, founded the Land Credit Bank. This sees Ricardo Guimaraes as the fourth in line to take over management of the family bank.


The leadership of Mr. Guimaraes saw BMG adopt an innovative strategy that will see the bank become the leader in the monitoring of consigned credit. The bank handles its operations through a lean and efficient team, with its many consultants spread across the country. BMG’s focus has been on offering credit facilities to individuals with a low level of default at low interest rates. This great move by Mr. Guimaraes has led to the bank being the leader in the industry.


Another great achievement by Mr. Guimaraes is his sponsorship of various football teams and athletes. Today, BMG Bank ranks as the largest sponsor of football in South America’s largest country. Ricardo, despite being a huge fan of Atletico Mineiro, stresses that BMG does not root for any specific team, going on to point out that the bank sponsors teams that rival each other.


BMG bank reaps big from the sponsorships, making it one of the firms that receive huge financial returns from their investment in football. The bank also receives a lot of visibility from their three letters being stamped on the uniforms of teams all over the country. This visibility acts as a very effective tool in marketing the bank.


On top of being an avid fan of Atletico Mineiro, Mr. Guimaraes was once the President of the club. His tenure saw him manage the club for five years, before being succeeded by Ziza Valadares. For more…

More Than $2.4 Trillion Has Been Wiped Off Global Markets And That’s A Sign George Soros Prediction Is Becoming A Reality

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When stock markets open at the beginning of 2016 on, there was a lot of great expectations. But those expectations quickly disappeared as stock markets around the globe lost value at an unprecedented rate. No one expected 2016 to start the way it did, except for George Soros and a handful of other economists. George Soros, the billionaire investor, social activists, political pundit, and humanitarian, has been telling the world to brace for another 2008 recession for the last five years. But no one was listening five years ago. Emerging markets like China and Brazil were turning into great economic growth figures, and other emerging markets like India and Mexico were getting into the swing of capitalism, and producing double digit economic growth.

When George Soros sat down with recently, he talked about the pending economic disaster on, and some people in the world started to listen. Soros has a reputation for being right. His hedge fund is one of the most successful funds in the world. Some investors call Soros the smartest investor ever to live, but other say that title is shared with Warren Buffet. Whatever you call Soros, one thing is clear. George Soros knows the complexities that exist in world economics, and he has studied those issues for years. Soros graduated from the London School of Economics in the 1950s with a degree in philosophy, and he has been using what he learn in England for the last 60 years. 

The thought of another 2008 meltdown is not an positive thought, but all the signs for that sort of economic catastrophe are flashing red. Mr. Soros discussed those signs with several online news agencies. A recent article explained why Soros is convinced the world is headed for another recession that could cause more damage than the one eight years ago. That article said Soros believes China, the European Union and the mass migration of Middle Eastern and African immigrants will be the catalysts for another Great Recession.

China is the maestro, and the European Union is the accompanist in this new recession, according to Mr. Soros. The Chinese can’t get their economic growth back on track even though they have invested billions of dollars in capital reserves to keep their economy in the growth mode. Soros believes China’s currency is overvalued, and their projected growth is inflated. Chinese investors are leaving the Chinese stock market in record numbers, and they are trying to find other investment vehicles. 

When all those things are considered, and added to the demise of the Chinese manufacturing base, the end product is economic disaster for China and the rest of the world. Soros believes the EU could collapse and that event would speed-up the meltdown. 

Market Dynamics Concerning Dog Food

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The pet food industry has experienced a new transition as far as the manufacture of premium feeds is concerned. This has led to introduction of feeds that are tastier than the traditionally produced ones. Various firms that taken the initiative to improve their products in a bid to take their place in the market.

Freshpet Inc.

This is an American firm which manufactures dog food through the use of natural ingredients. The company has made tremendous impact with its refrigerated dog meals. Their products are stocked in nearly 15,000 stores across the globe.

However, the 37 percent increase in the sale of gourmet chow is termed as a meager achievement by other market analysts. The stock price has also reduced by half, something which CEO Thompson remains optimistic that will change in the coming years.

Competitor’s take

Other entities such as Colgate Palmolive have ventured in producing dog food that helps in losing weight. This comes in handy for pooches. Nestle’s Purina also, owns a website which gives information on how to customize special blends. Mars’ Cesar Home Delights on the other hand, manufactures beef stroganoff and lasagna. These usually taste just like the human food.

The president of the Puro research group asserts that each firm is fighting to come up with the latest innovation to entice pet owners. Eat-like- your owner strategy adopted way back in 2009 has seen the sales of premium dog food rise alarmingly. It now accounts for more than half of the market.

The introduction of Beneful products

Beneful is a dog food brand that was originally adopted way in 2001 by Nestle Purina Petcare Company. It encompasses both wet food, dry food and other dog food treats. The strategy used to market Beneful, was on the basis of nutrition and appearance. By 2006, it had generated over 300 million in revenues. This appeared promising and the coming years saw a significant increase in profits.

A number of flavors are used in preparation of Beneful products. In addition to that, the multipurpose packaging where containers serve as the dog bowl enabled it to be recognized with the Pack Expo Selects Award in 2007.

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